Sunday, October 30, 2016

Closing Out October 2016

October was a wild ride.  I luckily only had one meeting to travel to, because I got really tied up in the Henry Glass Fabrics Desire to Inspire challenge.  This became quite the emotional journey as this fabric so represented where I live and reminded me of my Dad.

I had the plans all drawn out for the large quilt as I knew there would be a panel.  As I laid out the fabrics, more drafting was underway with math charts so every project was either chained, speed pieced, or leader/end fed thru that machine - all worked on at the same time.

I knew there would be a tight time frame to complete all those projects and I wanted to be sure that I would have the opportunity to get them photo'ed with our peak Fall season.  Thankfully that happened as it turned nasty right after this photo shoot.

I love these one hour baskets (free pattern on Craftsy) - I think I made both within an hour.

I always save my salvedgess and then pass them on to someone, but these I had to play with.  SIX days of sewing - yes 6!  And all was done.  We had to wait a couple of days for a nice day.  I thank fellow quilt guild members for assisting in some areas (quilting, photos, taking leftover scraps).  Photos reviewed, write up done, and then all off to Henry Glass.  

I enjoyed seeing so many of my fellow blog buddies get to play with this Challenge, so it was a thrill to be part of the year's 'Desire' team.

It did keep me from working on my Circa 2016 (heck, I didn't like my setting fabric), Let's Book It frustrated me, and my Scrap Challenge play went right out the window.  Oh, just realized that I am two blocks behind on the Westering Women BOM, too.  Gosh, how did that happen?


But I did keep up with my circles - Slow Sunday Stitching was a real help to keep me on an even keel.


Even helped with my two hexie projects that getting closer to an end.

Oh, there's some scraps - a few dozen Santas got made this month.

As well as some crayon roll-ups.  I couldn't believe how hard it was to find FAT crayons!  I still have a few more done, but looking for more crayons.

I started something new.  This part is a breeze compared to the next border of tiny foot print blocks (but they are coming along).

And then we had that freak out early snow!!!  Makes you realize that the year is getting close to an end.  I have my last two months planned out and hopefully those 'squirrel' moments don't pop up so I can stay on track.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Such fabulous projects. October certainly was a whirlwind ride for you and I envy your stamina in getting it all done.

  2. Such a wild ride you took this month! The feature fabric projects are great, and I love the sentiment that propelled you forward. I do think you were a Daddy's girl growing too. And those circles look great too. Here's to a calmer month:)

  3. You've accomplished sew much, I have to get off this iPad and start my machine a'hummin'! Great projects! Super pics!

  4. Don't feel badly, I think there are a lot of us that are two months behind on Westering Women judging from the one or two I've seen over the past month. You always accomplish such an amazing amount of quilting in a month, and your bear quilt is absolutely stunning.

  5. The Desire to Inspire projects are beautiful and of course the Bear Paw is wonderful! Snow?! I hope there wasn't much. Did you make the stuffed moose? I have one similar that I made years ago.

  6. Your Mod Bear Paw looks great, Sharon. Such a special project.

  7. The Bear Paw is my favorite (since I'm also making one). Lots got done, even if you are behind on a few. Hopefully the sharks will get done, too.

  8. You are amazing. I floundered this month (putting off FMQ a table topper), but going to retreat on Friday, so I'll get back on track hopefully.

  9. Well, I find ALL your projects inspiring - not just the Henry Glass ones! (But certainly them, too!)
    You've really had a busy month!

  10. Very fruitful October!! Looking forward to seeing what is on your plate for November!!

  11. Your Henry Glass quilt is lovely, Sharon. You must be pleased with it. Love the bear one too.

  12. You accomplished so many projects and all are fantastic! It was a super busy month for you.

  13. That's a lot for one month! I love that Polaroid quilt, such a great setting for those panels. Enjoy your stitching time the next two months. They will go fast!

  14. I think you did a great job with the Henry Glass fabric! I've been tempted to sign up to be picked--it looks like a fun thing to do!