Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wicked Winner

Thank you all for your lovely comments and the fun in suggesting additions to the witches stew.  Some very clever people out there.  I had a much larger number of no-reply bloggers this time - please check the RED button on the side for how to check and change your settings.

The winner of the Tula Pink 'NightShade' 3 yard bundle was Laura - Quilting Fun and I will send her a seperate e-mail for mailing information so I can post it right out.

The next blog hop is the cute little purses - UR PRICELESS - starting November 5th.  I will be sitting this one out as I am getting ready for a large local show, but will certainly be hopping in to see all the fun inspiration shared with us.

Sewingly Yours,

October NewFO

Gosh, another month gone!  And Christmas is getting closer - well, I am thinking more of that great Turkey Dinner first!  Let's see, this month was not one, but two Blog Hops participated in, FMQ Challenge, Color Challenge (pillow cases), Jelly Roll Challenge, doll quilt, pillows,  and three minis with Kunda's quilt along. And the quilt that went to Quilt Market (still no photos).  Oh, a few more things here and there - and sorting and organizing to get ready for next year's NewFO.  YES, next year - if it is gathered, boxed, and labeled - so much easier to find and do.  I didn't do this month's Schnibbles as both patterns were very similar to something I have already done this year - and I really don't need any more quilt tops to add to the pile on 'that chair'.

And thank you to all of you with your cares, concerns, and prayers.  We , luckily, did not get the amount of Sandy predicted for our area.  Although I cannot really celebrate about it as there are so many that are going to be in such dire need - and Sandy is not gone yet - still blowing around, heading north, dumping rain (snow) for the next several days. 

And thinking how lucky we were - my poor daughter's horror when she got this call - yes, SIL is postal delivery person and a tree fell on his truck today (Tuesday) while making rounds.  In knowing half of those lost have been from falling trees - OMG.  Thankfully, he was not hurt! 


If you know of a blogger - keep in touch to see if they are OK.  Anyone need anything - we are all here for them - let us know.  I know of a few not reachable yet possibly due to power outages, so hoping!!

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Since there is no sure time or known verosity of what storm Sandy will give us in our area, I feel like these characters.  Are we coming or going?  We are high on the hill and well prepared.  Our poor community still is reeling from Irene - most of our town did a 'self-evacuation'.  The clouds are thickening and darkening, with a puff of wind starting.  So in light of what may come, I am posting a little early and if you do not hear from me in a while, not to worry - they say if the power goes it will ge a LONG time for things to be repaired.

I'll give you some laughter - big, belly size ga-huffs!  The FMQ Challenge for October with SewCalGal was the guest - Teri Lucas.  We were to try our name and then fill in with various designs and threads.  I knew I was in trouble - my handwriting would be analyzed as 'demented'!  And everything after that was down hill.  I would like to try this again starting with all the other stuff and then add my name in the center - maybe it would work better.

This was the Color Challenge inspiration with Patchworktimes.  It was a nice change from all the dark colors with strange combinations.  I knew exactly what fabrics to play with, but what to do with them?

Well, I kept it simple - our Quilt Guild will be collecting pillowcases for charity (million pillowcase).  So rather than do a lot of cutting/piecing of the fun Berenstain Bears and brights for a quilt, they were made up into cases.  I am sure they will be well loved.

The Jelly Roll Challenge piece is a flimsy.  I want to order yardage - not available until November - so the final border and backing will have to wait. 

I finished up all my BOM, QAL, and on-line challenges for the month - yes, NewFOs too.  I am trying to get November swap pieces to the point of just the bindings - so I can get the hand work done while power is gone.  I have some other handwork set up, too.  And, I have a huge note on the calendar to be sure to draw the name of the 'Wicked' post winner the 30th- so bear with things.


The gilding of the Indian summer mellowed the pastures far and wide.
The russet woods stood ripe to be stripped, but were yet full of leaf.
The purple of heath-bloom, faded but not withered, tinged the hills...
Fieldhead gardens bore the seal of gentle decay; ... its time of
flowers and even of fruit was over."
 - Charlotte Bronte

Sewingly Yours,

Everyone be well and safe - thoughts & prayers are with you all 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Baby Quilt

Thank you to the ingenious Amy of AmysCreativeSide for organizing the Blogger's Quilt Festival for those of us who cannot attend the Quilt Markets. A great place to view inspiration around the world right in our own home. Please be sure to check out the sponsors, rules, and entries.

This is a baby quilt I made using a Moda 'Berenstain Bears' Jelly Roll.  I knew immediately what pattern I wanted to use - Awesome-lap-quilt   - over at Moda Bake Shop.  Wonderful mix of prints, polka dots, and bright colors.
I used a Blank Quilting blendable fabric 'Splash' for the backing and Sulky blendable thread 'Sapphire' with a simple straight line quilting for texture. 
This is a quilt that will grow with baby to be enjoyed for many years.

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats
Finished quilt measures : 42" x 56"
Techniques used : strip piecing, machine piecing, texture line quilting
Quilted by : Self on home machine
Best Category : Baby Quilt
Sewingly Yours,

Friday, October 26, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Scrappy Entry

Thank you to the ingenious Amy of AmysCreativeSide for organizing the Blogger's Quilt Festival for those of us who cannot attend the Quilt Markets.  A great place to view inspiration around the world right in our own home.  Please be sure to check out the sponsors, rules, and entries.

This is my entry for the Scrappy Quilt.  I used the Roman Square block - Kona black for half and mixed scraps the other half.  The blocks were then set in a star pattern.

I quilted irregular lines with my home machne using using Connecting Threads Pro line for top thread in several colors:  Plum, Lime, Robin Blue, and Grass Green.  Plum thread was use consistantly for the bottom.

The backing is an RJR fabric called 'Witchy Poo' and an orphan block was used for the label.  Binding is 'Basically Beautiful' by Maywood Studio - black with red and green small dot. Batting used was Hobb's Heirloom 80/20.
Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats
Finished quilt measures : 72″x 72″
Special techniques used : paper pieced 
Quilted by : Self on home machine
Best Category : Scrap Quilt
Sewingly Yours,


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Quilt Market

I am going to the Fall Quilt Market!  Not in person, but there in spirit.  And since Amanda has posted the photos and names on her blog - hop over to visit and see what I am talking about:

I share this moment with some pretty awesome ladies, too.  So if you really are at Market, visit booth # 765 and grab some photos - I don't have any (to be sure I didn't spill the beans).

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wicked Blog Hop - Day 3

Today is my day with the Wicked Blog Hop.  Let's start by thanking the 'Mad' Mdm Samm at Sew We Quilt for providing the Cauldron of Inspiration and the ''Wicked' Wendy of  Why Knot who gathered us in to add our 'ingredients' so she could give it all a stir; and if you should lose your way along the dark forest path, she can lead you to the master schedule.   I share my Wicked day with:
Vroomans Quilts (you are here)
Christa - That Other Blog

I knew exactly who I wanted to cast my spell of the day with.  Who doesn't love The Ghastlies!  A new line for 2012 (I was captured with last years yardage) just called to me as soon as it was released.  It sat and aged on that dark shelf for several months, ripening - ready for it's day of spell making.

 Here are all my ingredients to my block's recipe.  A 3.5" fussy cut center and two 3" squares each of three contrasting fabrics, cut once corner to corner.  A real simple recipe that can produce such wickedness. 
First stitch your corners to the fussy cut center (press out).  Second, stitch your 'tombstone' triangles together (I pressed open to eliminate bulk in the next step).  And yes, I sewed them different from the layout - remember to keep them the same layout for each block you make!  This is very important if you don't want to be turned into a bat!!  OR FROG!!!

Now we attach those 'tombstones' - on opposite sides, snip those dog ears, then the other two sides - you can see I lined up the seam of the triangles with the point of the fussy  when pinning (press out).  The cauldron is starting to simmer.

Time to trim that block.  I hope you can see how I lined up the 45 degree marks along the inside square and the quarter inch on the points.  Yes, a 6.5" block, but we need more if we want our recipe complete.  The dark, shadowy figures are calling for a completed brew!

Yes, three more blocks and we have those 'tombstones' making a secondary pattern.  Like swirling puffs of smoke, they become windmill blades, casting a spell amongst our cast of characters.  A 12.5" block great for a mini quilt or a pillow........... BUT...................
I went a few more blocks and a few more characters to make this doll quilt for my swap partner.  Of course I needed to add more of my favorite character in this line.................

Sebastian the cat!  Just love his crookedness, those eyes, that tail............  I had just enough from last year's line to make the back of my little quilt.  Yes, my signature for this swap - an embroidered label to match the quilt, tiny button, and a little doll dressed with scraps from the quilt itself.
I'm happy to say that little quilt and dolly are now residing in their new home.  Hope you have enjoyed my block and please be sure to visit today's list of blogs, Wendy, and M.Samm.
Now what witches with the mostess would we be without a true recipe in our cauldron:
Bubble, blubber, squirm and gloop,
Boiling broth of bat's tail soup.
Wobble, slobber, liquid goo,
Add the sole of one old shoe.
Spooky shadows dance around,
Of frogs and rats and snarling hounds.
Steam swirls rising to the roof,
Add one small ear and one old tooth.
Gnarly, scratchy, tickle and itch,
Stir round and round to make it rich.
Mushy, sticky, sizzle and stew,

They're making mischief just for you......

Now I gave my doll swap partner a choice of the Ghastlies or Tula Pink's new line.  Since she chose the Ghastlies, yes ---- that means I have the Tula Pink for a give away.

One yard each of 'Coven', 'Apothecary', and 'Storm Clouds'.  So if you would like to win three yards of wicked fun, leave me an ingredient you would add to our Witch's Stew.  I will ship international and comments will be open until 'All Hallow's Eve Night' - October31st (midnight EST).  Every effort will be made to contact the winner, so be sure you are not an anon......... 

Sewingly Yours,


Monday, October 22, 2012

Win, Winners, & Quilts

I received a little box today - I won this lovely sample of Nancy Jewell fabrics from Westminster Fibers, Inc. in a give-away at the Free Spirit blog.  Six 1 yard pieces.  One of our quilting groups was here today and three of these went home with someone new.  I have the light purple prints left.  Yes, I love to share.

And the winners of my blog-iversary give-sway.  Thankfully they asked for different favorites!  My USA winner was Michele of  Quilts from my Crayonbox and the International winner was Cheryll of  Gone Stitchin'.  Thank you all for participating and congratulations to the winners - I will send off an e-mail to each for mailing information and get them right out.



Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunny Spots

Remember I am keeping it sweet and calm - and I really had to laugh at myself.  Yes, multiple boo-boos.  Some need of repair that is not to stress, just calmly get those tools of the trade and make things right.  I use my seam ripper to start  and then I like a razor blade or an old rotary blade to remove those stitches.  A block that - gosh -  I laid that all out in order, but still put two sections in wrong.  And the jelly roll quilt had a row in backwards.  But all fixed and still calm.

See, that pillow block is fine now  - and this is what I have been playing with.  Various blocks to make pillows.  A few more cut/prepped for the week's play.

And some relaxation (actually they wore me out) with my grandies.  Two guys who really love each other.
I had another guild member send me more photos of the quilt show from last weekend.  This was the show's Honor Quilter, Susan Reed.  And more of her wonderful work.
Photos from the host Quilt Guild Room - Year's Challenge - Red & White -  Quilts & Handwork.