Small Tissue Box Cover

  Simple Eye Glass Case

  Finishing Off Small Ornaments

  Webbing 9-Patches

  Dimensional Flower Mini

  Mini Doll Tutorial/Pattern

  Spinning Block

  Bandana Craft #1 

  Bandana Craft #2

  Bird Houses

  Applique Eagle

  Angel Ornaments

  Sarah's Block

  Reverse Applique

  Bottle Cap Pin Cushions

  Faux Braid Quilt

  Mini Teddy

  Fabric Framing Cross Stitch

   Kite Block

  Twin Sister Block

  Fabric Req./Cutting/Piecing  Layout/Finish

Bow Tie Block


  1. I know it's not written up like a full tutorial, but I would love to see you add your "Squared Up" quilt from
    Wednesday, August 3, 2011. It's a simple quilt, but I loved the one I made.

  2. Where can I order a copy of the chicken log cabin block?