Thursday, March 31, 2016

No April Fools

I am keeping my list small again - no really.  I have a lot going on and my sewing time may have to suffer.  But most of that busy stuff is quilt related.

This will be my 'Let's Book It' project for April and May.  That's why I needed all those solids.  This is Hill Side House and I have had those patterns and instructions sitting in the computer files long enough.

I'm going to try and keep my Slow Sunday Stitching date open - just for some breathing time.  Catching up on circles for '365' and maybe that cross stitch.

There will be block making for RSC16, Westering, Adinkra, and Quilt Doodle.  Luckily blocks can be prepped and waiting by the machine when I can catch some little sewing time.

Yup, No Fooling - that's my April.

AND I will be gone for the weekend to volunteer in various capacities at this event.  Yes, I have two quilts entered.  I probably will be too pooped at the end of each day - so see you on Monday.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Marching On

There was a lot of March Madness - busy, busy, busy.  And the weather was just as insane.  But the month is marching on.  I love how the fabric companies, pattern companies, and shops take up the March Madness theme, too.  We are a bit excited as my daughter's Alma Mater - Syracuse (GO 'CUSE) - has made the final four with both the men's and women's teams.


 Dust Off Those Books

I managed to get my 'Let's Book It' project at least to the flimsie stage.  BUT that is OK as it is about using those forgotten resources.  Hopefully it will get quilted next month.

Slow Sunday Stitching

I've been good about keeping up with the '365' leap year circle quilt.  I have my next row of blocks prepped to take for some handwork while sitting at our guild's table at this weekend's show.

Sadly this didn't get finished as planned, but I am down to the last color floss for backstitching.  This will probably come along for the ride this weekend, too.

I did get two more blocks done on the 'found' kit.  This one might sit out next month - we shall see.

These did get squared up to 12.5" and the sashing/cornerstones cut and ready, but no sewing done on them.

As much as I have worked on trimming some of these shelves (and about 30 yards of fabric DID go out), I am re-stocked.  I bought the solids for specific projects and I have a local quilter who is de-stashing to me.  I have a lot of greens and I have been gifted with a lot of greens - hopefully next month's RSC16 color will be green as a certain color has to be used in a quilt.

Of course a lot of blocks were made, BOMs kept up with, and there were a few test quilts made.  Prep work for a class I am teaching next month and all ready to take on the first quilt show for the year.  I am ready for April.

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Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Special Treat

I was thrilled to open an e-mail from someone who had used my Eagle Tutorial for a special project.  I asked if I could share - she has no blog, so I have her permission to put it on a post here.

  I wanted to show you what I accomplished using your Eagle Tutorial date 7/11/12.  I am making a Marine Corps quilt for a scouting friend and was searching for something to be the middle of the quilt.  I think your eagle looks great.
  Thank you,

Thank you Tammy for sharing with all of us - this is just a fabulous and special gift.  

If anyone uses one of my tutorials, would love to see and share (either your blog or here).

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, March 28, 2016

Let's Book It - March 2016

Gosh - another month nearly gone by.  Remember, Let's Book It is about pulling those books, patterns, stored files, printed off 'have to make it' projects that have been neglected and gathering dust.  This was my inspiration for my March project.

There are a lot of quilts in this book I would love to make, but this one caught me eye.

I had a jelly roll from a sale at a LQS and grabbed some other handy fabrics from the shelf.  The instructions for piecing and pressing for ease of sewing were spot on.  This quilt could easily be done in a weekend.


And a plus,  I got another little quilt and dolly from the little corner cut-offs and left overs.

I had hoped to photo this outside today, but of course it had to by windy and rain.  So my usual crap inside photo has to do.  Hopefully this will get quilted next month and a decent outside, true to color photo can be done.

This month's charm is the scrap basket.


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Sunday, March 27, 2016

H2H Linky Party - Tips, Tutes, Recipes

I love this linky party with Hands2Help as I enjoy good tips, tutorials for some quick and easy charity quilts,  and great recipes shared.


Keeping with Sarah's 'NiftyNines' this year, I am sharing my tip for sewing them 'meshed' - found HERE


Some fun and easy Nine's little house blocks for a cute quilt - found HERE


Crockpot Breakfast (or change for dinner) - found HERE

Please visit Sarah and drop in to enjoy all the link-ups. 

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Last Purple Weekend

Not a good photo, but I added my purple flutterbies to the RSC16 column quilt.  Looking forward to next month's color.

And I finally caught up with the  Temecula Quilt Company 'Circa 2016" little blocks.

Happy Easter

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Finally Plugged In

I finally plugged in my machine and did some sewing.  I have a few more little items to clean up for my up-coming teaching day, but I needed a day of play.  It has been a long time since I played with these little blocks.  1.5" squares for the 4-patches and 2.5" squares sliced corner to corner for the settings = 3.5" unfinished blocks.  I may be using these in a border setting, but will need a lot more.

And I haven't played with the Wild & Goosey blocks in a while either.  I need another 50, but these are just play blocks for now - no rush.

Did I shock you?  Large blocks (for me)!  My drawer of greens is crammed full and I had some of these rather 'odd' colors - my other greens are dark, foresty colors and prints.  So I made up some quick Shoe-Fly blocks.  I even used up some 'odd' (ugly) yellows with them. Stats - two 5" squares to make the 4.5" HSTs and 2.5" square and 2.5" by 4.5" strips (because someone will ask) for a 10.5" unfinished block.  Not sure what will become of these or if I even make more (other colors) to go with them - it was just play time. 

I'm surprised I haven't had an empty spool yet - I do thread inventory not a stash inventory.  I have several spools almost to their ends and I find I am using a lot more color in my quilting.  Connecting Threads had a flash sale - 40% off - so I treated myself to some new thread. 

And I had a very sweet blogger send me an Easter gift.  The pincushion is already in use - tired of knocking that box over.  And thrill upon thrill!!!  Some Sturbridge Village by Judy Rothermel for Marcus Brothers.  These are going to be worked into my 'Westering Women' and 'Circa 2016' quilts.  Thank you!! 

It is to be some rather wet, stormy, windy weather in our area for the next few days - so I have some handwork set aside in case the power goes.  BUT I really need to finish those class step-outs - printing of the pattern is in progress.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, March 21, 2016

Quilt Qwazy Queens Blog Hop

Quilt Qwazy Queens

I want to thank Marian at Seams To Be Sew for inviting me and for setting up this blog hop in honor of International Quilting Day.

For those who don't know me and may be visiting for the first time, my name is Sharon and I DO live on Quilt Lane in one of the valley's original family homesteads. 

I wasn't always a quilter.  Many life times ago I was a professional Horsewomen questing for a spot on the Olympic team.  Another life time I was a designer/maker/seller of dolls and Mohair bears.  And another life time (and I still enjoy) I designed and made cross stitch.  But our life is about journeys - and becoming a quilter is another journey.
What led me to quilting?  Recovering from a  bad car accident.  Once I got into that wheelchair - and being totally bored with just hand work in a bed - I went into hyper-speed educating myself about quilting.  Although my Mom is a master quilter (teaches in the home these days) and member of the Quilter's Hall of Fame, I am self taught.  The computer was my life line during rehab for many things, but it truly opened my eyes into the quilting world.

AND I cannot express enough - educate yourself about this industry.  Learn about the founders, history, all the fabrics available, techniques - all aspects of the quilting world to truly open your eyes.  Eleanor Burns, Pat Speth, Bonnie Hunter, and Barbara Brackman are the 4 cornerstones to my quilting foundation.  And then I found the wonderful world of Quilt Bloggers - what a wide web of friendship and information!

I like to play with traditional, modern, applique, minis, quilt alongs and block of the months, blog hops, fabric and design contests - heck, I play with all of it.  But my favorite....

SCRAPS!!!  They are like playing in a leaf pile and my furkids agree. Civil War, reproductions, moderns,brights and solids, prints and plaids, batiks, homespuns, wovens, all bits of lines from so many fabric companies.  My furkids are an inspiration, too.  Whether trying to work with and around them or using them to create a new project.

I, also, have a passion for using those scraps to make charity quilts.  Our local guild is wonderful in various charity projects and I participate in Hands2Help every year as well as any emergency call-out on the web.  I can truly appreciate the love that goes into these quilts as our valley was devastated with the Flooding of Irene and we wrapped a quilty hug around every family affected in our valley - some were even our own quilt guild members.   

Thank you for visiting and being a part of my journey, take time to browse around, take a peek at the tutorial tab, and visit those side bar buttons.

Please be sure to visit the other QQQ's whom I share my day with:

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Busy Work

My sewing machine(s) aren't even plugged in - can you believe it???!!!  I am busy with preparing for this event.  My two entries have been done for some time, but I needed to add new/wider (temporary) hanging sleeves and cover the labels with supplied entry numbers (muslin patches).  Created and printed out a supply of bookmark type flyers for our quilt guild booth.  And I plan on working both days in what ever position needed - so I will be away that weekend. 

Previewing and rehearsing final step-outs and readying the patterns for a class I am teaching.  Yup, I designed a quilter's bag for a local quild (from their specs and requests) and I have a very FULL class coming up on April 15th.

And trying to connect all the dots for some other events coming up in May and June - wow, that makes the year fly.

Also, prepped my draft (several times) for the QQQ Blog Hop - my day is tomorrow.

So I leave you with this - I saw some pussy willows peeping on my walk:

Sewingly Yours,