Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday Making

I went  MIA for a bit as I had a guest and other company.  My daughter needing quiet and workable space to complete a test and finals heading into her disertation going into her PHD - hard to do at a house with three very noisy and needy small children.  And then my youngest son and GF stopped in and my frame/machine, furnishing and othe items got moved and set up so progress can be made in setting up my long arm and moving all sewing upstairs into it's own room.

Since I knew I wouldn't be able to run my sewing machine for 'quiet time', I took advantage of catching up with long over-due hand stitching.  I finished the Yankee Diary block.  The small heart was suppose to have a cut out, too - BUT after tackling the one in the big heart I said "NO WAY".  The light blue is suppose to be a hand - will accent the fingers with stitches  after quilting.

And this Yankee Diary block needed the flag added.  I had held off on this one as it bothered me to put the flag backwards and then I felt it was off-balance with the block.  The flag was too big, so I trimmed it down and got her done.

I got a lot done on Earlene of the FQ Ladies Club.  I hope to finish her up tonight so she can be into her mini quilt by the end of the month.

At one point I had some time alone in the house and quickly powered thru the next block - Rolling Nines - for the Patchwork Sampler (button on sidebar).  I think it takes longer to cut the fabric than to sew these little blocks up.

So today I have things back to normal - Bella is so happy; she was very stressed with the change of the norm of the household.  I will quickly make the new Marvelous Mini with Temecula Quilt Co. with my Civil War scraps.  Then I am dumping those colorful prints, panel bits, scraps - I need to make my donation to our quilt guild's Sumer charity  project.  We are making book totes for donation to the local Library.  Mostly for the kids to encourage reading, but some are making for the seniors, too.

And today starts the voting for Pets on Quilts - be sure to go vote for your favorites as there are so many wonderful pets and quilts.

I will catch up on all my past blog reads and comments later today - missed all you creative peeps! 

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

I finally caught up with the Temecula Quilt Co Minis.  It took me a few practic pieces to get my needle set in the right spot to make those 36-patch blocks come out to the correct size.  I was going to wait and see how they work in the finished piece and then maybe go with something different, but we have to exercise and stretch our skills.  Working tiny does that and I am always up for a challenge.

Monday's block was a bit of a relief after the stress of the 36's.  I am getting curious about how this is all going to come together.  I love each little block in itself.

The latest temperature rosette.  These are coming together with scraps, too.  I throw a few colors of the ranges we are in into the shoe box tote with my papers, needle, thread, etc....  So not every 'same' temp is made with the same fabric scrap - it's just what is in the tote and I feel represents the day.  78,81,78,77,80,76,76

And my newest mini project is being worked out of my scrap bag hooked by the machine.  My bits that get snipped off - tiny 'orts'.  I don't need anything too wide or too big, so some of these are getting a chance at being into a project.

Tiny Pineapple Blocks in progress.  Slow and steady with these and I hope by the weekend this little piece will be done.  The worse part will be picking all the papers out!

Take a Day to Play
Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Monday Making

I found another baggy of gifted triangle cut-offs.  I pulled a piece of Windham neutral that was a cut-off from a quilt backing.  I'm going to marry these.

The largest I can work with all of these is a 2.5" unfinished HST and make a bunch of Broken Dishes blocks.

Of course, I had some help with setting up this project.

I know a lot of people hate to work with HSTs, but I find them to be exciting - they make for some great movement in a pattern.  I pressed pairing seams open to eliminate bulk.

There's some reds, greens, blues, browns, and a bit of black prints.  I'll work as many blocks as my neutral (or prints) take me and then it will be thinking time on how to set all these blocks.

Do you start the week off with something new (made from old)?

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pets On Quilts - Theme Quilt Entry

It's that time again - the BEST quilt show on Earth!!  A big thank you to LilyPad Quilting for hosting and all the hard work in gathering sponsors.  Do you have a cat, dog, or other pet that loves to pose on a quilt?  Or maybe a pet themed quilt?  Get those cameras out and enter - entries from August 10th - 29th.


My theme quilt began due to an abundance of brown scaps that needed some taming.  Then I saw Lorna's Mod Bear quilt along and pattern - just had to make this.  I love making HSTs and so the Bear Paw block was right up my alley - and I needed a lot of them.   

The bear actually went together rather quickly.  There are a couple of sections with tiny piecing, but I love working tiny, too.  The minute my daughter saw this flimsy on my FB page - she claimed it.  She collected bears as a child and even now as an adult, still has her first teddy bear. 

My bain though is borders!  I can make them, just hate to.  This had the three plain borders, then all those little paw prints!!  

This is the only picture I have of the finished quit as shown at my quilt guild meeting.  It went off to it's new home the next day.  Those little prints made for a fabulous setting.  FIVE borders on one quilt - a new one for me.  The bonus - the only fabric I purchased for this quilt was the gray.  Everything else came from scrap, stash or off the shelf - even the back.  I buy batting by the roll, so that was on hand.

Although I don't have a pet bear - we do have a large bear that lives on our mountain.  Occassionally he comes to visit the bird feeders - we don't pet him.

I have another Bear in progress - in green paws and black bear - I just love this pattern!

Entry - Pet Themed Quilt

Sewingly Yours,