Sunday, August 9, 2020

Monday Making

I've pin basted this postage stamp quilt to prep for quilting today.  It took me a little longer to do because of help that wasn't too helpful - you might spy in the upper right hand corner.

Yup, right where there is absolutely NO pins - a good place to take a bath.
But company showed up and he had to be in the middle of everyone.  So I quickly pinned that spot and it is ready - and I enjoyed company.

I laid all these plaids - mix of homespuns, shirting, and cotton plaids.  When I need a break from the quilting, I'll tackle these to cut up for a new project.

I'm happy to say that the homespuns are now in a much smaller tote.  Another large tote to put away (not refill).  My daughter helped with the clean out.  She filled that last empty large tote - half of the homespuns of pinks, light blues, and greens.  A number of things off the shelf - I've got that 2 yr turn around thing.  The tote and large bag went home with her.

Now I need to reorganize and rechart what is left for a more workable year end progress.  I'd like to see half of it finished, used, or moved on.  I already know that next year is going to be more dedicated to hand work.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, August 7, 2020

Whooping Friday

The herd of Triceratops is completed.   For some reason I made the same mistake on the same section with each dino.  I even put a NOTE in the instructions, but still flipped the wrong way.  Luckily I check before snipping off.  The seam ripper had a great time.  Sashings and borders are cut and ready for a weekend finish.

AND Bella was such a great help in getting this one quilted and bound.  I just kept spinning her as I needed to work a section.  She would just reposition onto the available space.  But it got finished and hopefully it will be a nice day for outside photos.

So you can get ready for the event:

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Scrappy Wednesday

All of the 16-patches are made, but I need twelve 3x4 blocks.  So the 1.5" squares have been dumped on the table again.  When I find 4 like pieces, they are set into groupings for the Easy Breazy leader/ender project.

I have quite a pile of the white scraps pieces bundled so I can pair up with the tiny squares.  I'm not really working these as leader/enders, but doing up 10-12 at a time.  Right now I have 50 blocks done and have another 10 ready to whip up at the machine .  This is a year long project, so I might set this aside for a couple of months.

Poor Moe got caught outside in the storm from yesterday afternoon until the blow over the next late afternoon.  Well, he must have held up in one of the barns and sure he 'fed' himself.  I gave him a special treat and lots of pets & scritches.  Then he hunkered down in the middle of my work.  It will make me slow down the process, but sometimes we need that nudge to take it slow.

So many areas were hit hard with storm Isaias and NY was in the eye for some time.  While areas around us had extensive damage and power outage, we stayed 'lit' and hopefully damage free - I won't know until I assess things later.

Stay Safe and Healthy,
Sewingly Yours,

Christmas Winner

I thank you all for such lovely comments on the Christmas (then&now) in July Hop.  The winner of the sparkly layer cake is:

The Mystery QAL is cheerful and bright! I like your setting. Your blogs have been inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing.
I will send her an e-mail for posting these gorgeous fabrics out.

Acouple of new Hops to look forward to:
My Favorite Season

Making Small Gifts

Stay Safe, Healthy, and keep stitching,
Sewingly Yours,