Thursday, May 21, 2020

It's Cool To Be Square

Be There Or Be Square

I would like to thank CAROL for hosting this very fun hop.  It has been interesting to see how bloggers have interpretted 'square' and I have certainly added to my 'to-do' list.

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I have two go-to square patterns:  the Postage Stamp and the Boxed Square.  For this Hop I chose the Boxed Square because it is so easy to Math any size and can be very versatile in design.  Use a Jelly ROll,  your own strips, showcase a special fabric in the center, or use a color for a very pretty monochromatic quilt.
I had some small pieces of vintage Kitty fabric, but not enough to make a whole quilt.  That is what is fun with this Boxed method - you can change out some of your 'squares'.  Some Boxed squares, some Improve squares, and some full pieces squares.

The traditional setting is square/square, but you can change it up.  This was to dark with all the black and brown, so I went with a real POP of color for sashing and cornerstones.  This will be one of my Hands2Help quilts, so I want it fun for a child.

It's backed with a lime green and white check flannel - a snuggle quilt that I am sure a child is going to love napping with.

Then I remembered I had a quilt top  made some time ago.  Again to use up some vintage fabric (The Apple Farm) bits that were paired with some left over  JR strips.

This HOP was a good excuse to finally get 'Caramel Apple' finished.

I even used up some vintage yardage for the back.  Harvest Time is now off the shelf and perfect for this quilt. 

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Around The Square

Be There Or Be Square

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May 20

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I've pulled a pile of scraps to make the next project for the June Hop -
Stitching Sunshine.  The table is full!!  This is going to be a BIG quilt and has a lot of squares as well.

Confessions of a Fabric Addict

AND a reminder that the final link up for the Hands2Help is May 31st - June 5th.  This certainly is a year that many need comfort.

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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Squaring Up

Well, it took me four days to work thru that box of scraps.  All the lose stuff was pressed and chopped down into my barrel system.  Let's just say my 2" and 2.5" barrels are stuffed again, but I have a home for them.  Many items were re-bagged for future projects and some may get a date for some more chopping.

I did process and stitch some of the scraps for a new project and they will patiently wait as I plan to tackle a few quilts from the 'to-be-quilted' pile.  Yes, I want to finish more than I make - other wise that pile will never get smaller.

This is the little patootie that will adopt my stuffed barrels.  My granddaughter and her first quilt is finished.  My daughter (self taught thru the internet) ordered a FMQ foot and just went for it.  Leaves, flowers, and some McTavishing.  ANd notice the scrappy binding!  I think she is pretty pleased with her quilt.

This took us by surprise and held me up from cutting squares and quilting.  Yes, New York State had tornado storms sweep thru Friday and we were without power for some time.  Me and the furkids hunker down and quivered till things cleared.

Then I used this gorgeous vintage fabric for a backing for another project I pushed myself to finish for the upcoming HOP.

Be There Or Be Square