Sunday, December 9, 2018

Monday Making

This is just part of the 240 blocks completed.  Yes, 80 blocks each quilt - three quilts.  Good thing I love to make blocks!

How do you complete that many quickly?  There are several ways and I used a lot of different strattas that were then sub-cut.  Then a lot of chaining all those pieces one right after another until a block emerged.  Mass production at it's best.  

This is what is left of the pieces I pulled and this.........

all the pieces that weren't used.  See, I said there was enough for 10 quilts.  There are three prints on the very top I haven't used in the fronts that are going to be pieced  for the backs.  That way every single print is going to be used in each quilt - as the client wanted.

 The first quilt is going up on the design wall - a flannel backed table cloth tacked to my louver doors to my washer/dryer.  Now to power sew those flimsies!  I know she said to take my time as there was no hurry, but I would like these out the door before the holiday.

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Quilting and New

I have still been in quilting mode.  This was another RC18 block quilt.  The centers are cute little froggies and they had a touch of pinky/red in them so I tossed a few red polka dot squares in the green mix.  The back and binding is the limey green.

And this lovely Burgoyne Surrounded quilt is staying right with me.  I love this Nancy Gere fabric line and the block is area history relavant.  It was gifted to me as payment for all the donated fabrics I share with the gals that come to sew.  Well, one insisted she pay me for all that fabric and I told her to bring me an ugly.  This is what she gave me - Thank You Diane!  Not ugly to me and yes, I am keeping this one.

Then I have this tote to play in for the next few days.  A new commission using all of these flannels - one corderoy and one cotton.  These were used to cover hay bales for an outdoor farm wedding.  Now the mom wants three memory quilts from all of this - and I think there is enough for 10 quilts.  I pulled the lightest ones out to use as pieced backs.

This is the pattern she chose and it is perfect for this abundance of lovely fabrics.  I know a lot of people hate to work with flannel, but this is very good quality flannel and there are some prints in that tote that I would love to have in my own stash.  ** pattern is called Abundance but I have no reference and when I google search - 1000 plus abundance patterns popped up except this one **

So this is my next few days work - and scrappy goodness as well.  We are into a very cold snap with possible heavy snow thru the weekend; I think I can amuse myself indoors.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, December 3, 2018

Monday Making

I pulled out my two totes of collected juvenile prints, wanting to work them down into just one tote of course.  In April our guild collects quilts for Catholic Charities to add to the Easter boxes for community families, so I have a goal.  This is the perfect example as not to sew late into the night tired and with a very fat cat in the mix.  How I didn't catch this when pressing rows?  Do you see them?  Not one, but four 4-patches going the wrong way.  An easy fix, but who doesn't hate having to un-sew when you think you've tackled a hurdle.  It will have three borders added to bring up to size.  Yeah, borders - but I have until April.

A lot of bits of these rascals are going into a 'boxed' quilt.  Staying with the kitties' colors of creams, light browns, and black as well as I am throwing a few 'full' size print blocks  with the boxed ones for a bit of fun - and cuteness.

And would you believe I have never made an I Spy quilt?  I don't get many of the 'picture' scraps nor do I buy them, but now there is enough collected to jump into this project.  I am just using a variation of the Economy Block - 3.5" center with two 3.5"  squares cut on diagonal for the corners.  That makes them float a little and you don't have to worry about losing those corners.  It really is just me making it 'brainless' mathing.  They are 5" unfinished so will be 4.5" finished in the quilt - I may use a skinny sashing.  I cut 100 center squares and have a pile of twosies for corners, so this project is on it's way. 

A plus - three charity quilts for the community and I did put all the extra fabrics away in ONE tote.

As I sew thru the next few days, I need to think about my goals for the New Year and my focus word.  There are a lot of UFOs, to be quilted, and dream projects - then those pesky squirrels.  Some new classes on new techniques are being offered thru not only my own guild, but some other's close by - I'd like to expand and play.  I am sure the year will be filled with projects. 

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Virtual Cookie Winner

I'd like to show the other quilts that I finished up during my quilting marathon.  This mellow yellow was part of the RSC18 program.  I was lucky that someone gifted me two very large pieces of a vintage yellow woven that I pieced and was just large enough for the backing.

Another RSC18 block  quilt finished.  I used some of that new Ogdensburgh Muslin for the back of this one. 

Now for the winner of the 'Winter Flurries' layer cake from the Virtual Cookie Blog Hop:

This is a must try no bake Cookie Recipe and also the "no bake jolly bar quilt" I love the Kaffe Fassett quilt you made ... and it does look festive. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas

I will send e-mail for mailing info and get that right out so she can enjoy for the holiday season. 

Sewingly Yours,