Friday, June 7, 2024

Quilts and Flowers


It's a bad picture, but pulled from the Library site.  This is where I will be along with fellow quildmates.  This is our 5th year hosting this show, the flower club joined us 3 yrs ago and it makes for a lovely combination.

The Arts Council is sponsoring the music groups thru the day, lots of vendors on the lawn, some 'make and take' activities for the kids, and several food trucks.

Hopefully the weather clears for the day (we've had several rainy days).

Will share pictures of the day later,


Sunday, May 19, 2024

On the Road Again


I would like to thank CAROL for hosting this month's HOP.  The challenge was create anything that shows travel - use your own inspiration.

I am fascinated with history blocks and quilts with stories.  I've been working slowly thru the 'Hobo Quilts' book.  The history is quite fascinating and I am making the blocks for the full quilt, but those I really like I've made small wall hangings with.  

It has a lot of train cars with the story of each and what they meant to the 'warriors of the rails'.  This one showscases some of the other Hobo Signs for the rail and surrounding on each of the freight cars - something planned for the future.

I chose this one - an open car that was easy for large groups and families to get on and off to avoid capture by the railroad bulls (guards).  They would share what they had as well as any information about the surroundings of the rail to make travel easier.

I played in my tote of homespuns, plaids, and stipes to make this fun quilt.  It will be displayed in an up coming show at our local library.  I think the kids will like it.

A bit of a close up of the cars.  I used the vintage stripe ticking for the row dividers - to look like the rails.

It's hard to see, but the backing is another vintage ticking.  I had been gifted a box of it in 'chunks'.  So I cut 12" squares and sewed them alternating stripes up and stripes across.  Some simple meandering and straight line quilting with a varigated brown thread to keep it soft and cuddly.

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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Happy Mother's Day


I have taken some much needed ME time.  For those who are care takes, you understand the need for that valuable time for self.  I wasn't 'idle', but busy with my little local guild in prepping for and being one of the host guilds for the Empire QuiltFest (you can see all the top winners here).  I'm not able to do all the heavy lifting for the main set up, but I did set up the guild table and manned it during the show.

I got to see so many quilters I know and haven't seen in such a long time (Covid) and met a lot of NEW quilty folks.  350 quilts and 22 vendors and all host guilds had tables -  yes, it was quite the show.  We had 15 members enter a total of 48 quilts and we had some impressive wins.  Myself, I was honored to have received the Judge's Choice Award for my 'Lakrakeen'.  I won several ribbons and a Vendor Award as well.  The icing on  the cake I was already enjoying.

I am ready for the next HOP and so appropriate for me as I am getting time to be on the road again.  I have my project ready, just waiting for some nice weather (rain, rain, rain) to do some photos outside.

I need to apologize to all the folks who participated in the last HOP for not getting to leave comments because I was away (plus my internet was down more than up for several weeks - service upgrading they claim).  It has been a problem with the past several hops - people do visit all the sites, but very few leave a nice comment.

Wishing everyone the best DAY today.