Monday, November 23, 2020

Organized Mess


I am working at getting things under control.  For many years I used my dining room/living room as a convalescent area - first from a work accident and then from a car accident.  While recovering from the car accident (almost two years) is when I took up quilting.  It's been a LONG time and now I would like a real dining room and living room and dedicated sewing room.

I'm working with a room that is 20' x 30' - large and very brown.  This is just a small portion and I am stripping right down to minimal.  Most of the room is empty with one small corner my computer and needs (which is getting a change) and one corner has things that go or will find a new 'home' in another room. 

Both of my furkids don't like change and have avoided my 'terror' upon them.  BUT, I have gotten a few double takes on why I am not calming them down with maintaining the food bowl to their liking - especially Bella who is on a diet.

I still haven't touched my machine which is buried on a small table with things to put in it's new place.  I do have something I need to work on, but will use one of the classroom machines when ready.

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Christmas Cookies and Treats


I like so many do not like the whole count down to Christmas thing, but I think we all need some cheer this year.  I don't do decorating (just the shop), but this year I am setting a few things out - no tree because of two furballs.  I'll set the tree up on Mom's side for her to enjoy.

BUT, you don't want to miss out on the Virtual Cookie Exchange  that Carol has hosted since 2013 - all the pinterest boards can be found on her site.

I'm not the Hop this year, but look forward to finding time to sit down and visit with all these lovely hosts:

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Sewingly Yours,


Thursday, November 19, 2020


 We had an unexpected night of snow, wind, and ice which led to me finding out just how graceful I was when heading out to the post office.  I didn't fall, thankfully, but it was one of those manauvers that would make for some good laughs on one of those shows.

And rounding out this dreadful year with things failing.  My microwave works if I call it the right (not so nice) names and pound on it, the TV blew a tube so no picture (but I only use it for white noise), and I was really expecting the washing machine next - Not Yet.  It was the camera and hopefully it is just because the battery won't recharge and a new one will cure the problem.

A quilt blogger with no photos just won't do, but I'm not doing any sewing right now - although I need to photo my OMG finish.  I am flipping things around the house.  Things have been in place for soooooooooo many years, time for a new look.  As well as the sewing stuff needs a new shuffle. 

Be Safe,

Sewingly Yours,


Sunday, November 15, 2020

Monday Making


I haven't been doing a lot of quilting as I have been doing more ME things.  I did get the newest 'house' block made for the guild's President Challenge.  This month our catagory is 'National Pride' and there are so many to chose from, but I chose a variation of the Union (unity) Block as that is where my thoughts are.

The bottom row are the mini blocks that I'm doing - copies of the blocks made by members - they are pinned to a scrap piece of batting.  There were several repeats as well as we had only half our members at the meeting.  I'll probably be doing some catch up at some point when those missed reveal their blocks.

As with so many states, we are starting a backward slide with Covid-19.  Schools are starting to shut down and the Governor has (so far) mandated closing restaraunts and bars closing earlier and no group gatherings of more than 6 people for two weeks.  NYC's shennigans of course leads to the shut down of all of us, but we have to have a wake up call to be more dillegent - some people just need a frying pan up the side the head.

We are sliding, also, into extreme cold, high winds (some areas had tornado warnings last night), and heavy rains with snow in higher elevations.  I think I will work on some more of Bonnie Hunter's leader/ender blocks - block making makes me at peace. 

Sewingly Yours,