Friday, September 29, 2017

Change of Winds

We literally went to a drop of over 20 degrees overnight!  I love the cooler weather, but my body has trouble adapting to sudden 'pressure' changes.  The hillside trees are not only getting a little more color, but the winds that night sent a lot of leaves flying.

My Juki must not like sudden changes either - she is acting up more and more to the point of being impossible to work with.  It's that infernal motherboard that no one will listen to me about.  I have a few essentials to pick up later today to finish my last commission piece - so change of winds so to speak.  I will work on the next clue of the Sapphire Mystery.

My little back-up machine can handle these simple seams.  You get use to a machine and all the perks.  I had to tape the 'seam' mark and getting use to controlling speed via how much 'lead' you put on the foot pedal - and miss the needle up/down function.  But this little guy will at least keep the work flow going.

Sometimes we have to adapt to the change of winds,
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Just a Bit

I have just a bit to finish up on commissions, but I took some time to piece the spacer sections of Yankee Diary QAL.  I want this to not be taken over by R/W/B, so the 3.5" blocks are all various color CW prints.  

Some sections I could sew together and others are pinned into placement for later as the other blocks are released.  This month's block just came out, but it will wait for later in October to be worked on.

The furkids have not been allowed near the commission work and have been pretty good about it.  SO...... they took every opportunity to help with this.  The Queen just loves red and was just pleased as punch to roll her furs all over everything.

Moe on the other hand decided the project's tote was a good place to take a bit of a 'preening' break.  He was pulling burdock prickers out of his tail - glad the project wasn't in the tote as I had quite the mess to clean out when he was done.

The next temperature rosette is a lot lighter in color as we have had some very Summer like weather (finally) during the first few days of the official Fall season.
77-78-68(yeah, an odd day)-80-84-87-84

I hope to have the last commission ready for quilting before I head to the 
Bronck Museum for a Heritage Crafters' venue.  Anyone in the Coxsackie, NY area - this is Sunday, Oct 1st, from 12-5pm and is a free event.   This is my furthest travel venue and next to last vending event for the year.  I am honored to be asked to partake in this and I must remember my camera.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, September 22, 2017

Last Day of Summer/First Day of Fall

I was very excited to manage finishing one Burgoyne Surrounded block.  There are a lot of pieces in one block and you have to pay attention to color placement.  Yes, I had to use the seam ripper at least once.  I have all the other fabrics cut out and waiting on the display board, but I have a commission to work on.

A whole lot of log cabins being chained thru the machine right now.  I hope to have these finished today.  The pink isn't part of this - just some odd projects that are 'oddly' stored behind the machine to help encourage me to finish them.  Not working!

And my favorite tree - the minature apple that wasn't a mini.  It doesn't have an apple on it.  Not because we picked them all, but our strange,cooler weather made them prematurely ripen before full growth and they all dropped.  As you can see, not a one on the ground either!  The deer just LOVE this tree  A bit of fall color is starting to show on this side of the house, too.   

I've had a bit of a walk about, so now back to those log cabins,
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

The commissioned bags are finished and client contacted for pick up.  While I was going over the plans for the larger bag, I remembered I had a horse print bag in-progress from my bag class.  A few changes had to be made for the required interior, but it made for a quick finish with something already 3/4 done.  

I managed to get four  completed Patchwork QAL blocks done using them as leader/enders with the bags.  I'll try to finish the other two with the same method when I play today.

The next temperature rosette shows that we went into a warm spell.

One of the gals who 'shopped' my loaded table wanted to return the favor.  I told her to bring me an 'ugly' to challenge me.  THIS IS NOT UGLY!  This is a treasure!  Yardage of "Pink and Chocolate" by Nancy Gere for Windham Fabrics - BUT.............

she had pieces from the line and look at this!  I am taking a day to play before I dive into the next commission work.  I have been loving the Burgoyne Surrounded blocks popping up around the web and I think these will be perfect for such a project.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, September 18, 2017

In The Making

I have a commission for two different size special bags for a young lady who loves horses.  I had just picked up this horse print (ESP?) and had this wonderful feather print from Wendy Sheppard's de-stash.  I have one bag done and the second is in the 'scratch pad, math' mode and hope to have that completed in the next day.  

I have another commission for a photo memory quilt, too.  That I can't show without permission.  I would like to have that done by the end of September as October is a very full month of events.  AND then November/December I hibernate as usuall!!  OMG - thinking to the end of the year which is fast approaching!!

I did manage to get the JR Race quilt top done for the Jelly Roll Day.  It's a little plain, but I like VAL'S raw edge flowers and may add some to this for a little perk-me-up.  But that will have to wait for a later time.

The next block for the Patchwork QAL came out - Grandmother's Choice, which a great heritage block to play with.  I am working these as leader/enders while I am making those bags.

Mother Nature is making quick work of the changing seasons.  These maples will change in a blink of an eye and then be totally bare.

This tree has been dead for a long time, but the old grape vine loves to use it and we leave it for the wild life and birds.  Once a wonderful green  now going into purple, it still is pretty.

I zoomed into the neighbors.  Those maples are actually our property line - coloring out.  And you can see bits of color in the mountains as well as the corn in becoming 'golden' - harvest time.

One of my guild members had gotten a wonderful photo of my Hall of Fame plaque block.  Here is the scrappy pineapple in all it's glory - finished block size is 12.5", so yes those are little blocks.  I wouldn't want to make a whole quilt with these, maybe another mini down the line though.

And I am very proud of my daughter - she passed her test (soon we will be calling her doctor) AND got word that she is entered officially into the Boston Marathon!  And to think - I hated school and couldn't run across the lawn if I had to!!

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, September 15, 2017

Finishing & Fun

I'm am so much happier with this finish for the Temecula Quilt Co Marvelous Monday Minis.  It's sandwiched and ready for some hand quilting.  I have machine quilted the Baptist Fan, but never hand - now is the time because I think it is perfect for this one. 

All of the rosettes finished so far have been appliqued to the backgrounds and now two rows are ready.  This is such a fun project and I used SARAH'S idea of laying out left to right one row and then right to left the next row.  That way the 'temperatures' flow with the year.

Our guild had a Summer challenge of making library totes for one of our local libraries.  Friday we presented 44 totes.  Pictured from left to right are Kathy Livingston - guild Program Chair, Catherine Caiazzo - Head Librarian, Me - guild President, and Stephanie Liddle - guild Historian.
We had a few members absent our first meeting from Summer break, so I am quessing we will have a bit more to contribute.

We, also, got to watch a little reading group present at the time and the children got to have first pick from the totes.  It was fun to watch them select the 'right' one, silly pose for a photo, and then proudly march out the door with Moms to take their prize home.

We gave the option of members to create a tote using Jelly Rolls or own strips to participate in the Project Jelly Roll with Moda and our picture was submitted to their web page with story.

Since it is National Jelly Roll Day, I plan to play.  This JR (Whitewashed Cottage by 3 Sisters) has been sitting on my shelf for years (?).  I won this participating in an on-line event and sadly so long ago I don't remember which one.  It's not really my color palette, but it will make for a nice donation quilt.  I plan a quick JR Race quilt so I have a day's flimsy finish as I have some commission work coming in and need to buckle down.

Today is a day for fun,
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

I may have a scrap problem after all.  After being tired of searching for different things, I decided it was time to start pulling things from the shelving units and get a better grip on it all.  It worked out to find some real 'yardage' for making the pillowcases and then grew.

I even hit my rolling cart drawers.  The green drawer I just pulled!  Three green quilts this year and this thing is still stuffed.  And there are things across the couch.

I invited the Monday sewing group to come 'shop' at their leasure - PLEASE!  Some fabrics, kits, panels, etc... went out the door.  Seriously - if you are not going to be able to use it up, pass it on.  Styles change, tastes change, and some things just don't fit in your Mo-Jo.

I put the remainder back neatly on the shelves and into drawyers.  I have a pile of things that just will get cut down into my barrel system.  BUT, I have a large pile of lighter browns that just need to be used up.  I'm thinking of strip sewing onto telephone paper to use later as a neutral scrappy sashing.

The latest temperature rosette.  Since I am using scraps up on this, I may not always use the same fabric for the same 'temp', but a close range of that hue.  Again we are cooler than norm, but I love this kind of weather.

I haven't had a finish in such a long time.  I am trying to resolve that by completing the Temecula Quilt Co Marvelous Monday Minis quilt.  I didn't like their wide sashing/border finish as to me it took away from the style of 'mini'.  Skinny sashings and then some smaller outer borders is more to my liking.  Well borders aren't to my liking, but this is a mini and will not rattle my nerves.

I hope to catch up on my blog reads/comments.  I have been bad with this too.  With the Hall of Fame business ( a few more events before relaxing), our local guild starting back up after Summer break, and over the next few days being sure all the Hurricane donations get out and a special local delivery done.  I might be able to breath.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, September 10, 2017

CMQHOF Induction 2017

I was deeply honored by my quilt guild (The Schoharie Valley Piecemakers), sponsor (Kathleen Livingston), and the Hall of Fame judging committe to be chosen as one of the 2017 inductees.  The official ceremony was Saturday and it was hosted by our sister guild (Pieceable Days), so it was a hop over the hill.  My mother was inducted in 1987 and it was announced that it was the first mother/daughter into HOF.

And now for for my crummy pictures.  They nicely displayed a few quilts by the inductess around the chapel where the ceremony took place (United Methodist Church, Cobleskill,NY).  This Celtic Knot was fabulous!  And the hand quilting was just phenominal.  Sue just branch out into miniatures so had a sample to share.

I felt bad about not getting Dolly's wonderful Palampore (people dashed in front of me as I clicked).  It's a quilt I want to make (have the materials) so it was wonderful to see one up close as well as get some insight from her on working this.

A super King size Bargello that would have made my head spin to keep track of pattern layout.  Those mitered corners in the border were spot on.  You can see a bit of the One Block Wonder - a class that Cindy teaches in her travels.

I wish I had better pictures, especially the close up kind.  The hand work on these two quilts is metallics and lots of beads.  Both of these Judy entered in the Vermont MQX show and the black one took a ribbon.

My blurry two - oyi!!!  What a variety of quilting tecnique, style, and fabric choice in the inductees examples of work.

The host guild made these wonderful 'corsage' keepsakes that I think are super.  And the silver special engraved, handcrafted HOF thimble.  I don't take good enough photos for you to see the detailed work on this sweet thing.  My mother gifted me the ribbon quilter's pin.

The certificate!  I need to get a special frame for this.  I totally did not get a photo of the finished pineapple block that I made.  That will go into the official plaque with personal photo and bio to be hung in the HOF center.  I will be down there in a week for another event, so maybe I can get a picture of the full plaque.

Again, I am extremely honored,
Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Mix

I finished the Easy Angle blocks for the Sapphire Mystery Clue #3.  These are easy to make, but not my favorite block to play with.  I have the ruler ( 3 sets actually?), but rarely use.  The whites are a mix of w/w - to use those babies up!  Being a scrap quilter - my scraps are much smaller than some of what Kevin calls 'scraps' and I have really had to dig for size.

The strips were another part of Clue #3.  And the smaller units were a 'bonus' clue.  Those bits are more the size I like to work with.  I don't have a huge definition of light, royal, navy blue - my blues are more in the range of medium blue.  So all of my 'match 4 house units are the same fabric.  A group of 10 mix I could get.

I should whittle down some of my CW fabrics as the next step of the Yankee Diary is to make the patchwork units and number of squares needed for the outer borders. 

I have been going thru my shelves, pulling 'yardage' to make some pillowcases to send to Sarah @ The Glade Church for their collective efforts for Texas.  I'm sure there will be a call for Florida and other areas to come, too.  My Quilt Guild is uniting to add to the quilt, pillowcases, and pet bedding drives.

This afternoon I have an event to attend and will share with you all tomorrow.

All my neighbors to the South (and those affected by the fires) - you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

The latest temperature rosette built from scraps.  As you can see, we have been on the cold side.  I pulled a few bits of darker Aqua and even some blues and added them to the shoe tote that homes this project.  71,70,60,61,53,74,68

I'm working thru Clue# 3 of the Sapphire Mystery - a few more for the right side, then press, and then chain away the left side. 

Moe is still finding napping in my blues to be delightful and since Kevin released a 'bonus' clue for some bits, I will pull those from my barrel system.  Why cut bigger pieces down, when I have the size right here!

Just to show they are done - two strip bags from scraps.  The little sweetie can pick the one she likes and the other I will give to my granddaughter - who loves pink and purple, too.  I chose to make velcro closures instead of buttons/holes for little fingers to handle better.  BUT, I will go thru my stash of buttons and add something cute - just for fun.

Keep the prayers flowing for Texas and Florida,
Sewingly Yours,

Monday, September 4, 2017

Monday Making

I don't know if my photo skills are getting worse or if it's because my camera battery is low.  However, today I am keeping it simple.  I need to finish the last orange piggie so they can debute Saturday.  I have my pieces cut for Clue #3 for Kevin's 'Sapphire' Mystery and will chain them thru the machine.  AND I have a request from a sweet young lady for one of my little strip bags in pink and purple.

This guy is supervision from the reclined position today.  We have had a couple of nights of heavy frost - YES, frost!  His nightly prowls have had him come in for some extra cuddle time to warm up those toesies and earsies.  I'll be sneaking some of those bits from under him to cut some strips for Kevin's second part of Clue #3.  (do you think he will eventually push that tub of blues off onto the floor?)

Like so many, our communities are actively collecting donations for victims of Harvey.  Several businesses have set up trailers to load specific donations that they will transport later this month.  Our guild is collecting quilts and items which we will mail out to centers delivering directly.  AND we are on watchful alert - Irma!  We certainly don't need another and where she will land ??? - there will be another need.  

Stay safe,
Sewingly Yours,