Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Stone Soup Strings

These are the blocks I made with all those 'noodles' I made from the gifted fabrics from the participants of the Stone Soup Challenge.  They are all thinking 'soup', but my brain works another way.  I saw the Stone that starts it all.

Of course my su-purr-visor thru every step was right there when it came time to lay them all out.

I made 36 blocks, but then I have this thing about length v.s. width whether it is a wall hanging or a quilt.  So this is set 6 across and 5 down for a 30" x 35" size wallhanging.  I will do something with the other blocks.  Now I have to piece the back to get this sandwiched and quilted.

There are a lot of string QALs going on across several social media right now.  A lot of patterns and great way to use up scraps.

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Sewingly Yours, 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Scrappy Wednesday

The noodles for my 'Stone Soup' challenge have been sewn as slanty strattas and waiting for the next step.

The few tidbits left from making the strattas are going to get used up.  I don't plan on leaving anything behind.

Of course my buddy, Moe, was right back into the mix of helping with this project.  It always amazes me how they get attached to a certain project.  He is right up on that table every time I pull it out.

It is still snowing, bitter cold and more to come.  A good day to keep sewing.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, January 28, 2019

January OMG Completed

I will be joining many others over at PATTY's link up with our lofty goal(s) for the month.  I am using this venue to pull those sitting projects and get them either into their next stage or finished.

My goal was to get the label and temperature chart printed and added to the temperature quilt top; as well as add the border.  I started this quilt on Summer Solstice 2017 and each hexie rosette equals one week, ending on Summer Solstice 2018.

I plan to hand quilt around each rosette with black - not sure what is going in the border.  BUT the hand quilting will wait as I have two others in progress at the moment.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Monday Making

I printed off the label and temperature chart and got them added to my temperature quilt.  Now I have to put the border on.  I bought this woven piece almost a year ago at a quilt show just because I loved the color - now it is it's time to shine.  Since this is my OMG project and there are just a few days left, I better get this done.

I had a huge box of fabric arrive several days ago and I was very good at not opening it because I knew I would play instead of getting things done that I needed to get done.  Of course once I started putting things on the table Moe just had to test it all.  Lots of things for a Unicorn quilt for my granddaughter, background and fill-ins for the Harry Potter QAL (quilt for youngest grandson), a JR to make one of those rugs that are so popular, and a FQ bundle for the Barbara Brackman 'Queens' QAL.  The large floral is for a guild class on making the one-block wonder kaleidoscope quilt.  So it all has plans and with finishing up so many projects there is no guilt here in this purchase.

Today we are to see some sunshine yet bitter cold, then we look forward to several days of snow and sub temps.  I have plenty to keep me happy inside during this time.

Sewingly Yours,

Oh, Scrap

I pulled a couple of smaller baggies of scraps from the Yellow Monster.  Both had some 'patriotic' and americana bits that I pulled out and will pass on to another quilter as I don't play with those.  Strips, bricks, and stones (squares) are all I need for this project.

These are the blocks for the Temecula Quilt Co One Block Wednesday.  She calls the block 'Church Window', some call it a 'Doughnut', but I refer to them as 'buttons'.  I remember my gr.grand making these  and she called them buttons AND then my gr. auntie (her sister) arguing with her that they were 'buckles' as they reminded her of the old shoe buckles.  What ever you call them, they are going to make for a lovely replica vintage quilt.

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I do have another finish for the month.  Happily returning to some time with my cross stitch.  Scrap Aida Cloth happily used up, substituted floss color to use up some smaller cards of floss (emptied), and then fabric framed using up scrap batting, scrap strings for borders, and left over piece of binding - the backing is the green - used up!  I even used up an old bobbin to stitch this up.   Finished size:  6 1/4" x 7 1/4"

You can  find my method of fabric framing HERE

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It's snowing again today, so I will make some more button blocks to clean out those scraps and then browse my cross stitch books for a new little project.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, January 25, 2019

Feline Friday & B&W Winner

This is what happens when I put a pile of fabric on the table.  Hey, it needs to be held down tight so the wind doesn't blow it away!  And we have had some pretty good winds - and rain and snow and ice.

I bribed him away with a treat long enough to get a snap.  I received my other partners' fabrics for the 'Stone Soup' challenge, my SIL had tossed some odds on the table, and I had some pieces I pulled from one of the baggies in the Yellow Monster.

Now I was suppose to get 'uglies', but some very nice fabrics were sent.  I think my contribution was the uglies - fishing, camping, wild ducks, Noah's Ark.  AND the cat came back!

I had to wait for Moe to take his daily outside walk to quickly make a lot of 'noodles' for my project.  I cut 1.5", 1.25", and 1" strips from it all - well, some pieces were rather large so they got a slice and the majority saved to piece a back.  The only piece I didn't use was the solo Batik as I am very allergic to them - it will get passed on to a guild member who loves them.

The winner of my B&W Hop give away is:
  1. Your black and white quilt is perfect for out outreach group and I can see this in many variations. Thank you for the opportunity to win the pink "pop" fat quarters.
  2. I'll send her an e-mail for posting information.  Thank you all for such lovely comments on my post day.
  3. I'm hoping Moe will move again - found the pile of noodles comfortable as well.  Then I can start on the next step.
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Black & White make Gray

While I was quilting all the other smaller quilts, I had this one 'quilted by check'.  It was a larger quilt that would have given me fits and giggles to do - and I think it is just fine to give yourself a little break.  This was a Connection Threads kit that I bought a few years ago on a lovely sale.  I do that to get the yardage very cheaply.  This kit was still in tack, so I decided to do it up as is as grays are a funny color to try and match up with others.  AND I liked the mosiac tile pattern.

A solid gray for the back and had it quilted with a light gray thread front and back.  I chose this 'wobbling meander' from the long armers pantos to help hold all those small pieces. but not to have the quilting take over the lovely tile pattern.

Today is the last day - please be sure to visit:

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

And More Black & White

This fun poodle block is a free pattern by  Sally Trude at The Objects of Design.  She has the tutorial for left and right facing pups, but I chose to make all mine facing the same, like in line at a dog show.  This hop really helped to push me to finishing up my B&W quilts.

 And I used this plushy for the back.  If it looks familiar, it matches the 5 FQs in my give away HERE.  I liked that pop of Hot Pink and even if a different dog, still makes a cute back for this.

*tip - some people have trouble FMQ plushy/minky on their home machine.  I use a dryer sheet to rub down my machine bed and table.  It makes that fabric glide as well as prevents the 'fuzz' from collecting on surfaces.  I rub down after as well to pick up any residue, clean and oil my machine well after, and change out the needle.*


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Monday, January 21, 2019

More Black & White

The Black & White Blog Hop was the perfect push to get out all those B&W quilts and get them finished.  This has a touch of color in it as it was a project to tame that tote of black scraps.  Stacked Coins is a great pattern for using up scraps - whether stacked straight or off kilter.

Straight line quilting in the sashing and a meander in the 'coins'.

And used up the last of the Zen Chic extra wide 'paper' for the back.

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Black & White Blog Hop

Welcome to the first day of the B&W HOP.  I wish to thank CARLA for setting things up, keeping us all in touch, and sponsorship.  Please be sure to visit all the bloggers hosting today:

                                                              Monday, January 21st

I would like to share my 'confetti' block with you today.  The fun thing with this block is that you can math it to any size you like and even a great block to use up those left over HSTs.

I wanted to use up left overs from other quilts and since I use Kona as my staple solids, I knew that my blacks and whites would all match.  Since I wanted this a large block quilt for the modern look, I made my HSTs 8.5" unfinished.

Another fun part of play with this block is you can place your side sashings either on the dark side or the light side of the HST.  I chose to frame up the dark side.  I used a 4.5" wide cut, but here you can play again.

I chose to set my blocks alternating points up and down, but you can really play with these and scatter them any which way.

With this setting, the only seams I had to match were the block edge seams.  I added a 4.5" wide border around the entire quilt.  Some scattered smaller HSTs in the border would have been cool as well.

There is a lot of wide open spaces to play with quilting, but I stuck with straight line.  Some black thread going with the flow of the HSTs and then some white pencil tracks to fill in.

I set the camera light change so the quilting would show on the back, which is actually the Kona Black.  AND yes, black catches every bit of dust, thread, cat hair, etc...

This finished at 56" square - either a large wall hanging or nice couch throw.

Those of you who are way better at EQ than I can certainly play with this one - would love to see and share them.

Thank you Carla for allowing me to play along with the B&W HOP and please be sure to visit everyone today.

I have a give away as well.  While black and white was fun to play with, I think it needs a little color pop sometimes.  So I have these 5 FQs of fun B&W with a pop of Hot Pink.  Please be sure I have a way to contact you and the winner will be announced on Friday the 25th.  

Sewingly Yours,

Slow Stitching Sunday

It's been a while since I joined in with KATHY for a slow day, but today is a good day for it as our storm continues to rage.

I've been working hard on a lot of B&W quilts for the up coming HOP, but black and white mixed make gray so this is my list finish on that pile of quilts.  Just a thread's length to the last corner and then another thread length to be done.  Then it gets a good going over with the lint brush.

 Black & White Blog Hop Schedule

Monday, January 21st

Tuesday, January 22nd

Wednesday, January 23

Thursday, January 24

My Post is ready, but I hope all goes to draft plans as this is the colors for now.  We are in the white zone, however, we haven't gotten as much as predicted (so far) and it has changed into a freezing rain.  With sub-temps and high winds, it is very nasty out there right now. 

Stay safe and warm,
Sewingly Yours,

Friday, January 18, 2019

Ice, Snow, and Civil War

We are getting our winter all at once it seems.  First an Ice storm then some very heavy Snow - up to 40 inches they say.  Then a few days to clean out when it will start all over again - all while in the single digits (an minus).  So I've pulled my Civil War fabrics out.  Hey, we'll be waging a war against the weather so why not a war with fabric?  I have three projects in progress with these totes; maybe I'll empty them.

The next step on my "Book Hop" project is thirty 9-patches.  I got a start and.....

the rest have been cut, paired, and ready to stitch.  These should go quickly as I can just chain them thru the machine until completed.

Then I'll work on more of those Broken Dishes - I'm half way there.  I'm sure I'll need to cut some more.

My third project is a miniature using the left overs from these two projects - using up every last prescious bit of fabric.

My furkids are not liking this very cold weather and have already been growling out at the ice storm this morning - they disappear when I get the camera out, so I'll poke a little fun at them.

Stay safe and warm folks,
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Scrappy Wednesday

Just a reminder that the Black & White Hop is fast approaching.  My main project is actually finished and photo'ed, but it has been a real push for me to pull out all my B&W flimsies and get them quilted.

This one I did scrappy as well as I pieced the batting - use it up project.  There is one more quilt left from the pile that I hope to get done.  That will end my quilting marathon as that big quilt will use up the last of my batting. Oh don't panic, a new roll had been ordered.

I see almost every where that people are trying to tackle those scraps with  a vengance.  Well, here is something to help out - Temecula Quilt Co is reproducing this antique quilt with their One Block Wednesday.   360 blocks just might help reduce those scraps!  The button is on the side bar.

Everyone stay safe with all this strange weather,
Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Monday Making

I thought I would take a day to play before getting back into a quilting marathon again.  I reached into that yellow monster and grabbed a baggy of scraps and dumped right out on the table.  A few strattas and a few larger pieces about FQ size, but mostly tidbits that I will start with first.

This is what I am shooting for - a scrappy double 9-patch.  I'll even be able to use up some of my off-whites and biegy scraps in this.  This will be an awesome quilt and quilted up with the old Baptist Fan motif  - perfect.  Another sub-temp day and I am going to enjoy hunkering down with scrappy stitching.

Sewingly Yours,