Friday, February 28, 2014

February NEWFO and Challenges

2014 NewFO Challenge

For a short month, didn't February just seem to drag on?  Maybe it was all the snow storms, wind, cold, and just plain stuck inside!  Luckily there was lots to play with.

My project for NEWFO was the Super Bowl Sunday Mystery hosted by my own LQS - The Quilt Bug.  Kris never fails with her mysteries and this was so much fun.  AND it used up some of my scraps and 'waiting for the right project'  fabrics.  I did change up some of the sashing settings, but this was the first time I had put a flange in a quilt - I usually skip those, but it really did add to the pop of the quilt.  This is waiting for some quilting inspiration and the scrap fabric is bagged with it as I think some coasters and trim to some towels will make this a great Christmas present bundle.

I did finish up my Something Old project.   This was a Temecula Quilt Co. quilt along early last year - I think it was called 'five by five'.  I had to machine quilt it as the thickness of felt batt and heavier backing (I like to use those with a wall hanging so they lay nice against the wall) just made hand quilting impossible.  

And I used this piece for my Something New and Let's Book It project.  This is also in the pile of 'to be quilted'.  This may get used for a donation for one of the many 'auction' fund raisers for our community needs.

And I was tickled to play in my scraps and cutsie fabrics to make three doll quilts to donate to the Get Your Mrs Claus On project.

Maybe it was good that February dragged and was snowy - it was such a pleasure to work on all these projects and have some of my donations ready.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let's Book It Link Up - February

How did you all do finding a book, magazine, pattern on your shelves?

Remember this was my book pulled for February - lots of great projects in here that I could just go from front to back and do them all.

And this was the project I chose to play with.  I do like scrappy and I do like samplers.

Although I made all the little geese units, I did not like how they looked once I laid them out around the center.  So I browsed my stash and found this fabric and used it for my final border.

I have my backing, batt, and the top together and in a tote - this will be on the list of 'to-be-finished' for sometime down the road.  


The barn pin is a charm holder and the charm I have this month is the Log Cabin Block.  I will ship international. The linky will be open until 10pm (EST) March 7th.

Now it is your turn to link up and share your Book It project:

Friday, February 21, 2014

Cabin Fever Party

I am joining Snoodles over at Lily Pad Quilting for a 'Cabin Fever Party'.  For some of us it has been a long, cold, snowy winter - AND for others it is a long, hot, dry one.  So do up a post and join in the party.  How are you coping with Cabin Fever?

 My first response and thought to all this was Spring Cleaning!!  My house hasn't seen a broom, vacuum, mop, or duster since before I set up for Christmas.  But, I must be realistic as I am still recovering and can't risk another fall.  

Think I am kidding - I still have half of my Christmas decorations up!  Maybe all those snowmen (women) are keeping the snow around.  Maybe if I get these packed away, Spring will come?

I know these have died off, but I still like them and they will stay until I see some lawn!  Then I think I need a new plant for that fence planter.

So what to do - grab those pre-cut barrels and play.  First was the 2" square barrel and lots of 4-patch blocks.  Not sure where these will go, but it is fun remembering all the projects these came from or may have re-birthed in a mini or doll quilt. Yes, I need a new ironing board cover.

Then the 2.5" barrels - yes barrels!!!  16-patches that actually I have a plan for and need lots of.  

I tried to make a log cabin (boxes) for my furries to play in, but they had no interest in it.  They have been like school children home too long for 'snow days' - the game of tag all thru the house has been a wild rumpus!!

So I decided I should just build my 'cabin' and put together my 'Book It' project.

But, as soon as that grass shows and the sun is shining and I am mobile - I am flying out of this 'cabin'.

How are you surviving Cabin Fever?  Do up a post and join Lily Pad Quilting's party.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's Getting Old

Like in so many places, the weather is the same - SNOW and more SNOW.  So working on my Something Old seemed appropriate during this 'getting old' weather pattern.  I had planned to hand quilt this - that didn't work as I used a felt weight batt and a little heavier backing.  I like this mix for wallhangings so they lay nice and flat against the wall.  And then I tried to machine quilt the baptist fan and that was a flop.  So back to my faithful old New Home and walking foot.  

And the little kitty is getting there.  "Hang in There" is what I keep telling myself - this snow has to stop some time!

I was going to save this project for next week, but I am so bored.  My fussy cut little 'Paper Dolls' got framed over the weekend with those HSTs I played with and some scraps for corner stone color.  I needed to brighted up the day, so today I framed them with some fun polka dots, strips, plaids and solids.  

Is this how you all feel?  Well Snoodles over at Lily Pad Quilting has the perfect solution.  Go find out..................

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Make it a Handmade Christmas Challenge - February

2014 Christmas Handmade Pledge

It is time to link up with SewCalGal for this month's challenge.  I like to be finished with all my Christmas shopping and gift making early, so this is the perfect opportunity to acheive that.

These are special gifts this time.  I like to share my love of scraps and minis for making doll quilts.  And since I have no little girls to gift them to, I have another resource.

 I found the delightful 'Get Your Mrs. Claus On' over at Stitchin Therapy.  They make the most wonderful toys to gift on to children in the Hospital during the holiday season.

And making quilts for the doll beds and cradles is my way of getting my 'girly' fix as well as hopefully putting a smile on some little face.

I probably will adding to the project thru the year, but hope this little share will encourage some others to participate. It only takes a few scraps and a little time to give some little one a Christmas Gift of love.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Slow Stitching Sunday & Winner

Yes, I finished the 'Apples for Sale' piece and although my quilt is sandwiched, I haven't marked the fan pattern yet.  So I am working on the little Kitty project for my Slow Stitching Sunday over at Kathy Quilts.  Pull up a chair and slow down with us.

And I thank all of you who stopped in for a visit during the Grow Your Blog party.  The winner of the large bag of selvedges is:

barbara woods said...
long time follow and would love to win, i am a scrap quilter

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Snow Came

This is my porch - level with the snow instead of 3' up from the ground.

There is a tractor on the other side of that snowmound - my brother plowed from 8am until almost 5pm to get us un-buried.

They say we had 18" in the valley on top of the 16" we already had.  And 3-6" possible tomorrow!.

I worked on the next block for Quilt Doddle Designs 2014 BOM.  Cindy has the entire quilt charted out for 2.5" squares, but I am working with scraps that may not fit into that plan.

January was the row of snowmen - I need to blanket stitch the noses and I will add black button eyes as part of the quilting.

There is time to start this BOM - just visit HERE.

And my napping furries??  Bella is hiding upstairs as the sound of the plow and snowblower scare her.  Moe...............

He spent most of the day in the kitchen sink - why???   
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Waiting for Snow

I've been just doing a few things each day as the change in weather really effects me.  So taking naps here and there.  I did get the doll quilts finished and took a day to do bindings.  I'll share more on those on Saturday, right now Moe is taking his job of holding them down quite serious.

I switched my machines around so I can use my new Juki.  Used it with the doll quilts, but I needed the blanket stitch on it so I could work on my 'Something New' and Book It wallhanging.  Still haven't found my other packages of Steam a Seam2 and the weather has been too bad to ask someone to pick more up should they be near my LQS.  BUT I am still a little further along.

 This is the fourth try at the next step of the Relaxing Round Robin - a round with applique.  I hate applique, seriously - I am just not good at it. I tried every method there is and different designs - this is just going to have to do. I will put either tiny yo-yo's or buttons in the flower centers and plan on doing some echo quilting with floss to make it a little more appealing.

And decided I better get the borders on the Goodnight Irene.  I will do 2 or 3 more borders on this to give it more size as well as frame that center better.

I did get the fussy cut paper dolls and HSTs into blocks, but waiting to finish that one up next week.  As you can see, we are all waiting for the next storm to roll in.  If we should lose power (we have a generator and the plan is to keep the furnaces running) I have some hand work kitted and I'll enjoy some slow stitching.  Please, be safe.......

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, February 10, 2014

Design Wall Monday 2/10/14

It has been a long time since I played with Design Wall Monday at Judy's Patchwork Times, but I have the need to get something up on the wall, floor, louver doors - where ever.  When I was scrounging for PINK scraps, I decided it was time to take out some baggies filled with HSTs which were gifted on to me.

I took the largest bag and started pressing and sorting and there a few hundred here to play with and I do have a plan in mind.

And I will be fussy cutting this fun print 'Today's Paper Dolls" that has been sitting on my shelf for a long time. Perfect for my plan with those HSTs.

I also came across these - rather that toss them into the 2.5" barrel, they need to be played with.

The fun blue bucket came out, too.  All my cat print fabrics - yeah, a few birdies in there too.  These two photos are fabrics to be played with for Get Your Mrs Claus On.  These little doll quilts work up very quickly and I can have them ready for sandwiching (uses up that scrap bat too) so I can have a FMQ day this week.

Yes, I am ready to play, stitch, stick blocks and little quilts up all around the house today.  How will you spend your Monday?

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Slow Stitching Sunday

Are you tired of seeing this?  I am!  All the cross stitching is done and now into the back stitches.  I really hope to have this one done today.  I noticed that the color coding for the backstitch on the chart is missing some and there are areas on the piece, that if you follow the chart , aren't correct.  So I will be using the cover photo and my vast amount of floss, to work this out.

The furries are both napping already, so I will put an audio book on, pull up a chair and slow down.

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