Sunday, June 30, 2013

July Country Charmer QAL Update

It's time to update our progress with the Country Charmer Quilt.  Just the most lovely quilt designed by Lynn who blogs over at Sew N Wild Oaks.  The cuddly Lesley of The Cuddle Quilter keeps us all in line.

I added two more blocks to the group with brown corners.

And two more blocks to the group with the green corners.  Now I can add these to my .......

Red corner set of blocks and my ............

Blue corner set of blocks.  All my blocks are finished - now to decide on the sashing and border fabrics.  The goal is to get these sashed for August.

I will be linking up over at Lesley's - be sure to visit and see everyone's progress. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

June NewFO

Wow, hard to believe not only is the month over, but half the year is,too!  And I was going to take it easy this month because of all the big quilts that came about in May - well...............


Two quilts for Oklahoma, aprons made during the new Christmas QAL, and a Jelly Roll project with a new QAL.


Joined in with the Flower Patch QAL and Bea's Sampler QAL.


Taking part in the Kate Spain challenge and my Monthly Doll Quilt Swap.

And just for fun and because that fabric has sat long enough on the shelf...

Who doesn't love the Cat In The Hat?  I love that this panel has the entire story printed on it - a snuggle quilt and a book in one!  I quilted just some waves across and the did a few echo rows around the cat - just enough to give it some hold, but not spoil the ability to read the story.

And I used that great Character print for the back, too - like an Eye Spy that kids can enjoy picking out the character for the story and remember maybe a bit of some story line.

I've always wanted to do a Suduko Quilt and what better than with a FQ bundle of The Lorax.  I have to admit I don't remember this one.  I think I will pick up a book to go with each quilt and then have a nice gift set when needed.

I had just enough of this checked flannel for the back and threw in some fun stripe for the binding.  I used just a simple meander for this one.

I have pulled some projects for July, but I was shocked when I found these............


I really got to work on getting used to this new camera!!  Well, any way - I thought these were lost to the winds - either thrown out by mistake or packed in a box of items gifted on.  These are from Red Brolly BOM "Catalicious" in 2010!  If you click her name it will take  you right to the page of free blocks pdf's.  I just bought a FQ Bundle that will work with these and have a sketch worked out for layout - July's big NewFO project.

I will be linking up with Barbara at CatPatches - be sure to see what NewFOs others have worked on for the month of June.

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kate Spain Project

I have been enjoying the Kate Spain Blog Hop thru June and just happened to have won a gift certificate (for fabric) which allowed me to purchase some wonderful Serenade that I have been drooling over.

Beautiful butterflies, leafy vines and rich textures in great colour. And I knew what I wanted to use this Jelly Roll of Serenade for..........

A Bunny Hill Designs Jelly Bag.  I made one of these before and gifted it on, so I wanted a new Summer bag for carrying projects on trips, or packing for a picnic, even an outing to the beach.

Here's my Kate Spain Jelly Bag.  I chose the orange strips - a lovely color for Summer. The buttons (pattern calls for covered buttons) are lovely gifts from a friend from London - a perfect match - and I get to carry that friendship with me now.

And a large pocket on each side of the inside of the bag.

There were enough strips to make another Jelly Bag with the blue and purple.  Plus I made some of the Bunny Hill Designs Little Jelly Bags.  I had just one full strip on the orange butterflies and a couple of 2.5" squares left (and I am sure they will get used in a project) - I used my Serenade to it's fullest!

I will be linking up with  Blossom Heart Quilts  - please take a look at all the Kate Spain projects produced during the hop.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Claiming with Bloglovin

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I am claiming my blog with Bloglovin - still don't understand this whole thing - but there it is and hope it works.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Half of the Year

Wow - can it be true?  Half the year is over?  Well just about, but where did the time go?  We had a Winter that would not end, no Spring, and now nothing but rain.  I hope the other half is a little more pleasant.

I totally forgot about design wall Monday - I managed to get two more flower blocks done.  I love this Boho fabric and a great way of using up my stashed Shot Cottons.

And since this photo, I have added three more rows to the Jelly Roll QAL.  It is taking a little longer as I have been re-pressing blocks that get flipped opposite direction so I can mesh the seams.

And since I have a lot of stuff for NewFO, I will share the Monthly Doll Quilt Swap piece that I sent to my partner.  The theme was 'Fantasy' along the Midsummer Nights Dream idea, but my partner and I agreed to make a guilt based on our dream wish.  Diane's was to go to Tahiti - so my Tahiti quilt and dollie to her. 

And mine was to have my own little cabin in the woods - she got this so pegged with all the special scenes and setting. I cried when I first opened this as it so reminds me of my Dad and all the connections to the homestead and mountain.  And a very sweet homemade card and tiniest of jointed felt teddies.

Help Some Bloggers:

The Traveling Stash is starting to fade - please check in with Katie (side bar button)  There are boxes waiting to move on that have no takers (Katie has two no less), so if you have had no luck in winning a box - now is the time to put in for some fun.

Patricia at Quilter000 is trying to locate this:

pattern it is in fall issue of 2008 'Fabric Trends' called Horn of Plenty

A quilting friend of hers had her copy of the magazine 'accidently borrowed' at a guild meeting and needs the pattern to finish the quilt.  If you can assist Patricia, contact her thru her blog.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, June 24, 2013

Recognizing Longarmers II

Some of you may know Bea of BeaQuilter but if not, take a long stroll thru her blog.  I haven't had the chance to use her longarmer skills yet, but I have enjoyed her helpful EQ skills with her Tutorial Tuesdays (no I haven't mastered it yet).

And she is, also, quite the pattern designer - a published designer as well as has some lovelies in Craftsy.   I did get to test one of her newest patterns which she tells about HERE.  I chose to make the large size for her - remember that month I was buried in LARGE quilts - this was one of them.

I love blocks that make secondary patterns.  And depending on what fabrics, number of fabrics, and  colors you use, you can get a totally different affect - you can see the different test quilts on her page.  

I love the tile affect I got from using just four colors.

And I used one of our local longarmers - Ron Lower - who is one of our Quilt Guild members. He knew I was on a time frame with this one and quickly did it right up for me - gotta appreciate that service. (yes, he did my SIL's quilt too) This was the first time he used this pattern and I love it.

Thank you Bea for letting me test one of your patterns, it was a new experience for me and I ended up with a wonderful quilt.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Recognizing Long Armers

I posted this photo once before - a wallhanging that was a mystery QAL with my LQS during one of those sports play-off thingies - don't remember which one.  It sat stuck to the design wall for a long time as I didn't know how to finish it off and got distracted with other projects.

Yes, it has a mistake - that upper right hand corner - got fixed before it got sent off too.........

Marcia at Crafty, Sewing - she reminded me I had won a quilting with her long ago for a small piece.  Off it went and Marcia worked her magic.

What a difference from that flat piece to a lovely quilted finish.  I left the thread choice up to her - a nice charcoal grey with a paisley swirl pattern just compliments so nicely.

Here's the back to show off the quilting - thank you Marcia.  **I won another quilting with Marcia for the 'Favorite Block QAL' and that quilt is on it's way to her - but she get's to enjoy some family and summer vacation time first - so we will share that one in August.

And this quilt has sat in a tote for ??? years - well, I have only been quilting for 5 yrs, so not as old as dirt.  It was an early inter-net find and I don't remember the source or would give credit.  I do remember the sunflowers were needle turn applique and I didn't do a lot of applique at the time - so made mine paperpieced, but the stems and leaves are appliqued.

And I think this was the first project I actually bought fabric for specifically.  I am so glad I have taken the time to learn about different fabric lines, companies and designers - it has taken my quilting a lot further.

I love the basket blocks , but this quilt would look so much better in other fabrics,  BUT - I sent these three photos on to Valerie at Pumpkin Patch Quilter to request her wonderful long arm services.  Valerie has some wonderful insite on threads and quilting on her blog - go visit. Within a couple hours she sent me back photos with pattern overlays of what she would plan for this.  I know I chose the right person to make this quilt into something wonderful.  It is on it's way to her as we speak.  And I can't wait to share it's finish!

Do you have a favorite long armer? Do you like to have different long armers play or do you stick to just one?  Maybe it's just me, I love different fabrics, colors, patterns, techniques - and I think there is so much talent out there to compliment each one - so I send  my quilts off to different long armers to finish playing with them.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rolling Stars

I actually have a lot of things to share, but in taking these pictures with my 'dented' camera - yes, had to hold three parts together to get it to work (and did that for almost three years after a kitty sent it flying) - well it is now 8 pieces.

But this just had to be shown and glad I got shots of it and managed to load to the computer with a duct taped camera.  My SIL's first large quilt - finished!  It is Rolling Stars quilt pattern by Whistlingpig Creek - you can find it in many shops, I just linked where she got it.

Using Charms and Jelly Roll - a quick project that has a stunning look.  She wanted to make her brother a quilt for his birthday - a man's quilt.  I love the fabrics she chose - one of the Kansas Trouble lines.

And she chose this gorgeous blue paisley extra wide backing at our LQS  - the Quilt Bug.  A local longarmer quilted it for her - very hard to see the quilting in these photos - a pale blue thread on the back and a cream thread on the top.  And I had her hand stitch the binding - this quilt deserved that special touch - and maybe I can get her to enter it in a Quilt Show this fall.

And with the scraps she make two pillows and a table runner - yeah, I wasn't going to let her tuck that back in the tote.

Closing Thought

 “It is better to be a young June-bug than an old bird of paradise”
- Mark Twain

Sewingly Yours,
*and yes - I am off to buy a new camera today*