Sunday, January 31, 2021

Monday Making


Today I hope to get the panels of Court House blocks stitched together.  And I will push myself to get the borders on as well so I have a flimsy ready for quilting.  There might even be something on the shelf to piece a back.

I have nothing better to do as like many, we are bracing for the 'big' storm.  We are in one of those little dark purple circles (or blobs)  and may see 20" of snow - YEAH!!  NOT!!!  Dinner will be in the crock pot.

Some new followers have asked about my 'barrel' system for scraps.  I have been blessed by my daughter's family with the large snack barrels and my kitties offer up the little treat barrels.  I keep from 1.5" up to 5" color squares in half inch increments in the large and my whites and lites in the snack size.  I cut any small left overs down once a project is finished making it easier to grab a barrel of 'pre-cuts' for scrappy items.  If a certain size barrel gets really packed, I have go-to patterns that I know will use them up or at least give some breathing room.

Stay Safe,

Sewingly YOurs, 


Friday, January 29, 2021

Beating the Cold


It's cold in a lot of places and there is snow in a lot of places, but we are BITTERLY COLD.  Yes, we are in that arrow for winds and it makes it even super cold - minus cold!  And we are going to stay this way right thru the  next week or two.

I Saw Cynthia over at Quilting is More Fun Than HouseWork making these Court House Steps in browns and blues.  Well golly - I just shoved those piles of greens and blues in that box and what a great way to use them.  I have one more round on the greens and then to tackle the blues.  Yeah, I planned on moving that fabric to someone else, but I knew it was sitting there and how better to beat the cold.

And a bit of humor to beat the cold:

Sewingly Yours,


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

OMG January '21 Finish


I thank PATTY for once again hosting the OMG party.  I'm trying to use this to not only finish up a project, but to also tie in the RSC21 monthly color.  I know I have those color quilts in one of those totes that is waiting to be quilted.

  The 'Cactus Buds' blocks from one of my Mom's projects in a bag from 40+ yrs. ago is now finished.  I decided not to use the vintage piece on the back and went with the border fabric for the back and binding to use it up.  

Please be sure to visit the other LINK-UPS

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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Monday Making


The mess from the days before resulted in some new miniature blocks.  Variation of the M'Lady's Fan, Bachelor's Puzzle, Union, Sunflower, Aunt Em's Block, Aunt Sukey's Choice and Sister's Choice.

See, there is a table sitting there!  All my fabric totes back where they belong and  I boxed up the other fabric for pick up.  The black in the back are a few plastic magazine bins and I hope someone takes them.  I'm ready to work again.

Today I need to get the borders (cut/prepped) on the pink quilt and then get this layered and basted for quilting.  This is my January OMG so I best get hopping!

Speaking of Hopping:

CARLA is hosting something a little different in February and I do have my fabrics/design set up in a work basket - waiting it's turn after the pink quilt.

And CAROL just posted for sign ups for the hop in March.  It's been a very cold and wintry January here in the Nor'East, so some sun and surf sounds real good to me,

Sewingly Yours,


Friday, January 22, 2021

Do Others Work This Way


First I'll show what I am working on.  The next house block for the guild President's Challenge.  This month if the catagory 'Florals' and there are many variations of the Sunflower Flower Block.  I chose this flower as my Dad (11th anniversary of his death) grew a variety of sunflowers for all the birds and animals to enjoy.  His favorite were the Giants and he grew some monsters.

 Of course the guild's challenge back to me as president, is to make a miniature version on their block(s).  My mini Sunflower, Union Square, Sister's Choice, Bachelor's Puzzle, and Aunt Em's Block.  I have two more to finish up - Aunt Sukey's Choice and M'lady's Fan.  Since we are on hiatis due to the virus surge, I have to rely on members sending me an e-mail and/or photo of their block.

OK, the reality of the way I work (because someone asked):

The bitty scraps I'm trying to use up in this project and at one point I even had a cat laying in the midst.

At one point I was afraid I was going to bob a tail, so sorted some fabric and pulled these plaids, wovens, and shirtings that will join that tote.  Moe got bored with this - but he flattened the scrap pile.

And there is this............

And there is this...........

And there is this ............  (plus a chair full that I didn't take a photo of)

When I make miniatures I make a HUGE mess - all the Civil War totes and scraps come out to pick the 'right' fabric.

Now some of the other is donated fabric that I am sorting thru, hence the piles of color.  They have the non-cotton pulled out (will gift else where) which gets moved to a waiting tote.  The other is checked to see if I can get some FQs cut from them.  The rest will be sent on to any other sewing group as these fabrics have been gone thru by the guild and I certainly don't need more.

Here's the FQs in an under the bed tote.  I can fit 300 FQs in one of these - I know because I have another full.  Why???  These will be on our guild's fund raiser table at the next quilt show in 2022.  And yes, I have tons of magazines and books bundled as well as patterns boxed for this show, all stored in a back bedroom as well.

Multi tasking down a huge mess - making miniature blocks, sorting fabrics, pressing/folding/storing pieces.  Does any one else work like this?  I'll have it all cleaned up this weekend - fingers crossed.

OH, and I made stuffed peppers inbetween all of this.  When my back (or brain) needed a break - prep something, or stir something, or stuff something.  It all worked out.

Sewingly Yours,


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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Scrappy Wednesday


The hated string box has come out to play.  I hate making string blocks, but when the tote is full - you deal.

However, I am making a few strattas for piecing into another project. I'm thinking six of these approx. 10" x 14" will be enough - and won't dent the string tote.

Another NEW on my list - the birch tree blocks by Amanda Jean Nyberg.  With the Gelleto solids bundle and the strattas - will work these with the RSC21.

AND with my love of small and to use up a tote of fabric (with extras) left over from our Hall of Fame quilt - playing with the TEMECULA QUILT CO Mini Monday sew along - button on the side bar.

Some of you may relate - Bella has been having a tantrum as I am getting strick with her diet (she's trying to steal Moe's food now).  Hides all day and then at night - I get this.

Sewingly Yours,


Monday, January 18, 2021

Hearts On Fire Hop


When Carol announced the next hop "any size project with heart - but NO red" I was immediately drawn to the challenge.  I knew right away that I wanted to play with the new Pantone Color(s) of the Year and a new technique' - so let's play.

Pantone chose two colors for 2021 - Ultimate Gray and Illumination Yellow.  Their  theory of the colors "feeling of thoughtfulness with the promise of something friendly".  I see the old addage of the silver lining.

 The technique' I wanted to play with is rough edge applique' and you may have seen the ruffly rose quilts made with this technique'.  We had someone demonstrate this at a guild meeting a few years ago and then a member showed her quilt our last meeting which pushed my brain.

Well I pulled from my scraps and what was on the shelf.  The yellow is brighter than I could get to photo no matter what setting.  The Hearts are a mix of a white with gold metallic flakes thru-out and the light gray has a silver metallic thread running here and there.  I rough cut the heart shapes and pin layered - light weight lining, light weight batting, yellow and then pinned the hearts loosely in place.

Just a meander and loop and when I hit a heart point , went around the heart away from the edge and the again around the inside with a heart coming back out of the heart point - continue on around until they are all done.  I swear this took me about 10 minutes to quilt.

I used the envelope method to make the pillow back with the yellow and a gray/white floral print for a binding edge finish.  Set with my Grandma M's spring basket and my Grandma V's favorite figurine for 'the promise of something friendly'.

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Sewingly Yours,


Saturday, January 16, 2021

Sharing Sunday


The log cabin blocks are done, but I am tired of that project and they can wait for inspiration on setting into a flimsy.  I am pulling fabrics to move on some other projects.  I found the brown for the border on my Mom's old PIG - sitting right on my shelf!  It's not as old a Cranston fabric, but it will work.  The stripe is for the back and binding - or maybe I'll stick with the brown.  This is my OMG for the month so I better move on this one.

These are for my guild President's Challenge house blocks - sashings , borders, and binding.  On the shelf instead of in the project tote with the house blocks.  Since I didn't have to shop for the brown border fabric on the other project, I will have to shop for some bright white on white for this project - if our weather cooperates.

But I really want to share today - since our guild decided to go back on 'hiatis' due to the up surge of the virus - we are continuing the challenge and some of the members sent me pictures of their blocks.  Remember, I am making miniatures of their blocks.  So far our catagories have been Home Life, Farm Life, Patriotic, Family, and next is Floral.

Emily's 'Aunt Em' block - this is very different.

Betsy's 'Aunt Suky' block - love the scrappy

Kathy's 'Bachelor's Puzzle' block - very earthy

 And we ask that they share their resource(s) for the block

Joan's 'Milady's Fan' block with information.  I really like this one, but  I may have to make a variation for the miniature.

And please remember the Hop starting on Monday 

January 18

 Sewingly Yours,


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Scrappy Wednesday


I worked thru that pile of scraps that my daughter passed on to me and I was able to get thirty blocks to 7.5".  The irony with these scraps as most of them are scraps that I gave her now recycled back to me.  Some of it was very small, very frayed, and it is OK to throw out when necessary.

I pulled all the black, gray, and what was left of the w/w - this will be used in another project.  But don't worry as I still plan to work those log cabins up to size.

I pulled a drawer of scraps that need working down.  I'm sure there is plenty to finish up these blocks as well as cut down into the barrel system for better use.  Actually my plan it to EMPTY this drawer.

Our guild has gone into shut down while our counties are experiencing a rise in Covid cases - safety first.  I was delighted when Diane stopped for a little visit to show what she did with some of the Estate Gifted fabrics to the guild.  She enlarged this block pattern 3x's to make the large bear and then bordered with this great bear printed alphabet.

She's enjoying her new Jazz2 machine and her quilting shows more on the back which is coordinating bear prints from the donation.  What a cute quilt!!

She's still stitching the binding down on this one, but more gifted fabrics using the Twin Sister's tutorial found on my page - HERE.  This is a great scrap buster and very quick block to make.  Thank you for sharing Diane and for the much needed visit.

We are warming up for the next few days (40's), but the yard is an ice rink so I am staying home and getting those log cabins done.

Sewingly Yours,