Saturday, August 20, 2022



Gosh, it's been so long since the last post I almost forgot how to use Blogger.  There are a few snags with my hacker still which is making me nervous to be too active as well.  Now my Facebook page is messed with - not a very user friendly site.

Any ways, I am very busy with several commissions and most are T-Shirt Quilts.  A lot of prep work and I was heavy steaming to set fuseable during a heat wave.  What was I thinking!!!

 Three are for one family who had a sudden loss.  Each quilt will have this poem written by a friend with the request for the Celtic Tree of Life symbol.

I need all these commissions done in the next couple of weeks as I am co-chair for the Catskill Mountain Quilters Hall of Fame quilt show coming up Sept 17-18.  90 percent of things are done with the last bits that come as days get closer and you drive yourself insane double checking lists.

I need a day of rest and clean up/up-date the blog side bar and visit everyone.  Miss all of you.

Sewingly Yours,


Sunday, July 24, 2022

Bits of Sewing Time


I stayed away from blogger due to the HACK and I hope things work out now with the given time away.  I am extremely wary of any mail, post, reads, etc. due to this unfortunate incident.  BUT, I don't want to shut down the blog because of some one elses heartless deed.

I used bits of time to get all the stars done for the guild round robin challenge.  I've been doing a little traveling and family time while 'off grid'.

With this oppressive heat wave keeping everyone hiding indoors, I used the time to get them into rows.

  Some strip piecing that will be sub-cut to complete four 16-patches for the corner settings.  Then I will work on getting this round (really borders and I hate borders) added.  There is one more round that must have flying geese and I plan to just make corner 'Dutchman's Puzzle' blocks.  As long as I don't drag my feet (or think of them as borders), I should get that done this week.  It's going to be a BIG quilt!

  My furkids soak up the morning cooler temp and then crawl inside to lay near a fan.  In the evening they take back to the porch.

I picked up 5 commissions (all queen size) which will keep me quite busy, so I am so sad that I will have to sit out the rest of the year's Blog Hops that I like to take part in.  Hey, I need to prepare some extra income for the increase of oil prices to heat this monster size house this winter.

Stay Safe,

Sewingly Yours,


Monday, July 4, 2022


 If you get any e-mail from me (not from y a h o o ), do not open and PLEASE do not send money.

A harvesting hack from facebook market (and I don't use)

Friday, July 1, 2022

Happy Weekend


I hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend.  I chose not to travel on this Holiday weekend, but will enjoy the time at home.

My furkids have taken to us enjoying the early morning on the porch as the birds begin to sing - the only noise of the day - it's actually music to us.  Still moving things around and organizing thru the day, albeit slowly with the heat.  Then once it cools down in the evening the gardens get tended and lawns mowed.  Then it's the furkids and me unwinding on the porch until dark.

There will be playing with pinwheels - perfect for the 4th don't you think?

More ready to go into rows.

Although my red roses came out early and lasted for only a few days, (and nothing blue happening) - the white flowers are giving us quite the showing.


Sewingly Yours,


Monday, June 27, 2022

Monday Making


Another long term Summer project I'd like done by Sept.  These are my star block round of our guild 'at home' round robin.  Then I have the last round to go - YET!   It's been a while since I worked these that it is taking a while to get into the chaining mode to make them quicker.  I hope to have all the stars done (8 more) by this week.


I've been re-arranging furniture and re-organizing projects.  Why do you make more of a mess in trying to clear up a mess?  This is ONE of six little tubs filled with things that have to find a home.  Whether it is my home, someone elses' home, or the circular (trash) file.  It all has to be cleared out.

I use to get so annoyed when my kids would find it handy to dump things in a newly cleared out space.  WELL - I think I have developed that same bad habit and it has to  stop.

We spent the weeked clearing trees.  Our old locust trees shed constantly or just fall down.  AND Krama!!  after arranging the clean up - one of the old Maples decided to loss a LARGE limb.  Luckily out into the field and not across the lane.  Partial clean up on that one as it's not bothering anything.  The rest will wait for Fall and I'm sure there will be more.  Geesh!!

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, June 20, 2022

My Day in the Sun


I'd like to thank CAROL for hosting yet another wonderful Blog Hop to inspire us all.  I don't think she envisioned that a global heat wave would be happening at the time.  Although -------- here in the Nor'East we are having very Fall like weather and I am not complaining.

I always like to think outside the box, or in this case - around the circle!

I saw this pattern "Pacific Sun" and fell in love with the modern look and different take on the Hop theme.

I wanted a smaller and simpler version and hit the scraps.  I used one of my sandwich plates to make my circle - high tech stuff right there.  Simple straight line quilting is a favorite of mine and works so well with this.  The binding was pulled from the scrap binding drawer.  I even pieced two pieces of batting that were trim off pieces from a recent quilt finish.

Even the backing was a piece that I brought home from the last guid meeting's freebie table.  I need to cut a dowel to size - the corner tabs are 3.5" squares pulled from by barrel system.  Love when all the scraps play nice when I'm creating for a HOP. 

Please be sure to visit today's other hosts:



Ms P Designs USA

Quilting Gail

Sewingly Yours


Wednesday, June 8, 2022

First Show


Our little guild is having it's first show in a long time due to Covid,  We are having a joint display show of quilts and flowers (local gardening club) at our local library.  The gals here are trying to figure out this crazy ladder without pinching fingers.

This center of the largest room is used for a number of activities and the children's sections edge it.  So colorful quilts were hung from the rafters.

Some Eye Spy fun to look over.

There are a number of quilts, wallhangings, table runners, miniatures, and pillows scattered thru out the library and the flowers go in place tomorrow.  Everthing in place for a special event on Saturday.


Sewingly Yours,


Thursday, June 2, 2022

June's Long Term


I've pulled another long term project that should make the month feel a little productive.  This was another project that was headed to the guild 'free' table, but the member shoved it into my hands and said ' this is you'.  SO - home it came.  Some of the little blocks were made, some cut and pinned up and some I had to totally make.  The pattern was in the bag so I was going with her plan, but there was not enough of the background from the original quilter - heck, go scrappy.

 For some reason I have enough sub-units for four blocks, but need just three more to complete the top.  Well, I'll chose what looks well in the setting (it's all an old Moda line) and the left over one will be a pillow.

These are laid by the machine and I'll fill in the diagonal rows to stitch together as I have some time.  

My son has cancer surgery (3rd) so I'll be hospital hopping and after care.  Yes he's an adult, but they are always our babies - especially when they are ill.

Our guild has a Quilt show as well, so busy with that thru the month.  I'll take time to breathe when I come out on the other side. 

Sewingly Yours,


Sunday, May 29, 2022

Monday Making


These bags have fallen off the shelf so many times that I finally said ENOUGH!

These bags were part of some left overs from one of our guild meeting's "free table" goodies.  Lots of HSTs and cut triangles yet to be HSTs (and a few pinwheels) - my kind of mindless thinking sewing.

I had the groups of sewn HSTs by the machine and stitched a few as time allowed over the weekend.  30 pinwheels waiting for the rest  of the scraps to be worked up.

 I chained the rest of the triangles and grouped into their sets.  Now to get these spinning.  If I plan to set these 8 by 8 I will have to dig thru my scraps for 'matchy' fabrics to make four more - I actually have some of these fabrics in my mix - lol!

This will be a Summer project and will result in a donation quilt for the guild collection - scraps that got passed up made into a a quilt that will give someone a hug.

Have you line up your Summer sewing project?  I have four that I would like to move along during the Dog Days - slow and steady is the plan.

Sewingly Yours,



Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Foodie Blog Hop


Oh, I am late!!  I had a timer set for post release and it didn't go off.  But my life is a bit upside down so add it to the list.

Thank you CARLA for hosting this 'tasty' hop.    When fabric comes in fat quarters that don't add calories to a quilter's diet - all is good.

I've used this FREE PATTERN a few times to make this quick pineapple wall hanging.  They make great housewarming gift along with a basket filled with eatables and/or kitchen goodies.

And I had to go outside the box with a 'food' block - the Cake Stand.

Cute little miniature blocks in a simple setting with some of my Civil War scraps.  

Please visit today's hosts:

Wednesday, May 25th

Sewingly Yours,


Sunday, May 15, 2022

Monday Making


I went amiss again!  Several family and personal things came up that had to be taken care of.  Family is always first.  I have been working slowly on my project for the FOODIE hop coming up - so  secret sewing.  It helps to have things prepped by the machine to grab those few minutes.  It will be finished.

I had a few meeting in the mix as well.  The Catskill Mountain Quilters Hall of Fame finally had an in-person meeting in over 2 years.  One of the members brought four old quilt tops.  She was going to pass them all to me, but I said - Hold them up and lets share.  I came home with this one.  Very different from anything in my collection.  I know this as "the Teasure Box' but I'm sure this block is known by other names.

In less than a week, we went from almost freezing and a snow storm to horrid heat and dry.  The flower beds got worked on a little here and there as well as the first mowing of the lawn  OR I should say acreage as there is a lot to mow here.  We are to have three days of storms, so I hope to get more stitching time in.

Sewingly Yours,


Saturday, May 7, 2022

Happy Mother's Day


I hope you all have (or have had) a lovely day.  We will be very low key as many friends and family members have the new Covid - keeping Mom safe.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

A New Month


It's sunny and warm here - a bit breezy, but a good day to be outside.  Tending some flower beds and then the first mow of the year.  Fresh mowed grass - love the smell.

Enjoy Your Day,


Tuesday, April 26, 2022



It's hard to believe that in a few days we will be flipping the calender again.  Just where did the month of April go?  My goal of working 'three' has taken a hiatis and I need to get back on the horse.  BUT, we had a few nice days after an ugly Spring Snow week.  The Daffs had come out early and the cold and snow took toll on them.

 Then we jumped to a few warm, sunny days and I opted to do some work in the flower beds.  Yes, I have early tulips as well.  All my daffs and tulips are thankful planting of squirrels and chippers.  They are in need of some seperation and new soils.

These have migrated into the lavender, so need moving.  AND the lavender needs a good clean up.

It's turning rainy and cold for a few days, so yard work will wait.  There are 5 quilts that need their binding attached and that will be on my schedule for finishing out April.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, April 18, 2022

Monday Making


All of the pieces are cut for some more stars although I am sure I will need more 2.5" squares, but that's easy cuts.

I'm using the flip corner method for the star points - and I am NOT saving the cut-offs.

I like how these look.  Slow going, but progressing.  I need 28 and have 6 done - yes, slow going.  


The color hop starts today so please visit Carol  for today's hosts.

We had snow squalls all day Easter Sunday and are suppose to get up to 8" tonight - good thing I haven't put that shovel away.  Uggh!!!, but it won't last as the temps are rising.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Monday Making


The diamonds have gotten attached to my Guild's Challenge.  All those little bits of time with prepped work by the machine paid off.  The applique' round looks a little bare, but there are dimensional pieces that will be added once this baby is quilted.

 The next round is 'Stars' and I am repeating that center scrappy star.  Again, I am prepping so many star pieces to have by the machine and grab a little stitching time when I can.

This is one of my Newbies next project.  We were flipping thru some of our magazines and catalogs when this cover quilt caught her eye.  She LOVES color and since she has done a few projects that involved making a few of each type block to complete rows or sections - a row quilt seems like a good fit.  Repetition seems to help her in remembering technique's.

She's made a number of flying geese blocks and units, but these are 'offset' using a different technique' and you can see she is enjoying COLOR.  We're pulling this all together from my scraps right now.  I am glad to see a lot of this get used up.  

She wants to change the pumpkin row and will think about whether to repeat the geese at the bottom or go with a scrappy patchwork instead.  All scraps are being saved for any change of plans.  

At some point we plan a group shopping trip to a LQS they have not been to as part of a learning experience.  Learning fabric lines, designers, and picking out needed sashing and/or border fabrics for projects in progress.  Since this shop is in the Catskill Mountains (and we had snow today), we are waiting for nicer weather.

Joan is hosting the next Blog Hop and who doesn't love to play with color.  Spring is taking it's time to arrive here, so color would so be appreciated in any form.

Sewingly Yours,