Friday, November 30, 2018

Whooping Friday

I enjoyed the Virtual Cookie Exchange which made me gain a few pounds just reading recipes and seeing all those trays of sweets.  It made me push to finish up the Kaffe quilt.  I had a lot of fun making this as well as quilting it.

Of course it gave me a few left overs that I just could not let sit or get stashed away.  I mean, really - this is such fun stuff!

Little 1.5" white squares  with 1" x 1.5" sashing and 1" cornerstones made for a fun miniature.  Cut offs just the right size for borders and enough for a scrappy binding.

Some of the larger pieces where pieced for the back.  A cute little table topper that can be used either side or hung on a clip-hanger for mini wall quilt.

There was still a bit left to play with.

So I am working on another miniature with bitty log cabins.  I think I will have that Kaffe out of my system by then - and all used up as well.

I don't do a lot of Christmas decorating - I leave that for the shop 'pretty'.  Besides, my furkids would find too many things fun to play with.  BUT, I need to do some house cleaning and will set up a few items on the mantel just so I am not called a Grinch.  We've had some snow almost every day thru the week - it should have given me some 'spirit', but I think it just has given me (and the furkids) early cabin fever.  I put the extra heavy double fleece throw on the guest bed as we dipped into single digits a few nights; and that is where those two have been hanging out.

A few new buttons went on the side bar and 2019 is already looking interesting.  It might be time to make plans for the new year.

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, November 29, 2018

More Cookies

Today is the last day of the Virtual Cookie Exchange.  I swear you will gain 50 pounds just looking at all the wonderful recipes being shared. 

Some lovely holiday traditions may be one that you also have.  Don't have a tradition?  Maybe start a new one.

A lot of inspirations holiday quilts, projects, and crafts being shared, along with some tutorials and patterns.  And a few give aways here and there.

I'm posting the full list so you can take the time to catch all of this:

   November 27

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November 29

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Virtual Cookie Exchange

I would like to thank CAROL for organizing and hosting this wonderful Hop each year at this time.  This year was a little change to the game by not just offering a cookie recipe, but also a tradition and/or a holiday quilt.

I will admit that I am not a baker.  I was able to handle the job good enough when my kids were young and we made the most basic cookies.  I think good cookies are a real art and those that make those OMG treats are true artists.    So what's a non-baker doing in a cookie exchange?

Well, there are a lot of no bake recipes out there that help us non-bakers share during the holiday seasons.  This is one of my favorites as it has all my fav bits of season tastes rolled into one cookie.  You can substitute your favorite nut  if you don't like pecans.

The tradition that has been passed down thru our family is putting an orange into the toe of each stocking.  My daughter is following still with this tradition with her own children.  There are many stories to the 'why' of this tradition, but it had always meant filling the New Year with riches.  Oranges were hard to come by at the time of year or even during the war(s) and depression.  An orange was a treasure as well as nuts and a little bit of chocolate (same reasons).  Also, an orange could be shared.  With it's many sections, it could be divided up for many to enjoy - encouraging share with what you have.

I am not one who likes to work with traditional holiday fabrics.  I've been wanting to play with Kaffe Fassett for some time and this Hop came to the perfect match.  The pattern is The No Bake Jolly Bar Quilt - how cool is that.  Jolly Bars are 5" x 10" strips that come in bundles of 42.  My Kaffe was 6" x WOF, but it worked and you can certainly cut your own stash.

I had fun quilting this with a lot of straight lines in different color threads matching colors in the prints - and a lot of white thread, too.

As a thank you for visiting and my 'share of the season', I have a give away of a layer cake (no thread) of the collection of 'Winter Flurries' by Connecting Threads.  This would make a fun No Bake Quilt or any pattern you wish.  Please be sure I have a way to contact you - winner to be drawn on Dec 1st.

Please be sure to visit the other Hosts today:

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Monday Making

I have been in quilting mode the last few days.  It has been extremely cold, snowy, icy, and having a car that needs repair - house bound has led to the perfect timing for this.  Four quilts have been finished and I have two more sandwiched/basted ready for a showdown.  

They will wait for tomorrow as today I am heading out to sit and sew with some guild members.  We are making a snowman hanger for a community decoration event - the streets lined with snowmen made by various groups as part of the season celebration.

I wanted to share something my SIL made.  I think she found it on a DYI site and made a few of them.  Those are canning lids - she found silver ones at a dollar store and gold ones at Walmart.  The small ornaments are another dollar store find as well as the wired ribbon.   She used a special metal glue to hold the lids (the glue they had recommended didn't work).  A different seasonal project that is not too costly.

Cookies & Quilts

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I'm going to enjoy 'do you want to build a snowman' with friends,
Sewingly Yours,

Friday, November 23, 2018

Special Feline Friday

Today SARAH is hosting a special link-up for us to honor all those wonderful furkids that have blessed our lives.  I unfortunately have no photos of past furballs (before blogging), but I do have fond memories.

Growing up on a large working farm, we had a LOT of cats thru the years.  They got their morning and night 'milk' ration when the cows were tended to, but then they had to do their duty and catch vermine as another food source.  When we poured that milk, it was the only time we knew how many were on the farm! 

The patriarch was a Huge (size of a dog I swear) dirt brown cat with all white paws - Boots.  He was ferocious in caring for his property, but always there for a skritch behind the ear.  He loved to sleep in my one sister's old baby carriage on the porch right next to the door.  If he didn't like someone, they didn't get in the house.  He, also, loved to swim in our pool.

The matriarch was an odd 'mustard' color gal - Mustard (of course).  Barn cats were not allowed in the house, but she got snuck in from time to time.  She had fur like a rabbit - so soft; and the loudest purr I have ever heard on a cat.  One day she met at us at the door on our way out for school with a large hole between her eyes.  Someone had shot her, but that didn't stop her - she lived another 10 yrs after with that 'third' eye.

When the cows went, so did the cats.  It wasn't until I had my kids that kitties came back on the scene.  Two all black brother/sister act.  My kids loved them.  Before they turned one, we lost the brother and the sister never got over it.  She turned mean toward the kids so she was given to a new home and long story short - became the first cat for the new SHEBA cat food.

Many years later, I adopted my son's cat as he would be gone for some time.  Bubba was another dog size cat and just like Boots so long ago - took his task of protecting/patroling the property rather seriously.  As tough and rough as he was, when we had someone dump off their very sick and very pregnate cat - he tended her.  She died with birthing, but Bubba helped in raising those six kittens and I think the softy missed them as each went off to a new home.  He tempted all his nine lives with his daring (I watched him chase off a herd of dear from the yard once and the bear from the bird feeders) and was laid to rest on the farm.

Now I have my rescue kitties which show up on the the blog from time to time.  Like all quilter's cats, they take their job helping and supervising quite seriously.

Bella was rescued from a poor situation with her twin sister - whom we lost.  She's also been thru two floods and a tornado, so can we say stress?  She's been by my side thru many of my health recoveries, so doesn't like it when I am gone too long from her.

Moe was rescued at the same time by my daughter - just up the road from Bella, so possibly they are 'related'.  Moe became rather agressive to the new baby at the time and came to live with me.  It took time for Bella to accept him and she will from time to time remind him who is the Queen around here.  My 'Moe-in-a-Box' is my clown and the most laid back cat.

They are going into their 'winter' years and I promise them a forever home until they cross the rainbow bridge. 

Be sure to visit Sarah Did It to see all the link ups. Maybe even join in.

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving Day

We are cold, snowy, and wind blown - staying home with Mom and meals to be delivered by the church.  Watching the Macy Day Parade on TV, and then maybe some old movies.  

This year I am most thankful for friends who have become family.

If you are traveling; safe journeys.  

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Monday Making

I will finish up these blocks for the Secret Santa Mystery with Temecula Quilt co.  I had hoped to get them done over the weekend, but I had a bit of a mishap that created some colorful words.

Some one (who shall remain nameless) decided my lovely pile of laid out units was a wonderful place to sprawl out on while very wet and muddy.  So a  number of pieces had to be hand washed, towel dried, and now to be repressed.

Once they are done I have to get into a 'quilting' mode.  I cleared out the small table with the Singer for some paper piecing with strings - my breaks between quilting laps.  I have enough batt on the roll to probably get 6 more quilts and a few wallhangings finished for the year.  Then I will have honored my 'focus' for the year - it slipped sometimes.

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Secret Santa

Moe has decided that this wintery weather needs supervising from indoors.  How a 20# cat fits in a show box size tote is a mystery, but he's holding down some of my Temecula Quilt Co. Secret Santa Mystery units while I work on some others.

Two blocks laid out for some speed row stitching.  I'll keep stacking these so all 12 blocks are ready to assemble, that way I can just chain them right thru the machine for quick work.  I again decided to go with another constant with this scrappy block by using a Kona White for those spacers. 
You can see the original HERE.   I'll wait to see how the sashing/finish is next Friday to decide on scrappy or another constant.

Once they are done, I hope to get to that Kaffe miniature that is laying underneath.   Yes, I plan on stitching this hibernation away.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, November 16, 2018

It Begins

Our first major snow storm is in progress and we sit right in one of those pink zones.  Not only snow, but bitter cold and windy making it colder. I snuck out the day before and picked up a few staples - mainly , keep that kitty food and snacks in good supply as my furries are not happy with this at all.

I just want some mindless stitching the next couple of day so I will keep working on the two different size postage stamp blocks.  Currently I have 6 of each, but those barrels are still pretty stuffed and will carry on until these are completed.

The next Temecula Secret Santa Mystery step should come out today, and I will tackle those little cuties as well.  

My heart is aching for all those in harms way - such lost is overwhelming.  I will do my best to donate blocks and flimsies to those collecting as a small part that I can play.  I know from going thru our own town's devistation years ago, this is something you never recover from.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, November 12, 2018

Monday Making

I can no longer stuff any more into my 2.5" barrels, so some serious stitching needs to be under taken.  This seems to be the most used size when I break down gifted scrap bags, so this barrel fills up rather fast.
And, I do have more to break down.

 The postage stamp is the quickest way to use them up.  I know, I have one going with the 1.5" squares as well.  This size works nicely for when you don't need to have your brain in full focus.  I can stop mid stream and do other things and then come back to it without trying to figure out where you left off.  Plus, they seem to be the most popular selling quilts in the shop right now.

I have to put the finishing touches on my block for the Susan B Anthony Project 2020 - to scroll menu use the 3 bars on the top right corner.  You will find the story, block construction, and registration form should you be interested.  Our guild is submitting a few blocks, as we got interested in this when the Empire Quilt Fest show had the first 40 blocks for one of our special exhibits.  I'll post a photo when it is done.

Cold and rainy day - some stitching, organizing (still), soup in the crock pot, maybe I'll even get a quilt basted - a good day.

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Secret Santa

Another cold, rainy, snowy day makes for great sewing time.  I want to make the next step of the Temecula Quilt Co mystery - 48 little 4-patches.  These finished steps are looking really scrappy, so I am going to do the 4-patches in just one red (I haven't used yet) and one lite (not used yet).  Sometimes you need a little balance.

I just have to run out for recycling, but I plan on sticking to home as my Mom took another fall and has been getting weaker.  So today the nurse and PT are coming in for another eval and I need to be here.  AND the other day the water main to my brother's little house on the farm broke, so we have someone coming in for an eval of that situation - do we fix, or do we condemn.  

Some more reorganizing, maybe some housework, a crockpot meal - just trying to breath.

Anyone traveling, take care as I see the weather and conditions around the US are a bit of difficulty.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, November 9, 2018

Whooping Feline Friday

I had a lot of help from Moe as I worked on putting things into a more useable order.  A box of NEW things put away on the shelf made for a NEW 'Moe in the Box' experience.  Sarah is planning a special 'kitty' share link up on 11/23/18 that you might to join in on. 

The gingham large quilter's project bag with matching zip bag was finished.

As well as the cute quilting road map print used in this bag.  Happy to have them out of the way and into the shop.

That gave me time to start something new.  Using up the scraps from the Kaffe project is making for a fun miniature (or two).  It was a good day to play as we are having our first major snow storm that will last for a few days.  I didn't get out for photos of the first real 'white', maybe tomorrow.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

In trying to clear things out and reorganize as I work thru things, I found a bag with these different components.  I thought I had finished all these up!  These are step outs that I used for teaching a quilter's project bag a couple of years ago.  There are two bags here in different steps and pieces.  So I hope to get these quickly finished up and moved on out.

Then I'll move on to completing step three of the Temecula Quilt Co mystery.  There were questions on the accurate size/cuttings, but that has been cleared up - so on to work.

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Pick A Pumpkin Hop

Harvest Fun

I would like to thank CARLA for organizing this fun Hop and I hope you are enjoying some wonderful inspiration from these very talented people.  Today's hosts are:

I don't do a lot of seasonal projects, but I backtracked thru some of my prior years' posts to find a few items. 

I used my TUTORIAL FOUND HERE  to make a wicked tissue cover. 

"Barbed Wire" was one of my Let's Book It projects years ago.


I haven't done much cross stitching this year, but this project made for a lovely seasonal gift a few years ago.

Another Let's Book It project where I changed up a table runner pattern into a wallhanging.  Let's Book It was a program I hosted 2014-16 to challenge quilters to pull out those many books, patterns, and magazines we collect - AND use them.

For this hop I relied on my usual - use up the scraps - mode to challenge myself.  This left over bit of what appeared to be a cut off from someone else's project was my inspiration.  I got the seam ripper out and took those scraps apart.  

I used the Raven pattern from Regina Grewe's free pattern listing.  I've made this before many years ago, so it was fun to revisit him.  I used every bit of that lite background - even having to piece in a section so I had enough.  

The other bits that were used came from my tote of strings and left over binding was just enough.  That pumpkin/raven print was perfect for a border on this little piece that finished at 9.5" square - I got my miniature on!

Please be sure to visit the other hosts today and share some love with Carla as well.  Thank you for stopping by,

Sewingly Yours,

Monday Making

I made two more one-hour baskets.  My daughter saw the others and asked if I had a blue or gray - no.  So I had to make them and she can pick the one she likes.  She wants to use it to tuck a lot of baby items in for a shower gift.

While I am waiting for a follow-up visit with a commission customer, I am going to start my Kaffe quilt.  Love this collection and using a white-on-white Sketch for the background - more texture fun.

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Monday, November 5th

Sewingly Yours,