Saturday, November 3, 2018

Busy Friday

I decided to pull some fabrics that have been on the shelf too long.  New fabrics, but been on the shelf for almost a year.  I like a two year turn around time on my shelf fabrics - I am not a hoarder, but a firm believer of using it.

This is a very quick project - The One Hour Basket.  This is the pattern I used, but there are a lot of them on the web.  If you are looking for a different homemade gift - this works great.  AND you can use fabrics to fit the reciever as well as fill them with goodies that they like.

Then I pulled the tote with some juvenile and fun prints that I have been seperating from the gifted scrap baggies all year.  These will be crayon roll-ups and I use This Pattern.  There are now two dozen prepped with half finished.  I've been invited to my granson's elementary school for a Holiday Shopping and craft event.  A table of make-and-take or items a child can buy under $3.  I'll also have a booth for the adult shopping hours. 

Then I pulled out the Christmas tote.  My SIL was looking for a backing for a runner and I found this in there.  I'll cut these and make some quick envelope fold  pot holders.

And then there was this find as well.  Again, more potholders.  I'm not one who like to work with Holiday fabrics, but these small, quick projects will use up these stashed away items as well as make for some little gifts for a child to buy for Mom/Dad.

Thinking and making Holiday projects, yet when I went outside for a walk break I found with the warm spell had made the roses bud again.  This is a special hybred I bought my Mom on her 80th birthday and is a 'Silver Anniversary' rose.  Why these buds are pink?  I don't know?

I did find one opened - they aren't really silver, but a pretty bright white.

 The furkids have been sticking to the indoors lately as the coyote have been running close to the house the last few weeks.  Moe is content on the couch with the 'napping' supplies.  Bella has taken to hiding upstairs somewheres - I think in the old chifferobe.

And a reminder of Carole's project.  You can read about it HERE.

QAL's and SAL' are wrapping up for the year.  As I find new ones for 2019, I will be doing updates on the sidebar.  If you know of any , let me know - I only will post up free; none that require buying a book, kit, or pattern.


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sewyouquilt2 said...

Love your little projects and that cute kitty Christmas fab. Great idea for the kiddos to buy for Mom and Dad.

Jeanne said...

I like the idea of "two year turnaround"!

Barbara said...

Wow you have been busy. My kids used to have a shopping day at their school where they could purchase gifts for just a little bit of money. I always loved getting adjustable rings and that sort of thing. It was fun to see what they picked out. I like the idea of handmade gifts even better.

sunny said...

That's it!!! One hour baskets are now on my gift list. I have the perfect fabrics, and like you, they must be used. And thanks for the reminder about the Carolina Hurricane project. I made blocks last month, and now I can send them.

kiwikid said...

Love the baskets, they look great and are a wonderful present idea, tha ks for the link.

Sarah said...

Z is as your furkids - he's staying in more and more as the weather cools off (no coyotes in my area that I know of). The bazaar tables at you grandson's school sounds like fun - something for the kiddos and something for the adults. Love the baskets - esp when they have hexie fabric. LOL. I noticed a week or so ago that my azalea had 6 blossoms on it. I didn't get much of a spring show so I guess it's trying again...