Friday, April 30, 2021

April 2021 OMG


This months goal was to but together a flimsy with some 'found' blocks and maybe get the border on.  The weekend and week have been all about borders.  I hate putting borders on - I can and know how; even mitered ones - but I feel it is cheating to get a quilt larger rather than making more blocks.  That's my mind set any way.  But borders did happen!

When I laid out the blocks, I was short one and quickly made up another.  Flimsy done I tackled the borders AND yes, there are three borders.  While doing some clean up, I found the missing block (isn't that the way) so I will use it on the back with the label.

Please visit the final link up over at PATTY'S for some great eye candy.

Sewingly Yours,


Friday, April 23, 2021

Who Said Borders?


I had a little repair job to do on this lovely heirloom quilt - torn aida clothe and browning.  The new owner is someone I went to school with - we haven't seen each other in 40 yrs.  Small world!  I tested the sashing (rich blue and red - never washed) and the floss to see if they were colorfast before deciding which medium to use.  Neither the sashing or floss was safe with too much moisture.  The back is a muslin and even if I could prevent color seeping on the front, it could seep into the back.

 This product is a little fussy to use, but you don't need steam to set it like most bondables.  It leaves a solid bond with no stiffness.   Just follow directions - most important is to test on a sample first.  I got this at Wal-Marts, but it is available in most fabric and craft stores, or on-line.  I do recommend googles, gloves, and mask if you have allergies (makes me itch and sneeze) - it's a fine powder that can spread easily.

Borders?  Yes, now with everything cleared off the board I am dedicating this weekend to borders.  The President's Challenge quilt is together and borders ready.  Well, the last border needs cutting but.....

I'm going to tackle this one first because it is my OMG for the month.  Even the binding is cut.  I found backing for this one as well so it will move to the quilting pile next.

They predict we will see the 80's next week (after this cold and snow), so I look forward to some outdoor time - best use the bad weather to tackle borders before I decide to ignore them.

Sewingly Yours,


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Happy Earth Day

Well, they forgot to tell  someone it was Spring.  Earth Day has given us a reminder that the Nor'East weather can surprise us.  We did have green grass, but you can see there is no green in the trees.   The Daffs are definitely gone now and probably the few tulips.  Good day to stay in and stitch away - and cuddle with some furkids.

All caught up with the Temecula Quilt Co mini quilt along.

Four small blocks a month is doable- even if you miss a month; quick catch up.


More tiny gray bow ties are ready by the machine.

Today is the last day of the Kitchen Hop, so be sure to visit - I need to catch up on this as well.

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Sunday, April 18, 2021

What's Cookin' In The Kitchen


I wish to thank Carla for hosting another fun HOP.  All things kitchen and it will be interesting to see what these host bloggers will inspire us to create:

Monday, April 19th

Tuesday, April 20th

Wednesday, April 21st

Thursday, April 22nd

I don't do kitchy stuff, but I would like to highlight my SIL's work.  She just loves to make these kind of things and always looking for something new. 

All kinds of pot holders: cupcakes, trees, pinchers, handle slide, leaves, etc..

A variety of pie, cake, and casserole carriers.   You can find this one HERE.

Always has an eye out for cute towels and pot holder sets on sale to make these oven front kitchen towels.  I'm not sure which tutorial she followed, but you can find one HERE.

And these 'scarf' towels are so cute!  There are so many all over the net, but HERE is a nice tutorial.

She, also, has made a lot of different styles of aprons, but I don't have any here to show you.


Now I couldn't just not try to do a project for this hop.  I am trying new techniques this year and on my list is the rope coaster, trivet, or bowl.

  A guild member gave me a bag of different ropes and I pulled this rather soft, nubby one as it is just a trial and to be sure I didn't kill my machine. (and I didn't want to wreck the good stuff)

A very poot try if I must say so.  BUT, I did try and I did make a coaster which I'll use at the computer for my coffee cup.  I think I'll leave the bowl making to someone else and buy one.  It's always good to try new, but don't beat yourself up if it just isn't 'you'.  We can't master it all.

Enjoy the HOP

Sewingly Yours,


Thursday, April 15, 2021

Whooping Friday


I haven't done a lot of stitching the last few days - errands, paper work, and selecting/filling entries for a few quilts for a July Quilt Show.  Boy it's nice to finally use my planner this year - even have some notices for Fall events.

I had all my sheep prepped, so when I could find time, they are finished.  BUT they are put aside as I ponder how I want to set them - sashing, borders, etc....

 Our guild had a lovely meeting on Tuesday - another hour long Show & Tell.    It was, also, our 'turn in your charity projects' meeting and we collected 55 placemats for Meals on Wheels, 15 quilts (more coming to my house) for Catholic Charities, and 12 pillowcases (we had people miss the December lot) for Community Maternity Services.  The program was dimensional flowers and they all seem to like doing the hands on projects.  Part of the Show & Tell were the members President's Challenge Blocks, so I have a list of blocks that I need to make in miniature.  SO, the usual CW totes have come out for block prep and will stitch them as I have time.

The horrid 'S' word is on for the next few days and depending where and for how long this storm lingers over us will dictate how many inches we get.  Luckily it will warm up after and it will be gone. 

You may or may not of heard - bloggers are posting notice - but if you read your bloggers by e-mail sign up, that service is being dropped by blogger.  As soon as I hear about the best way to sign back up for a list read, I will pass the word on.  I have removed that sign-up from my side bar.

See you on the other side of the weekend,

Sewingly Yours,


Sunday, April 11, 2021

Monday Making


The few bits of the Little Black Dress are now an array of pinwheels in a pillow top.  I haven't any more pillow forms so you are getting the 'flat' version.

 This is an old Judy Neimeyer fabric and just enough to make an envelope back for this.  Now that there is a finish, I can play with something new.

Well, the Chartreuse Kona is new and the rest will come out of my tote of scrap white and w/w.

This is what I am playing with.  I think I will stick one black sheep in the fold - just for fun. (yes, those are the cutting sizes)

And don't forget that the next Hop starts next Monday.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, April 9, 2021

Whooping Friday


It's been a while since I linked up with SARAH , but it's been a good week and needs a Whoop, Whoop Friday.

I have gone thru that drawer of bagged 'bits and parts' , many will hopefully work together for our MOnday sewing group's challenge.  Why cut up fabrics and start from scratch, when there are parts already made?  But a small bag caught my eye and it's got priority play.

One of my all time favorite lines "Little Black Dress" from Moda.  I made three quilts with this line and this precious bag held what bits are left.  The HST's must have been cut offs and tho they were stitched, they were not pressed open and squared up.  A few squares and some strips of the background - we shall see what becomes?

I'm tickled - my favorite line, tiny bits, and a play at mystery.  Got to love it

The furkids had their annual Vet visit.  Bella was over weight and Moe under weight, but they are vaccinated, wormed, new flea collars - good to go for the year.  Thank heavens it is only a once a year event as they hate the carriers, hate to ride in the car, hate the woofies that might be there, etc...

It has been nice to see some 'normal' roll back into life.  The beautiful weather we've had all week has made for some much needed outdoor time.  I've had something scheduled every day this week - I didn't even use my planner all last year!  Even the Vet's office let you inside - only two at a time and opposite sides of the building, but actually in the office.   Mom has an appointment this morning and recycle center drop-off is tomorrow - I'm on an escape roll this week - Whoop, Whoop!

 Sewingly Yours,


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Scrappy Wednesday


The blocks have found themselves set in two halves of a quilt top and I hope to get those stitched together today.  I have to search thru the shelves and totes to see if I have something for a border.  Yeah, one long seam on my OMG for April, but the border may take me the month - hate borders.

One small spot to fix on a commission piece (repairing an old quilt) and then I can play. 

 A drawer full of baggies with left overs from specific projects.  I like to keep the fabrics and parts together until the project is finished - in case there is an oops.  Now this drawer needs some serious clean out.

I pulled a couple of my miniature magazines with the hopes I can find something that will eat up those baggies.

It will be another beautiful, sunshiny day - so a walk outside with the furkids will be fit into the day.

Sewingly Yours,


Monday, April 5, 2021

Monday Making


There are a few more blue Carolina blocks to make.  I'm making 8 of each print background and white background, so after four months of RSC21 color there will be 64 blocks in the tote.

The strings and old phone book are pulled as I need to make some new strattas for the Birch Tree blocks.

I'm making these with some blocks having 3 or 2 or 1 stratta 'trees' of different widths.  Four of each RSC color  and my color is Gelato gradiates, so they add even more depth to these blocks.

I have some fabrics to wash with color catchers - afraid the reds will run, but maybe not.  AND the weather is fabulous today so there will be walk about with the furkids.

Hope you get to stitch today, linking up with MAKING MONDAY

Sewingly Yours,


Saturday, April 3, 2021


OMG April 2021


I failed to complete March's OMG - waiting on batting delivery, waiting on backing delivery, and family issues.  It will get done this month, but I am chosing another project as my April one monthly goal.

 These blocks have sat for a long time and I would like to get them into a flimsy.  Besides, I can use their tote for new blocks  that are in progress.  Isn't that the way it goes?

Please be sure to visit the LINK UP and see what others are working on.

Sewingly Yours,