Monday, August 31, 2015

Wrapping It Up

I know you are all thinking the same thing - where has the year gone?  It just seems to be flying by so quickly.  The Summer is over and Fall is here.  And yes my Aussie friends, I know you are looking forward to coming out of the opposite seasons.

My goals for August were pretty light and I will stay the same for September as I have a really booked month.

My Let's Book It project was completed and I will pull something small for next month.  I'll be honest - I haven't even looked into that yet, but once I find the perfect project, I will show it.

I used dark purples and blacks for the 'Indigo' color for RSC15.  September's color is Orange and I did pick up some orange FQs in one of my little trips as I don't do orange.

Slow Sunday Stitching

I finished up a lot of bindings using Slow Sunday Stitching.  I will be doing more hand quilting demonstrations in September - maybe I'll get that quilt finished with all it's travels.

The Postage Stamp baby quilt - Catalicious quilt in time for Pets on Quilts - the Princess quilt - and my guild sampler (BOM Challenge) really is finished and I will show that once it has been presented at our first meeting of the new session

There are my block play and a few QALs that I want to keep up with, but those are on the possible sidelines for the month.  I will be taking part in the Halloween Haunts Hop, so I have to finish those things up.  AND my one free weekend I am making another visit to the grands!  Yes, I am taking my sewing kit as I have some stuffies and blankies to mend.

I'm looking foreward to watching the seasons change, breath in and taste the harvests of the new season, and relish the new colors of Fall.
Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Last August Play Day

I had intended to start this much later, but with my scheduled 'lists' completed ahead of time - you have to play.  And I'll blame you all, too, as you told me to skip the housework.

This is Kaaren's of The Painted Quilt new mystery.  I have made a number of her free patterns and have never been disappointed.  Since I have one day of the month for play, I will work on the 2nd step of this as a leader/ender....

while I work on a few more of these Sawtooth Stars.  I need 51 stars of which 12 will be set into a larger star - and there is one tiny star.  I have 20 done and I am following Barbara Brackman's Star's in a Time Warp , so maybe by the end of the year I will have these done.

** linking up with Monday Making and Patch Work Times **

What are you working on for the last day of August?

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Let's Book It - August 2015

Our participation has been down during the Summer months, so I hope that now that kids are back in school, that we are feeling the crunch for Halloween and Christmas making will pick things back up.  

My August project came from this book and since I have a tote full of layer cakes that need using, I chose 'Family Tree' by Deb Strain.

This book has both the large size quilt and instructions for making a smaller version - I chose the smaller and actually went smaller.

A fun little wall hanging for the Fall months ahead - and we are slipping into the Fall season in our area.


This month's charm is the Scrappy SchoolHouse to go with the Vintage Sewing Machine pin

Friday, August 28, 2015

A Day of Gentle Reflection

I know the news has been about the 10th Anniversary of Katrina, but today (Friday) was the 4th anniversary of Storm Irene for our area. So I had the need to gently reflect on that event and it's impact on our Valley and communities.  I like the word 'rebuild' over 'recover' as you never recover from these things.

I had only been quilting a couple of years, but joined in with the LQS and our quild in making a number of quilts as well as helping in quilting and binding off quilts that were donated.  I, also, personally traveled to deliver some of those quilts.

So I found solace in my 'fun' tote of hoarded kitty fabrics (yes, there are a few doggies in there).  A good day to return to some gifted quilts.

Some doll quilts for the Mrs Claus Project.  I have some others already made earlier in the year and I will add these to them and get them all mailed off on Monday.

They don't take a lot of fabric, quick to quilt (or tie) up, use up your batt scraps and bindings.  Knowing they will make some little girl's Christmas a little brighter was just the thing that I needed today. 

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Time to Vote

First I wanted to thank you all for the advice to skip the house work and make something new.  I did do some house work, but not something new.  BUT, I did pull those scrap W/B log cabin blocks and set to work putting them into a quilt top.  I have to think on border(s) which it does need as it is too small as is - and NO, more blocks can't be added to please my no borders policy as these were scraps and they are gone.

I then went into my tub of flimsies to see what else could be prepped to hand off to the long armer.  See, she loves camo color quilts.  I have three backs (2 extra wides and one I pieced) ready and matched with their respective quilt and batt cut to size.  There is just one BIG quilt and one small quilt left in the tub now.

Moe!  Hey Moe!!  Well, he is going to be no help in announcing that it is time...

... to vote over at LilyPad Quilting for the Pets On Quilts Show.  Even if you didn't participate with a pet or pet themed quilt, you can earn some entries for random prizes for commenting on all the entries and other things, too.  Jacque has it all explained so nicely, so hop on over.  AND be sure to vote!   

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, August 24, 2015

At a Cross Road

I finished up the proto-type bag for a class I will be teaching and it went out the door today.  It will be used by that guild's program committee at their next meeting to promote sign ups for the class.  I didn't take photos of the finished bag as some members might read my blog and I didn't want to spoil things.

And these are the scraps from some pattern testing I have been doing for the lovely Bea.  Nope - can't show you this one either until she releases the pattern.

So what does one do when all things on the list are done ahead of schedule?  I organize and take stock.  This is my yardage - yardage!!  As a scrap quilter a FQ goes a long way, but I seriously need to hit an end-of-bolt sale to restock these shelves.  That big peice of muslin doesn't belong there, but it will soon be broken down into some projects coming up next month. Oh, on the top is different types of fuseables that I buy and keep by the bolt. 

These are my fun play grounds - totes of FQs.  It may not look like much fabric, but with these, those top shelves, and the fabric (specialty prints) in the rolling cart along side this shelving - I know there is probably 30 quilts right there.

This side is next year's play ground - yes, next year.  As tempting as these are, they are going to wait.  I have a lot of panels, layer cakes, jelly rolls, along with a few totes of neutrals.

There are 6 kits that have sat for at least 3 or 4 years.  Lots of plush and extra wide backs to use with these future projects.  My display board is blocking my two big rolls of batting in the corner as I have a furkid that loves to shred them.  So I have plenty of batt heading into the new year, too.

What do I work on now?  Do I start something new or do I tackle my daily lists for the next month and be super ahead of the game?  Or maybe I should just clean my house.

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Looking For........

One of our student's is looking for the coordinate fabrics to this.   Specifically the purple and blue marble print.  At least a 1/2 yrd. (WOF) of each.

It's Kona Bay's Emperor Collection from 2006.  This remnant is EMPE 06.  She wants to make a table runner and has enough of the flying cranes to fuse across, but needs the background for the runner itself. 

I have been all over the internet, but can only find remnants of the crane.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, August 21, 2015

Whooping it Up

I was able to hand off the Princess quilt to my daughter when we planned our re-scheduled get together.  I wanted the boys to hold this up - no dice.

I got this instead..........

And this one marched off with attitude - zoom in NaNa..........

And this one just took us all in - too busy with her breakfast.....

And as you can see, the fruit doesn't fall too far from the tree.

In keeping to my daily list of things I really need to do - I did fit in some other things.  These are my piles of fabrics (with notes) for the I Can Do Scrappy mystery.  This is a self made button on my sidebar.  A quilt along in honor of Kevin the Quilter.  I believe a lot of you sent him QOV blocks.  I just hit my bins and pre-cuts.  The HSTs I have an advantage on you all as I do up and keep all those prescious things - just pulled the count out of the bin.

For my RSC15 projects, I just had the two Sawtooth Stars that go along with those cute houses.  I prepped the pieces when I did the houses, so it was a quick stitch up.

The border got put on the Let's Book It project.  I have one last 'must do' items on my list.  So if that get's done early, I might just get this quilted before the link up.

And Miss Bella who wouldn't pose for the Pet's on Quilts Show - guess if you lay out something that needs a hurry finish and is great for camouflage she will appear.

Moe being Moe!  I pulled a project to just play a little before the weekend must do project.  Don't think I am going to get to play.  Oh well, I need to sort and re-organize my fabric shelves (again).

AND I KNOW - a lot of you have those loveable family members for Pets On Quilts - I've seen them!!  Please join in...........

***new buttons are going up on the side bar, so take a peek - some will be coming down soon as things end - will try to get some blog hop buttons over there is time allows (so many going on right now)*** 

Have a lovely weekend,
Sewingly Yours,

Monday, August 17, 2015

Cats on Quilts - Pets on Quilts Show

Image result for moe on vroomans quilts blog

I was amazed at people asking me where Moe was.  Who is Moe?  You never heard of Moe in the Box?

He's one of my furkid helpers who just loves when any scrap box or tote or tub comes out to play - great napping places.

Now my furbabies love all parts of the quilting process and 'cat scan' every bit of it as it progresses.  BUT, they know they cannot touch a quilt once it has been washed, dryed, and lint brush finished!  AND boy I taught them well as I have the worse time getting them to pose for Pets on Quilts.  But Moe - well, let's say he has lapses in his memory...........

This quilt reminds me of Moe.  Black and white is so classic.  Sometimes a sprinkle of color and spark is in his eyes.  Sometimes the straight and narrow like the quilting.

Like the bold splashes - he has his darting moments.  Or the swirling and circles that remind me of how he rolls, squirms, stands on his head to get attention for a pet or scratch.

And just as quickly as this quilt started and came to an end, so to does Moe say ' MOM enough'!!!

And that's Moe in a Box - Cats on Quilts catagory.

Please be sure to visit Lilypad Quilting and see all the entries.

Sewingly Yours,

Pet Themed Quilt - Pets on Quilts Show

Coming in August!

Today starts the Pets on Quilts Show over at Lilypad Quilting.  There are several catagories:  Cat on Quilt, Dog on Quilt, Other Pet on quilt, and Pet Themed Quilt as well as a Viewer's Choice.


This quilt has been a long time in the making and I held it's finish for this event.  "Cataliscious" is a pattern by Browyn Hayes of Red Brolly Designs and the patterns are still available HERE.  This was a Stitch Along in 2010!  I did all the stitcheries timely and then they got 'misplaced'.  Found and worked up into a quilt top (and I forgot the fabric line) and again 'misplaced'.

The stitcheries were presented as just black floss, but I played with my Pentex fabric pencils, colored floss, and added lots of beads and buttons.

I've owned a lot of tabby furbabies over many years and decided to make all my kitties to represent my wonderful friends over the years.

Is that me in the hat with one of my sweet friends?

Love the Morning Glories laced in the chair and many of my furbabies were chair nappers.

Stitching and reading in the garden with a lap full of purry fur.

This so reminds me of my old 'Bubba' kitty who draped himself over one of the apple tree branches to watch the birds.  Well, he would actually fall asleep eventually and then fall off.

And don't all furkids love to help unwrap presents?  Even before they were to be opened!

'True Friends and Simple Pleasures" - says it all doesn't it?

Never had a kitty nap on a bird house, but so many curled up under them.  And we have a lot of bluebird houses around the farm - love this one.

Who can't love a plump kitty on a wicker settee?  Now if he would just move over a little, I could curl up too.

A few of these fabrics had large flowers, so I used them up in filler star blocks.  This quilt took so long in the making that I had to plan a setting as there was no referrence to that so long ago.  

It was probably good that this sat so long waiting for a finish.  My quilting has improved over the years - or is it because I have gotten braver?  I quilted this on my home machine using my walking foot for the cross hatching of the patchwork and FMQ to fill a number of the blocks and border.

My entry for the Pet Themed Quilt Catagory - finished size: 54" x 62"

Please be sure to visit HERE to see the entries rolling in.

Sewingly Yours,