Monday, June 27, 2022

Monday Making


Another long term Summer project I'd like done by Sept.  These are my star block round of our guild 'at home' round robin.  Then I have the last round to go - YET!   It's been a while since I worked these that it is taking a while to get into the chaining mode to make them quicker.  I hope to have all the stars done (8 more) by this week.


I've been re-arranging furniture and re-organizing projects.  Why do you make more of a mess in trying to clear up a mess?  This is ONE of six little tubs filled with things that have to find a home.  Whether it is my home, someone elses' home, or the circular (trash) file.  It all has to be cleared out.

I use to get so annoyed when my kids would find it handy to dump things in a newly cleared out space.  WELL - I think I have developed that same bad habit and it has to  stop.

We spent the weeked clearing trees.  Our old locust trees shed constantly or just fall down.  AND Krama!!  after arranging the clean up - one of the old Maples decided to loss a LARGE limb.  Luckily out into the field and not across the lane.  Partial clean up on that one as it's not bothering anything.  The rest will wait for Fall and I'm sure there will be more.  Geesh!!

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, June 20, 2022

My Day in the Sun


I'd like to thank CAROL for hosting yet another wonderful Blog Hop to inspire us all.  I don't think she envisioned that a global heat wave would be happening at the time.  Although -------- here in the Nor'East we are having very Fall like weather and I am not complaining.

I always like to think outside the box, or in this case - around the circle!

I saw this pattern "Pacific Sun" and fell in love with the modern look and different take on the Hop theme.

I wanted a smaller and simpler version and hit the scraps.  I used one of my sandwich plates to make my circle - high tech stuff right there.  Simple straight line quilting is a favorite of mine and works so well with this.  The binding was pulled from the scrap binding drawer.  I even pieced two pieces of batting that were trim off pieces from a recent quilt finish.

Even the backing was a piece that I brought home from the last guid meeting's freebie table.  I need to cut a dowel to size - the corner tabs are 3.5" squares pulled from by barrel system.  Love when all the scraps play nice when I'm creating for a HOP. 

Please be sure to visit today's other hosts:



Ms P Designs USA

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Sewingly Yours


Wednesday, June 8, 2022

First Show


Our little guild is having it's first show in a long time due to Covid,  We are having a joint display show of quilts and flowers (local gardening club) at our local library.  The gals here are trying to figure out this crazy ladder without pinching fingers.

This center of the largest room is used for a number of activities and the children's sections edge it.  So colorful quilts were hung from the rafters.

Some Eye Spy fun to look over.

There are a number of quilts, wallhangings, table runners, miniatures, and pillows scattered thru out the library and the flowers go in place tomorrow.  Everthing in place for a special event on Saturday.


Sewingly Yours,


Thursday, June 2, 2022

June's Long Term


I've pulled another long term project that should make the month feel a little productive.  This was another project that was headed to the guild 'free' table, but the member shoved it into my hands and said ' this is you'.  SO - home it came.  Some of the little blocks were made, some cut and pinned up and some I had to totally make.  The pattern was in the bag so I was going with her plan, but there was not enough of the background from the original quilter - heck, go scrappy.

 For some reason I have enough sub-units for four blocks, but need just three more to complete the top.  Well, I'll chose what looks well in the setting (it's all an old Moda line) and the left over one will be a pillow.

These are laid by the machine and I'll fill in the diagonal rows to stitch together as I have some time.  

My son has cancer surgery (3rd) so I'll be hospital hopping and after care.  Yes he's an adult, but they are always our babies - especially when they are ill.

Our guild has a Quilt show as well, so busy with that thru the month.  I'll take time to breathe when I come out on the other side. 

Sewingly Yours,