Friday, October 30, 2020

Blue Moon


As if the year 2020 hasn't thown us enough surprises, but think about this week.  A Hurricane, early voting week (yes, I have voted), and a blue moon for Halloween.  Oh, yeah - don't forget the cursed time change thrown in as well.  Makes you want to go into early hibernation!

And many of us had our first snow.  The old addage is if there is snow before Halloween, it will be a mild winter.  Heck - it means a longer winter in my mind!

My furbabies couldn't wait for me to open the door this morning for a walk - then they changed their minds as well as thought I had lost mine.

I put up the pink blocks from that baggy that was in my Mom's other bag.  I was one short and quickly (well, sort of quick - not really) made it up.

There are only 25 blocks because this is all I have left.  Oh I could easily add to it, but the idea was to use up what was in the bag.  Even the bit of muslin was used up, but I do have lots of that 'old' muslin as I use it for my vintage quilt repair.

So the weekend will be slowly working on getting this piece into a flimsy.  Maybe even the AUTUMN JUBILEE might become a flimsy as well, but then I don't really have border fabric on hand for that one.

Soon the Estate items will be out of the way and I can concentrate on some house moving - not moving out, just rearranging and deep cleaning/purging.  So my projects for November and December are lined up to finish out the year.  Just finishes, no more starts.

Have a Happy Halloween

Sewingly Yours,


Thursday, October 29, 2020

OMG Finish - October 2020


I used this month's OMG to complete another piece.  Feels good to get so many projects quilted, bound and labeled - no longer sitting in a tote.

Please be sure to visit all the LINK UPS HERE .

I used OMG to put this one's blocks together into a flimsy earlier this year.  Lucky thing that it got moved up the list to be a finish for the year.  The blocks are cross stitch scenes with parts of the alphabet.  Left over Jelly Roll strips used for boxing the blocks and for the scrappy border.  The binding even came out of the left over binding drawer.  The batting was pieced cut offs and the back is a cut off from an extra wide backing.  Things used up!

Thank you Patty for the encouragement each month.

Sewingly YOurs,


Monday, October 26, 2020

From The Heart


I would like to thank CAROL for hosting yet another fun HOP.  Little projects for quick gifts as we are all pressed for time during the Holiday Season.  And sometimes it's great to use that left over fabric sitting in the corner - a ready made gift for any time.  I find quilters love to give from the heart - and hand - and this year giving is close to all of our hearts.

This project is one of my 'go to' items for little ones, tweens and teens.  You don't need a lot of supplies and a great way to personalize.

The crayon roll up is so quick to make.  There are a lot of tutorials online, but I like this one at Two Little Monkies.  And she shares how to adjust for size crayons and even for pencils.  

I don't use juvenile prints often, but I save the few that come in 'gifted' scrap bags just for this project.

You can have such fun with them.  Match with a coloring book or doodle pad and you have a quick gift.

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Autumn Jubilee


I'm happy to say that Autumn Jubilee is all caught up.  Fat pumpkins, colorful falling leaves (we have a lot of these now), and changing trees.

I really had to dig thru my scraps for this project and nothing really close to what Carole has used.  BUT, I found this piece of green with falling gold and brown leaves sprinkled thru.  I had to piece the scraps to get just the right amount of 'made' fabric and I pieced differently just so I could use it right to the last 1.5" x 3.5" bit.

The top and bottom rows of scrappy stars.  I had to change up from a 4-patch center to using up a scrap that has lanquished for a very long time in the orange tote.

Rounded trees filled with Autumn leaves seemed to compliment the piece - and it is out of the stash finally.

This is the pile of scraps left and depending on how Carole shows the final setting, will decide if I change up to use some of these to their scant finish.  BUT, anything left is getting tossed as they have all been around too long.


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October 26


Saturday, October 24, 2020

Put Your Foot Down and Quilt


I have all my monthly 'need to do' projects done for the month and now I can catch up on Carole's Fall QAL.  I saved all the pdf's and have all the pieces cut, so it is just putting that foot down!

The pumpkins went together really fast - lots of strip piecing that chained right thru the machine.   Some of the rows would make really nice table runners if you didn't feel up to making the whole quilt.

Remember the next HOP starts Monday - quick, small gifts for the season that will fill your heart.

Sewingly Yours,


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Scrappy Wednesday


The second house is done with a variation of the Hens and Chicks block (small block).  Our October challenge block if 'Farm Life'  and we had lots of chickens on the farm when I was a kid and it was my job to collect eggs.  We had a very mean rooster - let's just say, I was SO glad when the chickens were gone.

Today I will play in my Civil War scraps to make all the 6" Log Cabin blocks.  Since so many members made them, I thought I would make all the variations of the 'Log'.  Standard log cabin, court house steps, squared, spiral, fanned, and pineapple.  If you can suggest some others, I will add them.

  I try very hard to make sure my quilt math is up to date.  But math question!  How come a 15 minute FMQ takes almost 3 hours to pick out?  My OMG project is in time out for a couple of days and then I need to concentrate on the finish - and NO picking out.

Sewingly Yours,


Monday, October 19, 2020

Monday Making


I plan to work on some heritage blocks that are  going into a couple of quilts that are part of a guild challenge.  I have offered up an optional President's Challenge for members - a catagory is selected (September was Home Life) and they have to research and make a block(s) that represent Home, share any history and what their resource was.

We'll , also, be sharing settings, sashings, borders and quilting along the way as well.  Members can select their own design, use just a single block project, or how ever big they want to go.

I broke down the list into nine catagories with some block examples to help out.  This is the layout I am going to use.  It is a pattern designed by Wendy Sheppard and is a free pattern found HERE.

Their challange to me is to make a 6" finished block from their shared block finds.  This is my smaller May Basket (which I am just noticing a mistake to fix).   Their blocks were Dresdan Plate, Posy Basket, Log Cabin (several variations), Broken Dishes, Pinapple, Shoo Fly, Lightening Strike, Miller's Delight, Cats & Mice, House That Jack Built, Falling Leaves.  So I have a lot of small blocks to make.

The October catagory is Farm Life, so I need to select my block and make the large and small version for that. as well.  This will be fun Guild project for the year  - learning, sharing, teaching, and having some pieces ready for a Heritage show in the Fall of 2021 as well as regional Spring 2022 show.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, October 16, 2020

Monday, October 12, 2020

Monday Making


I am still sorting fabrics.  I was so proud of myself for getting thru two garbage bags and then three more arrived at the house (there's more to come).  Luckily my SIL did up a bag while they were visiting and then I tackled another after they left.  I hope to get thru two more today, but I plan to take some breaks.

I haven't worked on the leader/ender 'Easy' blocks for a long time and there a several bundled and waiting.  THese go together so quickly that I should be able to tackle the other project sitting on the table.

There are a few more Cactus Flower blocks left to clean up as well.  Then this project will go on next month's list to put into a flimsy.

It's to be a rainy, cold Columbus Day here, so a good day to fabric sort and get some sewing time in.  I think a pot roast in the crock pot is in order as well.

Sewingly Yours,


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Scrappy Wednesday


I am still sorting, pressing, and folding fabric.  BUT, I did get a little sewing in even if just making some very pale strattas.

They are then all going into some patchwork.  Baby steps!

But we like to see pretty quilts... so ... this is one of my daughter's quilts.  I have convinced to join in the quilt shop.

This such a pretty, soft mix and I Love the backing.  It's hard to see, but she quilted with a soft pink thread.  Gotta love that she wants to play with all the colors.

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Fabric Every Where


I am in fabric overload!  It is such a shame that this quilter did not use up her lovely stash.  BUT I am sure that our guild will put this all to use that would make her very happy.  We do a pillow case drive for Christmas and a quilt drive  and placemats for Meals on Wheels for Easter and a lot of these I am sure will be seen in these projects benefiting the communities.

I have had to press and fold each piece as this was all crammed into bins, totes, and drawers.  Very time consuming but it looks so much more exciting all neat and ready for happy hands to pet and chose.

 There were  a lot of blues - my daughter even took a huge tote full of blues and aquas.  Everything is broken down by color, low volumns, whites, beiges, solids, novelties, and textures (example: flannel and wool).  So I have a lot more totes scattered around the house - this is just one table full.

I have a few guild members coming in to do a little early 'selection' as this won't be presented (along with more magazines and books - yes on one of my tables as well) until our November meeting as our October meeting is a guest speaker and we want to give the full meeting to her.  I, also, need this purged a little as I have 5 large garbage bags of fabric yet to go thru and I need room.


 Of course I had help.  Moe's love for boxes led him to the one for tossing the scraps - bits too small for a nice little bundle to work with.  These will be my takes from this whole project.  I like to be challenged with tiny bits.

Bella chose the chair near by.  Occassionally I saw an eyelid flicker for a peek to see what I was doing.  And yes, she if FAT!

There are some new buttons on the side bar and I hope to get to a few of them - I need a break and some fun.  Carole  always shares some fabulous projects, recipes, card making and stitching during October.  She has a row-a-long quilt this year and I really want to make one.

MODA is offering a slew of blocks for a Breast Cancer Awareness Sampler.  I'm not wanting to make another whole quilt, but some of the blocks look like they would make for nice runners as gifts. Or since I need to make placemats for the guild project - these will work as well.

I hope to get my Mom out for a drive to see all the community scarecrow decorations.  Several of the rural towns in the county decided to give a little fun and laughter to 2020 and sponsoring contests in town decoration with scarecrows.  To cast a vote for your favorite you need to donate an item for the local food banks.

Happy Autumn,

Sewingly Yours,


Thursday, October 1, 2020

OMG - October 2020


I will be using the OCTOBER OMG to complete a smallish project.  Please be sure to visit those linking up.

This was my March OMG to get the block assembled into a flimsy.  This month I would like to get it quilted, bound and hanger attached.

Sewingly Yours,