Saturday, August 20, 2022



Gosh, it's been so long since the last post I almost forgot how to use Blogger.  There are a few snags with my hacker still which is making me nervous to be too active as well.  Now my Facebook page is messed with - not a very user friendly site.

Any ways, I am very busy with several commissions and most are T-Shirt Quilts.  A lot of prep work and I was heavy steaming to set fuseable during a heat wave.  What was I thinking!!!

 Three are for one family who had a sudden loss.  Each quilt will have this poem written by a friend with the request for the Celtic Tree of Life symbol.

I need all these commissions done in the next couple of weeks as I am co-chair for the Catskill Mountain Quilters Hall of Fame quilt show coming up Sept 17-18.  90 percent of things are done with the last bits that come as days get closer and you drive yourself insane double checking lists.

I need a day of rest and clean up/up-date the blog side bar and visit everyone.  Miss all of you.

Sewingly Yours,