Thursday, January 31, 2013

Country Charmer QuiltAlong


I joined in this quilt along as I just love this pattern and being able to get some wonderful tips from the designer along the way - bonus.  Lynn of  Sew'nWildOaks is the gracious designer who is posting hints and tips twice a week to help us out.  This venture was collaborated with Lesley of The Cuddle Quilter and Sue of Quilt Times.

There are 53 pieces in each 8.5" unfinished block - but I love how Lynn has this wonderful layout sheet in the pattern.  You just lay out your cuts, so handy to see if your fabrics and colors work.  And just concentrate on one section at a time.  I found that if I stay to working each section in a clockwise direction I stay on track.

I have to admit, I had trouble in the beginning, something that never bothers me as a scrap quilter - pulling fabrics and putting them all together to work in harmony.  But for some reason I just couldn't get it to work!! Scrappy was looking crappy!!  I actually STRESSED - I never stress when quilting - what was wrong?

Now I would have taken a long walk to sort my brain out, but we had a horrible wind storm (trees down, but the roof and all the windows are intact).  And TA DA, Lynn post some tips on how to chose colors here on post #3.  After that it was like a lightbulb moment.

Although I have lots of scraps, I felt I needed a 'base' fabric line to help with this  - so I pulled a layer cake - Harvest Moon.  Now my scraps are starting to click into place.  I, also, decided to stay with one constant background fabric for the blocks.  Gosh, why didn't this sink in earlier?

Even my SIL got into the act of matching up some fabrics.  This block was what she pulled together for me.  I love paisley!  I had to swat her away - she is suppose to be working on her own quilt!
And I have a thing for plaids, too.  So I pulled another block together around this center.  Thank you Lynn for tip #3 or I would still be lost in a pile of pulled fabrics and scraps - although my furries thought it was fun. 
So three blocks were made in a day after being lost for almost 3 weeks!  This is a low pressure quilt along - work at your own speed - take advantage of getting a free class from a well known designer and quilting teacher - don't be afraid to ask for help (note to self).  And at the end of each month, Lesley will have a linky party for us to show off our progress - and there is a flicker group HERE.   And Lynn says there are plenty of patterns back in stock at Inbetween Stitches Shop - hope you join us.
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 2013 NewFO

I just love NewFO - a reason to start something new with no quilt. Ah, who am I kidding - I would have done it anyway.  Maybe being down with the Flu so long, waiting for the new Year to start, all those lovelies all over blogland waved under my nose - well, here it is:
Scrappy Trip, Self Portrait, Temecula Row-A-Long, Pam Buda's Scraps & Orphans Mini, Cross-stitch Shops mini, Album Kit(3 blocks done), Project Challenge (2 projects), StarBurst QAL, Handblock for Sarah, Country Charmer QAL, Favorite Block QAL, Darlene's Mystery QAL, Monthly Doll Quilt Swap, Quilt Doodle BOM, Words Blog Hop quilt,Rainbow Challenge, Quilter's Secret's Blog Hop
I know a lot of these are starts that will last for a while.  The short time ones will be replaced more than likely with something new that comes along.

And I am such a DUH!!  Add to all that laughable goop on the last post - this is the backing fabric on my daughter's quilt - just that little bit of selvedge - Chantilly by Chanteclaire.  AND ALL the fabric in the quilt my daughter made - came from MY STASH!!  Granted that was at least 3 maybe 4 yrs ago, I do not remember this piece - maybe I wouldn't have let her take it had I seen it - nah!  I don't know how some of you pull a fabric and remember you bought it on your vacation trip to 'this place' 10 years ago - I'm just glad I remember my name when I get up in the morning and my underwear is on the inside and not the outside, GEESHHHHH!!!
Sewingly Yours,
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Laughing at my Wall

I am sure you recognize these - Bonnie Hunter's 'Scrappy Trip' blocks.  Not that I wanted to start another project, but I have been going thru my bins and drawers and processing fabrics down into the next 'level' of the fabric food chain.  So left over jelly roll strips and mix of home-made strips are being worked into these.  Don't throw things at me, but I find these boring.  It may be because I hate working large blocks, or because I've made this before, or because I have to purposely use that seam ripper or I just am not in love with the whole process.  I usually don't 'control' scrappy, but I am using a constant brown to flow thru the centers - maybe that's what is bothering me.  Well the strips are all there and I have a start, so they will be a 'finish up that bobbin' project. 
I just laugh myself right off the chair every time I look at this!!  Our Quilt Guild is having a challenge to do an applique self portrait.  The pre-fused fabrics were available during the meeting, and being part of the program committee, I helped with the event so just took the  face/neck fabrics to work on mine at home.  I don't work with Batiks often but just didn't see the affect of this until I had most of the pieces fused in place - OH MY!!  I have wrinkles and I have scars, but this is really scarey - or just down right laughable!!   From a distance, it really blends, but up close and on film - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  Hey, ya gotta laugh at yourself - and I really am!
And I have to laugh at this wall.  I am blaming Barbara and the NewFO.  Being sick for so long, too.  I just dove into so many project for the New Year.  So many, that the allotted space doesn't hold them and they have grown - ALL OVER!!  And the handy pull of pretty fabrics calls me every time I look at those shelves.  So this week I have to really re-gain controll of this space.  A lot of the projects are BOMs and QALs so they are going to be long term - need to get them in order.  My door cover (block these winter wind blasts/drafts) needs repair - yes the wind blew that hard that it tore it down!!  And the dump truck - well my grandson's toy, but I could almost use a real one to get this mess cleaned up!  But that makes me laugh to see that in the photo.
Remember the Dresden Hop is on thru the week and to visit SewCalGal for the Quilter Award nominations if you haven't done so yet.
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Finish

This is my daughter's quilt that I finished up the quilting on.  I think she used a block from The Quilter's Cache for this.  And that lovely 'scratch' pink I just got from Connecting Threads worked wonderfully for the binding.  I used a double layer of Quilter's Dream Select for batting, So Fine bottom thread and Superior for top thread - both in white.
I just love the fabric she sent for the backing - have to ask her where she got it as this MUST go into my stash.  I let her know it was done - wash and a dry and hid away from furries! 

These blocks are for the new Temecula row-a-long celebrating Judie Rothermel's 25th year designing with Marcus Brothers.  It is called Diary of a Quilt Shop and the button is on the side bar.

And these cute little blocks are the mini by Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts.  Just four little 4.5" blocks that we will make a mini with.  Can't wait to see how these are set.
I will be linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Fridays's Whoop
I will be linking up with Marcia's Minutes for Me
Hope you are all staying warm,
and Happy Australia Day down under (a little late)
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Bite of Winter

It has gotten very cold here, but I am so glad it is not like in some areas - I'll take single digits to minus degrees any time.  I did my Love Your LQS yesterday - beat the crowd and get out in the sun shine even if it was cold.  Hardly a sole on the road or anywhere - smart!  I came home to this.  These two NEVER sleep in the same spot - it might of been because I was gone so long or it could just be the cold.  It took me a while to see Bella, she blends in with that blanket - I just had to take a photo.
I fabric framed the cross stitch piece.  Into the Christmas box with this.

And I didn't know what project to play with - partly why I hate BOM's and QAL's - waiting for the next step.  So I pulled another block from the Album Kit.  I decided there were too many applique blocks in this kit for me to stick with it if I did them needle turn, so I decided I will do them with fusible/machine buttonhole stitch.  

I played with the next Project Quilting Challenge - use your favorite color.  Only that color - can mix shased of that color with a solid.  So naturally - BLUE.  My 'Muse in Blue' pillow using the pattern I have the tutorial for HERE.

I finally got out to my daughter's on Monday - holiday, so schools and work day off and everyone finally well - well better.  The grands were a bit confused with the Christmas presents, but it didn't take long for them to dig into them!  And my daughter asked if I could quilt and bind this for her as she just didn't have the time - a baby quilt for a co-worker.  I love the backing fabric!  So the cold days are going to be spent on this as well as I basted up one of my Jelly Roll quilts as long as the big tables were set up - so have that one to play with too.
Remember the Dresden Hop begins today and the nominations for the Golden Quilter Awards are still open.
"There are two seasonal diversions that can ease the bite of any winter. One is the January thaw. The other is the seed catalogues."
- Hal Borland

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, January 21, 2013

I Love My LQS

My local quilt shop is the Quilt Bug located in Esperance NY - a community very hard hit by Hurrican Irene.  They do a lot for the community:
Sponsoring a food drive each year 'Cans For Fat Quarters' -   for every item you bring in for the pantry, you get a free FQ. 
Organizing sew-ins to make quilts for charities - recently the Japan drive, Irene victims and storm Sandy victims.  They have a current quilt raffle for Storm Aid found HERE.
They are preparing for the Quilters Quest Shop Hop and on January 24th they will  have passports and charm bracelets for purchase.   The shop hop will be held on April 25th - April 28th this year, giving you an early opportunity to visit 11 shops collecting fat quarters and clues to make a scrap quilt. This year all the shops will again be collecting food for the local food pantry, too. Visit all the participating shops to get the finishing clue for their mystery quilt and another charm.
Super Sunday Mystery
Their next Mystery will be held on Super Sunday, Feb 3, 2013. It's a 38" x 38" wallhanging called Winters Day and only uses 3 fabrics plus a background.

Of course, they also have wonderful classes, sit-n-sews, ladies' night, and a sales section that I JUST LOVE.  They also have on-line shopping!

And in HONOR of National Polka Dot Day - a lovely cake to share with you all!
Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Design Wall Monday - 1/21/13

I just love this block!  It is one of the StarBurst blocks for Melissa's QAL.  You can still join in - she has the project into nice doable steps, but I have a furry who wants to keep playing and napping in all my pieces - so I am working ahead of the schedule.  I am using Moda's 'Little Black Dress'.
A bit of hand work almost done.  This is for Sarah's Quilt Ministry - she asked those who have donated fabrics , threads, batting, blocks, and quilts for a hand block for a special quilt.  They are nearing 500 quilts gifted on and this will be a commerative piece for the occasion.  I need to get this done and out in Tuesday's mail.

The cross-stitch piece is done.  I changed the bootery shop into a quilt shop.  Hey - quilts, stitchery, and a bakery - what's not to love?  Now I need to fabric frame this piece and have my Christmas Thru the Year project  done.

I really have other things to do, but side tracked with a new block.  Found this lovely piece of grey yardage, some left over Kona Snow jelly roll and that wonderful 2.5" pre-cut scrap barrel came out to play.  Not sure how far I will play with this.

The new cute button is on the side bar for this project - 'Country Charmer' pattern by Lynn Wilder of Sew'nWildOaks.  She is posting wonderful tips for us along the way - gosh, you can't go wrong with a FREE class from this pattern designer!  And Lesley of The Cuddle Quilter will be keeping a schedule of monthly plans - put it is a work on as you can, no pressure, just relax, have fun, learn along the way, don't be afraid to ask questions Quilt Along.
And please check out the button on the side bar - a great way to advertise and promote your local quilt shop.  I am heading out to mine for some photos so I can link them up.
And as a closing thought and so you can get your 'dot' on - January 22 is National Polka Dot Day.  Gosh, wouldn't it be fun to see dots all over blogland - so get your dot on bloggers!
Sewingly Yours,
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Lingering Season

I am already tired of winter!  The flu has just zapped me and doesn't seem to want to leave.  I am told the cough could last another 3 weeks - wonderful!

But I am catching some good stitching time inbetween my napping.  I am adding this to my NewFO - the Favorite Block Quilt Along (button on side bar).  The first block was a liberated log cabin.  I am using my buckets and totes of browns and various lites.  Not a color I have used a lot in the past couple of years so I have a lot!
And the second block - Road to Oklahoma.  I used some scrap 'Chocolat' and The Lowell Collection (adaptation from the New England Quilt Museum) - love this fabric and have about a FQ left of it!  Our quilt guild summer challange is our interpretation of 'Chocolate' - so this quilt will fit the bill.

I have had this layer cake for quite some time, waiting for the perfect pattern.  Well I asked Melissa if I could adjust her StarBurst (button on the side bar) pattern so I could get my cuts from this lovely.  
All my pretty cuts, stacked in order.  Oh, needed a nap after this only to find this......

Yes, Mr. Moe has moved from his little box to napping on my lovely Little Black Dress.  And he has scatteredd them several times, even dumping the whole thing on the floor twice.  So I have gone on to do the quilt - taking a lot of extra time to do the steps so I can link up those photos for that step.  It is taking me longer to do the blocks this way ------ but if I leave this sitting, they will be on the floor again.  I did smarten up and cover them with a towel when I need a nap break - but he is sleeping on top of the towel - he knows it is there! 

Another NewFO - for shame!  Yes, had to and the new button for Darlene's Mystery Quilt is now on the side bar.  The nice thing with this, you can stop when you like  - make it a runner, make it a lap quilt, or go for broke and make the BIG quilt.  I'm just shopping my scraps, left over charms, left over jelly roll strips - what ever - maybe it will make it to the BIG quilt.
This was my January Doll Quilt Swap - theme - SNOW.  These are snowflake stars that actually I had made a couple of years ago for another project - and they sat with all the scraps - unused.  They were waiting for a different project.  Oops, another nap is needed.....

And here is the quilt with it's little dolly.  There are little snowflake buttons in the center of the stars so I added one to her little apron.  This traveled to New Mexico - not sure they get snow.  But this certainly looks like our area - snow, cold, BRRRRRR.
Well off to idly cuddle with the furries for a bit - gather energy for a little more time with the StarBurst quilt.
"Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments,
embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour."
- John Boswell
Sewingly Yours,
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


 My apologies - I am not feeling well and blogger is giving me fits posting - but thank you all for posting lovely comments.
I will be contacting the winners for information,
Sewingly Yours,

Monday, January 14, 2013

SewCalGal - 2013 Golden Quilter's Awards

The Button has been posted for this year's Golden Quilter's Awards hosted by SewCalGal.  Nominations are now open thru February 9th for the following catagories:

 1.  Best Quilt Designer
 2.  Best Fabric Designer
 3.  Best Quilt Book Author
 4.  Best Teacher/Instructor
 5.  Best Quilt Store (Physical)
 6.  Best Quilt Store (On-line)
 7.  Most Innovative Product (Physical)
 8.  Most Innovative Product (Software)
 9.  Best New Product Introduced in 2012 (Physical)
10.  Best New Product Introduced in 2012 (Software)
11.  Best Quilt Book Published in 2012
12.  Lifetime Acheivement Award


The FatQuarter Shop
Sew Fun Quilts
I Have a Notion
CT Publishing
Bonnie Hunter
Udder Cream
Fabric N Quilts

This year's Master of Ceremonies will be our lovely Snoodles' side-kick Padsworth of Lilypad Quilting.

So think about the catagories, note some possibilities, and cast your votes over at SewCalGal

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Design Wall Monday - 1/14/13

I spent the weekend just playing in my scrap barrels and scrap basket.  People asked me about my "In My Own Words" quilt - how did I make the floating stars?  That quilt had fussy cut centers for the stars - this group I am making tiny 4-patch centers.  You need eight 2.5" squares for the background.  Can be all one fabric or use up those scraps.  I am using all the same lite fabric per individual block.  Center is also 2.5" no matter what you decide to put in the center.  And then eight of a variety (or all the same) of 1.5" squares - I laid them out on the squares where they will go.

 Next, use the technique of drawing across the diagonal and add those tiny squares to your 2.5" backgrounds - I do these so often and they are small, I just aim and shoot across. Trim the extra from the points and press out. 

 Then square those up.  Lay out your units as above and stitch up as a 9-patch.  Floating star points that you don't have to worry about losing in a seam!!  These become 6.5" unfinished blocks.  If you used 3.5" base squares with 2" star points - you will have a 9.5" unfinished block.  4.5" base squares with 2.5" star points will give you a 12.5" unfinished block.
I made more scrappy 9-patch blocks using those 2" squares -  making sure I have a light running from one corner to the opposite diagonal.  I have these pinned in groups of 10 blocks - makes it easier to keep count.  I have 60 of these now - need to draft that quilt out so I know how many more I need to make.

And 16-patches using 1.5" dark squares.  I don't have plans for these yet - just trying to keep that barrel down, it does have a tendancy to over-flow!
And as long as that scrap 2.5" barrel and basket of lites was out - I pulled my drawer of scrap blues and made some more Churn Dash blocks.  Yes, they are pinned into groups of 10 , also.  I have 40 of these now.  I am going to set these on point and have a ways to go with the number I need. 
So it was an enjoyable weekend of just playing in fabric - adding to those long term, leasure projects.  I am not in a rush to get them done, just enjoying the journey with them. ** linking up with Patchwork Times **  See what other's have on their design wall.
Sewingly Yours,

Friday, January 11, 2013

Leap Year Traveling Box is Finally Here

This is part of the fabric that was in the box.

And here is some more fabric......
A few books, templates, buttons....
This is what I took from the box:
A cute panel, 9 FQs (about), 1.5 yd. of Debbie Mumm.
1yd. of the sweet lily of the valley, and the country buttons
This is what I am putting in the box:
2 charm pks of  'The Ladies Stitching Club'
3 FQs of Lori Holt's 'Daisy Cottage' with a grey dot FQ
1 yd. of pink 'Montecito' from Connecting Threads
Generous 2 yds. of 'Rambling Rose' from Makeover fabrics
Pkg of extra large snaps, smaller snaps with tool, tiny jingle bells
three spools of ribbon,and five spring color 12" zippers
If you would like the box, just leave me a comment.  Due to the cost of shipping, only posting in the USA.  Here is the link to the rules, guidelines and status of all the traveling boxes  HERE.  I will leave the comments open until Jan 16th (midnight EST) and announce the next morning.  Please be sure I have a way to contact you - I will personally contact the winner for mailing information.
Sewingly Yours,