Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Best of 2021


I've participated in 'The Best' party every year and I think it is good to go back thru the year's posts to see just what was accomplished - usually more than we think.  Be sure to visit the LINKY PARTY  or maybe even participate.

I took part in many blog hops thru the year, put my piece for the Show Your Stripes hop produced a piece that was on my year's "NEW" list.  It also became a traveling teaching project, which I enjoyed so much.

I used the ONE MONTHLY GOAL for a large part of the year.  It got to pull out a lot of projects and get them done OR finally quilt some tops.  I did manage to empty one tote of 'tops to be quilted' for the year.

I am so proud of my little quild.  We have met around the Covid restrictions - even doing some meetings outdoors when needed.  They all participated in our 'group' entry for Hands2Help and the quilts went to our Community Chatholic Charity office in time fo Easter family baskets.

Our very vintage Heritage roses were fabulous for the year.  This one was in it's full glory when we suddely lost our eldest brother.  My quilting year went on a little hiatus as I grieved and took care of his estate.

Next year I plan to concentrate on more finishing rather that startings.  Things can grow from there.

Sewingly Yours,


Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas

 The yearly snow photo of the Apple Tree.  Yes, we are having a white Christmas.

Bella, Moe, and Whisk (the neighbor's kitty) wishing all a Merry and Bright


Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Winter Solstice


As the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing the shortest day of the year, the Southern Hemisphere is enjoying the longest.  We haven't had much snow and what little we wake up to is gone shortly.  BUT it is cold!

I've not worked on much of my own pieces, but helping Mom to clean up a few of her 'hidden' treasures.   This Christmas panel with pieced and applique'd  borders was quilted by one of her former students and now I am finishing up the binding.

And a little humor,

Sewingly Yours,



Sunday, December 12, 2021

Monday Making


I'll be finishing up the last few blocks for a 'project in a bag' that was passed on to me.  Not sure when it will turn into a full quilt, but it is a bit of play today.

We may have lost some limbs, a shutter missing, and a door ripped off an outbuilding, but nothing compared to the loss of so many from the past storms.  My heart is heavy for these communities, families, and friends.

Gentle Hugs,


Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Scrappy Wednesday


I'm still working on that applique', but today is my beginner class and one of my student's project is from this book that her sister sent her (with pieces cut and bagged).  If you've hardly sewn and never quilted - 'quilt speak' is a foreign language.

We went thru basics and getting use to the machine workings, tools and use, etc...  She made a table topper and a small wall hanging to get into technique's and terminology.  So now things make a little sense.

 This is a nice beginner book as all the blocks for this final piece are shown how to make with lots of instructions and little projects for each block - all beginner friendly blocks.  

All the blocks made and rows ready for today's session.  We did find that the flying geese blocks were never cut/bagged, but I had scraps that were a very close match.

Her sister did note that when she was ready she would send the borders, but with time - they could be lost and my student said she would rather wait for the center to be together to decide whether she wants borders at all.

It will be a good day,

Sewingly Yours,


Sunday, December 5, 2021

Monday Making


I had my booster Friday morning and it kicked my tail for a couple of days.  Then I decided I had to get up and do something.  The log cabin blocks got added to the Guild 'At Home' Round Robin and today I will add the applique' that laps into that round.  There will be berries, but added after the piece is quilted as it may be just buttons, or just yo-yos or maybe a mix of the two.  

AND yes, I am seriously thinking of hand quilting this one - it's going to be BIG as three more rounds to go.


Please be sure to visit all the hosts in Carol's Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange this Year.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Do You Hear What I Hear


I haven't gotten a lot of stitching in - by machine - mostly doing hand work.  My time is taken up by doing tasks for Mom and that's OK.  I am slowly working on some pillowcases using the 'hot dog' method.  They are for our Guild's donation for the Community Christmas Boxes and due at our next meeting.  A few juvinile sets and I'm sure I got something for adult sets.

And I had to do a quick retake of what I was hearing.  We had a sudden and very ferocious thunder/lightening/wind storm pass thru.  By the time I prepped for the worst, it was over.  Boy did it rain!!  BUT a thunder storm in the NorEast in December is rather rare and odd - and scarey.

Hope you all aren't stressing over holiday projects - relax and breath,

Sewingly Yours,


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Monday Making


I have not linked up with Beth in some time.  I see she has a Christmas QAL on her side bar with the blocks listed.  I might have to play.

BUT I need to work on the applique' on the guild round robin piece.  Some of the pieces overlap into the previous round and some will overlap into the next round.  A LOT of leaves to apply.

The round is made and once the leaves I can work on are done, then I will add it.  Then it will be adding the primative flowers and leaves that will 'lap' into those log cabins.  There will be berries but I've decided to use buttons for those (not sewing little rounds please) which means they wait until the quilt is completed/quilted.

We are in a very cold snap and have had some snow, this is a nice project to work on at this time.

Sewingly Yours,


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Be Thankful

 As I still struggle with grief over the loss of my brother, I am thankful that my Mom is still with us.  It will be a very small gathering and quiet day with plenty of food - and probably naps.

Wishing you many blessings as the year gets closer to a finish,

Sewingly YOurs,


Sunday, November 21, 2021

Monday Making


I need to make forty 4" (finished) log cabin blocks for my next round of the Guild Home Round Robin.  The round was "houses" - hey, log cabins are houses.  I will be adding a blue and then brown strip to these.  Might even get these ready to go on and then the applique' that overlaps into the bottom and top rounds can be done.

 I saw this on pinterest and thought of my Dad.  He loved the Coca-Cola bear and this would be so awesome.  I don't have all this white and bears, but think after SOOOOO many years of no tree I should put one up for Dad and Brother.  When we were kids, my brother (who recently passed) and I always were the ones who went on our mountain to pick out, cut down, drag with a sleigh back to the house, and set up the tree.

We've done a little decor of the season on Mom's side - gotta find her two little trees.  One has all music instrament ornaments - she taught music for many years.  AND one was all handmade ornaments given over many years from her many quilting students. 

Sewingly Yours,


Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Scrappy Wednesday


I taught my last travel class for the year on Saturday.  This is Ricky Timms 'Convergence 101'  - a cut, shuffle, and sew technique'.  There was some heavy rains when I drove home and glad it was my last travel as SNOW arrived the next day.

  A lot of batik lovers in this group.  

A very pretty combo here.

Some holiday fun.  This is the final piece, but we discussed ways to add different borders to add to the piece and enhance it's look.

Some border play.   A fun group of quilters that I enjoy going to teach.  I've done a lecture/trunk show and 3 classes now with them. 

I've have spent the last week or so helping my Mom sort thru her unfinished items and get a few of to a long armer.  I made a few pillows with some of her orphan blocks and there are enough for a 'kitchen sink' quilt at some point.  I went thru some of my books looking for an applique' and chose something from this book.

It's for our guild's 'home' round robin challenge.  We've had the center and the first round - scrappy.  The second round is applique' and I am going with the cover project's vine and prim flowers, berries, and leaves.  I am on the last border with the 'vine' and then will add the leaves.

My piece is using up a lot of my scraps of Civil War fabrics.  And I picked up baggies of CW scraps at one of the quilter's estate sales that will go into this as well.

Sewingly Yours,


Wednesday, November 10, 2021



All the cows are finished and then I found myself in a fog suffering from D.S.T.  = Daylight Savings Time.  I just don't get why that affects us so.

The herd is corraled - just need their fence ,,,er,,, borders.  They are cut and ready.  Then this will go on this month's pile of 'quilts to be quilted,

I have one last travel teaching class this coming Saturday and then I am an 'At Home' person until Spring.  There has been a bit of snow here already.

Sewingly Yours,


Friday, October 29, 2021

All Weekend


Well, the forecast is a weekend of RAIN again, so my goal is to sew those raindrops away.

I'll let these ladies do the cooking.  Be mindful that many Halloween venues are going on thru the weekend and children in their excitement (and costumes) tend to cross the streets without looking.

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Scrappy Wednesday


I was lucky to find this Debbie Mumm book among items from a quilter's estate.  I've done a few of these when Deb had her blog - love her style.  Now I have a whole book full of her treasures.

Gonna' pull my homespun scraps and make some fun cows!  While those homespuns are out, I haven't worked on the Hobo Quilt blocks in a while - maybe a few of them will join the party.

We are getting the storm that swept thru the West Coast and stuck in the house for the next few days as roads and bridges are closing due to flooding.  We are well stocked and good for days, but the fur kids are having trouble adjusting to being in each other's space - and mine - so can relate to this one.

Stay safe and warm,

Sewingly YOurs,


Monday, October 25, 2021

Monday Making


I am working on finishing up the quilting on the last child's quilt out of 'that tote', but I am sure some of you Moms and Grandmas are busy stitching up some little ones' customes for the big day.

Watching the west coast get rain finally, but it came at a cost.  The Snow storms in Utah are headed our way, prepping snow removal equipment so we are ready.  Finally turned the heat on as we have had some very cold days and nights and the house did get chilly.  

Moe is getting better - coming in for snuggles, gobbling up his high protien/high calorie food, and sleeping with me at night

Stay safe, stay warm, keep stitchin'

Sewingly Yours,


Monday, October 18, 2021

Monday Making


I think I fell down the rabbit hole and I know it is Tuesday, not Monday !  But I spent last month finishing up 4 quilts and want to keep the 'quilting' process going thru the remainder of the year.  Yeah, this one is upside down, but when I rotate the photo it looks funny.  Since this outside photo was done we've had nothing but rain and it has gotten cold enough that I finally gave in and turned the heat on.

These are the next quilts to be done.  I've pulled all the 'kids' quilts from the tote.  They are smaller and faster to get finished off.  I have the batting cut and backings ready - it's just pedal to the metal. 

Next will be the throw size quilts - which I seem to make a lot of.  They are popular sellers in the shop right now and I need to freshen the supply.

Moe has not been feeling well or maybe he is still in mourning - he misses his outside working buddy (my late brother).  Bella has been in hiding mode, but he has taken to sticking close to me after he spent almost 2 months 'waiting' outside.  The ironing board is set up along side my portable table where I am using my home machine to do up the smaller quilts.  He doesn't want scratches or pats, just some talking to - poor guy.  

I hope to get to freshening up the look of the blog this month as well.  It's been baby steps for me, but at least it is steps.

Sewingly Yours,


Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Scrappy Wednesday


Simple scrappy 9-patches set with various low volumn squares worked up quickly.  It just waited for enough fabric for a border, back, and binding (all the same) .  I picked that up at a recent estate sale and now this lovely is finished.

It's been rainy and cold, so photos had to be taken inside - especially with a very white quilt.  This is the pattern  DOGGO by Lorna @ Sew Fresh Quilts and was offered to those participating in the Hands2Help 2021.  This worked up so fast that it could easily be a day project, but I did the cutting and piecing one day and quilting/binding the next day.  That worked in my schedule of Mom's care and house needs.

The purple has sat on my shelf for a long time and I don't remember where it came from - time to use it up.  There was just enough for the heart around the eye and the back.  I think I had a small strip that was cut down into my barrel system.  The binding was pulled from the 'left over' binding drawer - just enough (sweating).

I'd like to make another Dog quilt with a tan backgroud and blue (or maybe green) accents.  If you are looking for a quick baby quilt - this is it.

I need to take a day to update the blog and side bar - so many new things going on that I am missing - but I like to share.  At least with the cold (and rainy) weather, I am in the mood to quilt some long waiting tops.  My piecing is only getting done on Monday from 1-3 when one of our sewing groups comes in, but a little is better than none.

Keep stitching and stay safe,

Sewingly Yours,


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Scrappy Wednesday


Fall is my favorite season - cooler temps, calming colors constantly changing, the crisp smell of the air, and the seasonal fruits and veggies I love.  It has come at time that I need a little 'calming' with the loss of my brother and the more time consuming care of my Mom.  

It has me pulling out quilt tops that have long waited their turn for 'finishing'.  This is a Missouri Star Quilt Co pattern - I looked but couldn't find.  I think this was a challenge a few of us bloggers took - use your least favorite color - to make this pattern.  It was for layer cakes, but I just used up my accuming oranges (I don't use much).

I have gathered, bought, estate sales, and gifted a number of large pieces of fabric for backs (another reason these quilts sat - waiting on backing).  This very large floral print worked out perfect for this quilt.  I did just a large open meander using a thread called 'mellon' (goes with the season)  and framed it off with a black binding.

I've decided to sit out the rest of the year from participating in the Hops - I love to do them, but I need to get myself back on track.  I miss my daily blog reading, updates, keeping a fresh list of activities on my blog's side bar - so blogging needs more attention.  AND I am desperate for some ME time.  I am glad that our local guild has started back up from Summer break, as well as doing a few travel teaching classes before the snow falls.

Sewingly Yours,


Sunday, September 19, 2021

Falling For You Blog Hop


I would like to first thank Joan of Moosse Stash Quilting for hosting this Hop.  Fall is my favorite time of year.  The brilliant change of colors, the fruits and veggies of the season, the smells, and the cooler temps.

This hop was perfect to push a finish on a quilt top that I made during Carol's "Autumn Jubilee" quilt along last year.  She is hosting another Jubilee all October and you can read about it HERE

A fun row quilt of Fall inspired blocks.  To compliment it I added a patch work of green wovens for the outer border and just quilted with a large open meander in a thread called "Corn Silk".  Hey, they are harvesting the feed corn now in our valley - so it seemed appropriate.

My favorite blocks were the fussy cut for the stars and scrappy clean up for the points.

I had this rust, orange backing in my stash for many years (Connecting Threads 'Heritage Bouguet') and glad I found a quilt to use it with.  I used it for the binding, too - a little more orange to round it out.

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Sewingly Yours,