Sunday, April 28, 2019

Monday Making

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My Monday (and next few days) Making is a continuation of the weekend's "dump" session.  Decluttering the house also includes decluttering the sewing area as well.  Did you ever notice you make for of a mess while trying to clean up a mess?

Still adjusting to the new camera, but so nice to be able to take photos of this madness I have.  Moe is eager to assist when I start pulling totes and boxes to process fabrics - if I fits I sits theory is always working for him.
My theory is - if I won't use it in two years, it has to go.  That is the fabric - no worries as Moe is staying.  **and did you notice I still have my Christmas table cloth on the table - that has to go**

Moe loves this bag as it must still have a scent of 'food'!  All my bits, strips, slabs, chunks, and FQ size left over whites, w/w's, and muslins of all types.  I have worked out of this for the Chandelier Bead blocks, but that is no way going to tame this.  SO.......

I decided to make those cute Tiny Tuesday blocks with RSC19.  I actually like to work a bunch of blocks at once, so that dump session led to these.  With the first two month's almost done, the next couple of month's worth will be worked up so that I will be all caught up.  Then I will wait for a bunch to come out to tackle these again.

The string tote was just so stuffed and over-flowing, that I have to resort to some block making.  I really do not like making string blocks, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.  AND I had an old phone book that was going out in the house declutter process - so it was fate.

All of them have the same center light strip which was a yard piece of fabric that has managed to sit more than two years on the shelf - it will be all gone now with these blocks.  When all the blocks are made, any strips left over are going in the trash.  Yup, seriously - sometimes you have to slap yourself and come back to reality.  When it takes so long to tackle them and they mutliply so fast - gone; as you know new ones will take their place. 

So I will be spending today with BETH clearing out strings and making tiny blocks.  We are back to winter weather (it snowed all weekend) and a day at the machine with some homemade soup in the crockpot sounds good.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, April 26, 2019

Harry Potter QAL

This project has been so fun to share with the future recipient of this quilt - my youngest grandson.  It is getting closer to a finish and I thank LORNA for such a wonderful pattern and QAL.

We had some sunshine the other day (nothing but rain since) and I took the opportunity to photo the 'in-progress' quilt to link up.  I did change the sashings to a 1.5" width rather than the 1" to give a little more space and 'shine' to each block.  I admit I don't know the HP stories, but my grandson is a fan.

As this one gets a little closer to a finish, I have one of Lorna's Unicorn patterns to make a quilt for my granddaughter - she's waiting impatiently.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

April OMG Finish

The plan for the year is to use the OMG challenge to finish up some of my P.I.G.S.  Linking up with PATTY for picking the project and then for the finish has been real incentive with this battle.

My goal was to take this project and remake each cross stitch piece their own mini.  AND I am happy to say they are all complete before the month is done.  Luckily my new camera (I have to learn how to use it) came in time for me to photo these as well.





Each is approximately 10" x 12"

Sewingly Yours,

Scrappy Wednesday

Today I am putting these little sweeties into their own little minis.  I am hitting all the scrap totes for borders, backing and bindings.  Even the scrap batt is being used up.  I even dug out the shortest spools and bobbins of thread to use that up as well.

Two are actually finished and the other two have their 'parts' lined up by the machine.  Then to tackle hand stitching the bindings down.  They are small - approximently 10" x 12" - so I should get these all done by tonight.
This is my OMG & P.I.G.S. project for the month, so it would be nice to see them done before the month is done.

I should have the new camera today in the mail - hard to be a quilt blogger without the digital camera!

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, April 22, 2019

Diamonds are Every Ones' Best Friend

Today I get to share my diamonds, but first I would like to thank Carol for hosting another fabulous and inspirational Hop.  The first day just wow'ed us and if you missed it, please visit these folks:

I've been wanting to make a Texas Star and thought this hop would be the perfect opportunity to tackle that project.  I pulled a Jelly Roll - 'Botanical Blooms' by Connecting Threads and got right to work.

I was using a free pattern from the Quiltmaker website from back in 2009 that I had saved.  Well, let's just say you don't get an 8-pointed star from their directions - thus I am not passing the pattern on (and it no longer is on their site).  But a Radiant Star works just as well for me.

Since there was a change in plans, I had to make my own template for the setting triangles.  Not a hard thing to do - just lay some paper under your edge and draw the angle.  Then add your seam allowance.  I made them a bit larger because I wanted to 'float' the settings to prevent losing my star points.

Setting triangles cut and ready to stitch on.  Yes, there are 'Y' seams, but at this easy angle they were really no problem.

Just very simple straight line quilting and I used a couple of the raspberry color strips to make the binding.  I still want to make the Texas Star, but this turned out to be a nice project.  Now I have a lot of JR strips left over to make something else.

Be sure to visit the other host bloggers today:

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

I hope you all enjoy your day in what ever way you celebrate.

I plan to do some slow stitching on a long neglected project.  I am a guest over at SARAH'S and I thought with her sharing of scrap quilts with  rectangles and my share of using squares, this compilation of charts might be of some use.  Save to your pin board or click on the image and save to one of your favorite files for future use.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Scrappy Wednesday

I think today I will start with making the next 20 button blocks for the Temecula Quilt Co. project.

Then I will tackle a few more Broken Dishes blocks for the other TQC quilt I am slowly plugging away at.  

Lots of little blocks that small bits, slowly they work the scraps down - key word - slowly!

My new camera battery arrived and the camera is alive, but things still don't work which leads me to believe it is a bad ubs cable.  I'm going to see if my brother has an extra to test out first.  If that doesn't work, I guess a new camera is on the horizon.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, April 15, 2019

Monday Making

I did some more reorganizing which involved going thru those two totes of quilt tops.  OMG - over 40 quilts that need quilting!!  Seriously!!  No more starting and chase those squirrels away.

I made LORNA'S bear pattern and my daughter claimed it right away.  So I made another and it never got finished.  This will not have all those fussy paw prints, maybe some patchwork instead.  It's been 'buried' for two years - so it needs to be finished.   

** linking up with BETH **

Prayers for all in the path of all these horrid storms - we are on tornado watch ourselves right now.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Hands 2 Help Check In

Today is another guest host over at SARAH'S and, also, time for a progress link up.  My three quilts have all been actually finished and donated at this time, but here they are 'in-progress'.  If you are participating in H2H, be sure to link-up as we love to get sneak peeks and loads of inspiration.

And yes, I fixed those 'wrong way' 4-patches in the last one.

Sewingly Yours,