Monday, August 21, 2023

Call Me Crazy


Oh Joan - she was the perfect choice for hosting this HOP.  A fellow 'crazy' who thinks outside the box.  AND she is certainly right in there is some 'crazy' in each quilter.  A project you smack your head and say 'I was crazy' to do this, a pattern or fabric that made you 'crazy' in love with, or a 'crazy' happening in your quilty life.

My guild knows I am just crazy for scraps and hand me off some baggies of the smallest bits.  They are like having a crazy candy addiction!  I've made many styles of OMG quilts with those bits that would be normally tossed.  Guess I'm not normal.  (those are one inch squares by the way)

I'm a bit crazy for learning and teachng about heritage blocks and period fabrics.  I feel even Modern quilters should know the history and Great Grandma's test of time before they change and dissect.  Hey, take those paper templates, cut with scissors, piece by hand, and hand quilt a small project.  You will SO appreciate what we have today.  They weren't crazy - they were Masters!

I do like to play with it all - heritage to modern to off the wall.  There are times I think quilters need to think and work outside the box to keep from getting 'stale'.

I've had a few lines of fabric that have been a love and keepsake, but I was crazy for the Ghastlies!!!  A mix between morbid and cute and made you  think about how to really do that fabric justic in a project.

I made a lot of quilts, wallhangings, pillows, and bags with this line - this was the last quilt I did with it and the backing had all the left over bits and 'yardage' to clear out.  I haven't had a fabric line hit me so 'crazy' as this one - even yet. 

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Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Quilt Detectives


I kew this quilting community has some great Quilt Detectives!!  I have a friend who finished this UFO and would like to know the pattern name, source, designer for the label for a show.  Come on all you Sherlock Holmes!!

Thank You