Saturday, October 19, 2019

Time To Reflect

I will be taking a little break from the blog as I deal with my Mom's newest health scare.  She took another very bad fall and we shall see what the outcome holds over the next few days.  In God's Hands

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Scrappy Wednesday

During one of my travels, I was gifted this large bundle of scraps.  Most of it looks to be large pieces so an easy process of getting these into the scrap management.  Anything smaller than a FQ will get chopped down into the barrel system. 

This is the last tub of scraps from Lesley's estate of fabrics.  There are mostly small scraps, several zip bags of different size cut squares, and some small projects in progress.  There were several step outs and pieces along with the instruction sheet that she must have used as a teaching class project.  I've sorted it all and got the step outs in order; some small projects quilted and ready to bind.  Maybe my guild would be interested in it as a Saturday class.

And at my last Hall of Fame meeting the lovely Pat (thank you sweetie) gave me this beautiful glass barrel stuffed with scraps.  I spy some lovelies for the Shoo Fly Shoo BH blocks .  I'm, also, starting some tiny log cabin blocks - food for the fill.  (yes, that's one of the step out projects that barrel is sitting on)

I spent a couple of days fighting with Face Book when another guild member was notified that our guild banner was being 'sold' on one of those crap FB sites.    DON'T open or buy from any of those 'fan' shopping sites - total scams.  No worries - our banner resides in my house, but trying to get FB to take this site down - HA!  Reports have been filed just so we hold no reliability.  Geesh!!

We are in a weather 'bomb' for a couple of days  - hope we don't float away again.  I plan to play with scraps right thru the weekend.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Monday Making

I won't actually get to stitch a thing on Monday as I am traveling for the last Hall of Fame meeting of the year.  A two hour drive, but I plan on taking in some leaf peeping by taking one route down and another back while traveling thru the Catskill Mountains.

The aqua blocks got finished and I have been adding sashing and cornerstones on one machine.

I managed to get the two halves of this monster together with the 'help' of this monster on the other machine.  I am stay stitching around the outside to hold all those patchwork edges.  I have to 'shuffle' a cat to keep working around.  This will have to wait it's turn for quilting as I have some commission work that comes first.

AND I need to pull the winner of the Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop give away.

Love the scrappy bats! Will be nice to have in your house this time of year.

Danette was a no-reply, but very nicely put her contact in her response.  I'll e-mail her and get the storage pincushion with bobbin donut and box of pins right out to her.   Thank you to all who left such lovely responses.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, October 7, 2019

The Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop

I would like to take the time to thank CAROL  for being the host of this BOOtacular hop.  I am not a Halloween person and this made for a challenge.  I had some help from a guild member (HI, Emily) who is a Chiroptologist - a person who studies bats.  She makes wonderful quilts with either bat print fabric or bats pieced.  One of her pieces led me to an 'aha' moment.

All year I have been playing with block 'units' that are quick to make and can be flipped around to create designs by themselves.  This 'wing' unit can be found in many large quilt blocks - like the Swoon and Carpenter's Wheel.  I just thought it looked like an easy Bat.

Background:  one 2.5" x 4.5" rectangle and four 2.5" squares
'bat':  two 2.5" x 4.5" rectangles and one 2.5" square

Sew one background and one 'bat' 2.5" square together - press to dark.  Using the corner flip method, attach a 2.5" background to each of the 'bat' rectangles - press to dark.  Make sure your 'flips' are the opposite.  Save your cut offs for tiny HSTs or toss.  SURPRISE - I tossed them.

Sew the twosie to the background rectangle - press to rectangle.  Stitch the 'lefty' bat rectangle to the left side - press toward the twosie unit.  Add the 2.5" sq. background to the 'right' bat rectangle (press to background) and attach to the bottom - press toward the twosie unit.  

Being a scrap quilter, my bats are scrappy from grey to various blacks.  Set 8 x 8 blocks (6" finished blocks) for a 48" center.  I added two borders -yes, two  (I hate borders).  The first is a dark green vine print, cornerstones are a black with green vine print, and outer border of the background.  Binding is the dark green vine.  56" square finish.

Emily is making one in another setting and when she has a flimsy, I will share.

I wanted the quilting to represent the Sonic Echo System that  bats use for navigation.  A different 'wave' radiating out from each corner with overlapping.

It took a bit of time to quilt, but it added to the character of the quilt.  My challenge was met.  There can be such fun and delight when working outside your comfort box.

AND I scoured high and low thru my fabrics for a backing with nothing that suited this quilt.  Then I did some laundy - not that it helps to think better.  BUT, I had this green plaid sheet!  So it became the back of the batty quilt.

Did I mention a give away?  I have another Storage Station for one lucky person.  I love how the bobbin donut can be used with the magnetic pinkeep or removed.  There is a hidden pull drawer in the pinkeep.  I love to use the fine glass head pins, so a package of those.  Just be sure I can contact you - winner pulled on the 10th.

Be sure to visit all of today's participants:

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Monday Making

The purple quilt has been finished and I managed to get a photo between rainy days.

A Jelly Roll collection from Connecting Threads and who would have thought that that yardage from my Aunt would have worked so well with it.  A wide border, back, and binding and I still have about a 1.5 yards left.  Maybe some pillow cases?

I need to catch up on September's RSC19 purple blocks for Tiny Tuesday as the first Brown for October is out.  My browns are rather BLAH, so I may have to dig into other colors for the Chandelier Bead Blocks.  I don't need too many more for either the white or black setting.  I need to take a count and get them done.

 Don't forget that today is the first day of the Witchy Stitchy Hop:

October 7

Sewingly YOurs,

Monday, September 30, 2019

Monday Making

This is one of the quilts I worked on over the weekend - with coffee and chocolates.  It is the same 'train tracks' pattern that I showed LAST WEEK HERE, just a change of color makes it look different.

I had three cut-off strips of this extra wide backing and I pieced them to make the back for this.  The binding is a piece of brown/red paisley (just enough) more scraps moved out of inventory.

A couple of 2.5" square scrappy couch size throws done and a piece of my SIL's were done up.

Today I need to get this one finished.  Who would have thought that the purple floral from my Aunt would match this Connecting Threads line so perfectly for a border - yes, I did a border.  There was enough to piece a back and make binding (with a half yard left).

I have enough batt on the roll to finish off two more couch throw size quilts - maybe one more if I piece the cut-offs.  Moving things on and out.

I need to order new batting for all those big quilts which will go on the frame - my winter hibernation projects.  Hey, it's coming!  Did you see the snow in Montana?  Do you line up those 'buried in winter' projects?

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, September 28, 2019

A Chocolate Weekend

Sunday, Sept 29th, is National Coffee Day - BUT, I am a dedicated coffee drinker every day.  Not a coffee drinker?  How about a day to play with those brown fabrics?  Sometimes they miss getting used into a project and they pile up - too blah, not enough pop, will dull the look, etc......

Think Chocolates instead - oh the browns so delishous can certainly inspire.  

I am using the weekend and last day of the month to get a number of small projects and lap size quilts finished off.  They may not be browns BUT, there will be coffee and chocolates.

And for you non-coffee folks - let me explain.............

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Scrappy Wednesday

This snack barrel is stuffed full of squares from 5" - 7" square.  I use to save these for my Aunt, but she is no longer quilting.  So I need to take care of these myself.

I love the vintage Shoe Fly Block and when Bonnie Hunter announced it as her leader/ender project, I knew I had to make these.  I normally make them of equal size units, but I like the math BH had working - it gives them more character.  I have a lot of odd cut-offs of Muslin from various projects of my own as well as from others, so a nice natural mix.  And I can finally move those on!

These chain so easily thru the machine - I wonder how many I can make in a day?  I know it's a leader/ender project, but I need a no-brainer pedal to the metal type day.  Then I need to get serious about finishing up the quilting on two quilts.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, September 23, 2019

Monday Making

The result of the Sew A Jelly Roll Day.  As I look at the photo I see the top border needs to be removed and turned the other way so the leaves flow around the quilt - GEESH!  But that border was from that scrap bag - long strips cut for some project and then the quilter changed their mind?

Now the blues are neatly pressed, folded, and fit in a shoe box size tote.
Large pieces (yard or more) were put on the shelf and the small pieces were chopped down into my barrel system.

The Aqua has been cut for another quilt.  There was just one large piece I didn't use in them - saving for a border for a baby quilt from a panel.  I still need to find something for sashings and corner stones to cut and add to this tote and I will have a project kitted up for a quick day of play.

I have had people ask me how I get my scrappy projects square and flat.  Their's wobble and wonk!  The secret is to cut down those odd shaped scraps with the wrong side up where you can see the true grain of fabric.  You see a piece from the front and you think "wow, I can get a 3.5"  square from that", but you are cutting on a partial or full bias edge.  Flip them over -  you may not get the size you think.  If you don't mind small, fine - other wise toss that scrap so you don't have a piece that might wonk your project.  (and I press with a lot of starch)

Today is dedicated to finding a backing for the blue quilt and sandwich up for quilting.  Oh, and to fix that border. 

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, September 20, 2019

Sew A Jelly Roll Day

I can enjoy a day of play as I got my three commission bindings done plus finished up this simple flower garden quilt.  A great way to use up large florals.  Sashings and outer border are Essex Linen.  Just a simple meander to finish it off.

First I need to clean and oil my machine - yuck!!  First I use a Q-Tip and some tweezers, then my mini computer keyboard vacuumn.

Can you see all the cat hair?  My very sheddy red tabby just loves to rub up against the machine and the static just sucks her hair inside.  I even took the back and bottom off for a full clean out.

I was going to play with a brand new Jelly Roll, but then reality hit me.  I have so many blues that need taming.  So I am going to sort, iron, cut, and sew all day - and probably tomorrow.

This is the pattern I am going to use and you can find it free HERE.

Take time to play today,
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Scrappy Wednesday

Well, it's hump day and time to get a little serious.  Those scraps aren't going to tame themselves!

I've pulled my blacks and grays to play along with that new fabric for a secret project.  Funny how some of those grays look blue or green.

National Sew A Jelly Roll Day

And don't forget that Saturday is National Jelly Roll Day.  I have one I plan to play with.  Don't have a JR?  Cut your own 2.5" strips and find a pattern - you can find lots of them at Moda or Missouri Star.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Monday Making & Winner

I haven't posted in a bit to allow time for the Favorite Quilt Block Hop viewers to catch up on the post.  Also, I was wrapped up in getting ready for the CMQHOF new member Induction Ceremony held on Saturday.  My guild was the host of the event as well as I had a lot to do as HOF President.

Pat Cumming, Denise Giadullo, Nancy Michel, and Kathy Livingston are our new inductees and were honored with certificate amd silver thimble.  The blocks they are holding will be included in their member plaque with photo and brief bio to hang in the gallery in Arkville, NY.  Kathy is a member of our local guild so it was exciting not only to host, but also to have one of our own so honored.

It was great that so many inductees where in attendance as well as quests.  This is a group shot of all of us Silver Thimble folks.  My Mom (with walker) is the oldest living inductee whom I was glad to be able to have her present this day.

Saturday was, also, 'Airing of the Quilts' along with promoting the QUilt Barn Trail in Schoharie County.  Since most of us were at the Inductions, some of the gals hung them out Sunday.  These are some of Kathy's.
Watch the background!

This just cracks me up!!!!!   Curious bunch of girls!!!!!

And these are Steff's - love the setting on the deck.  We are holding Steff to being sponsored into the next Induction in two years.  Hi Steff!!  She reads my blog.

I didn't get mine out as Mom was worn from the long day and I was keeping a close eye on her - no need for folks walking around the property on top of it all.  Another day as they could all use an airing.

Today I'd like to get both settings of the Chandelier Bead Blocks done for the RSC19 with the color purple.  They work up really quick.

To calm myself down - slow down - while prepping for Saturday's event I worked up the last few Block B for the complete 66 count.

I even managed to get a few rows put together and I hope to add at least 4-6 more today.  Slow and steady with this one as it is going to be BIG.

Then I need to cut a lot of 2.5" strips from this new fabric for a new project.  With all the scrap work, working with something new is a thrill.

The Winner of the Favorite Block Hop Give Away

Flying geese blocks were my nemesis for about a year when I began quilting, mostly I was irritated by how often they were being used and that I HAD to use them. Once I was taught the no-waste method my mind was changed (I was also unaware of how fun the extra HST bits can be if you use sew & flip) and now I definitely enjoy using the block in my quilting. I love how you incorporated the block in the sampler, so clever! And thanks for the generous giveaway!

I will send Brandy an e-mail for information so I can get this right out.

Not to worry as another fun Hop is coming in October - getting ready.

Sewingly Yours,