Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Deck the Halls

The first trees were decorated per social class.  The lower class with home made items of bits of fabric scrap, yarn, fruits, and pastries.  The upper class with jewels, precious metals, and glass bobbles.

The first American-made glass ornaments were created by William DeMuth in New York in 1870. In 1880, Woolworth's began selling Lauscha glass ornaments. 

In 1973, Hallmark Cards started manufacturing Christmas ornaments. The first collection included 18 ornaments, including six glass ball ornaments.  Hallmark is the leading ornament manufacturer today with their Keepsake Ornaments the most popular.

Cookies & Quilts

I'm not sure that our Virtual Cookie Exchange is on the same level as Hallmark, but it is one of many Hops that folks look forward to most each year.  Please be sure to visit todays hosts:

December 4th

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  1. Interesting info.
    Merry Christmas
    xx, Carol

  2. I was going to say exactly what Barbara said! Thanks for sharing that! :)

  3. How much snow did you wind up getting? We had 6" of heavy wet stuff following a day of freezing rain/sleet, but we were on the western edge of the storm and I know you got a lot more.