Thursday, February 28, 2013

March Country Charmer Update

I just love the 'puzzle' chart that Country Charmer pattern designer, Lynn at Sew'n Wild Oaks provides with this.  I am still having trouble with the fabric/color choice - why, I don't know.  My SIL goes right to town with this part, so from now on, I am having her set up my fabrics so I can get more than three blocks a month done.

And here are the three blocks done in February.  I am hoping to get six done in March  - it is a long month so it is possible.  Today is the link-up over at Lesley's  The Cuddle Quilter - so go take a look at everyone's progress.  Lynn will also be posting non-bloggers' blocks for them today.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February NewFO

A shorter list (for me) this month, but it was a short month.  Two projects done with the Project Quilting Challange, Crossroad Blocks done, Mini Cakestand blocks started (will use this as a leader ender project now), Monthly Doll Quilt/Doll swap, and made 20 of the Moda Friendsip QAL blocks (done with that as I don't have enough scraps to continue).  And I did get a cross stitch project finished.  Fabric framed and used mini stippling to quilt it.

And I think I am caught up with the Rancher's Daughter blocks with John'aLee at The Scrappy Apple Yard .  I am using 'Chateu Rouge' charms with left over charms/jelly roll strips and scrap shirting. **Yes, I noticed a mistake in the one block - have a pin in that section, so I can fix it**

Next month I have some donation and charity items that I really want to work on - it is an important part of my quilting and I think I have neglected that part of me.  I will be taking part in the Quilt Gallery Blog Hop (button on the side bar) - I haven't had a give away in a long while.

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Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


My Little Black Dress Star Burst quilt is finished!  The weather has been so fickled and another few days of snow expected - I took photos inside so I could post up for the finale' of  Melissa's quilt along.  I waited for my Moe to take his morning 'property stroll' so I wouldn't have him claiming this quilt again.  I used smaller cuts so I could use a layer cake and had 16" blocks.  I put it in a 9-block setting and two borders with a finish size of 72" square.

I just love all the fabrics in this line and it was so fun to play with.  I don't think I can pick a favorite 'star' block within this quilt - I love them all.

I just love paisleys and could just do a whole quilt with this one! And I love the stripes mixed in for a bit of fun.

This particular print is what was used to inspire the quilting.  Soft leaves, curling vines and a bit of a swirl.  I had thought about quilting in black but thought that was too strong for this quilt.  So a soft buttercream was chosen.  The quilting was done by longarmer, Ron Lower, of Middleburgh, NY.
And who doesn't like polka dots!  Just an old fashion feel to this quilt.  I chose a Benartex charcoal grey with scrolling light grey leaves and vines for the backing.  The white on white background is also a Benartex.

And I used my SIL's machine to make my label - still a learning curve, but for a first time I am pleased with it.  Thank you Melissa for such a lovely quilt along, pattern, and I am over the moon with my quilt.  You can see some of the other quilts made during this quilt along HERE .  There will be a parade of finished quilts in March.
Sewingly Yours,

Monday, February 25, 2013

Traveling Stash Box#4

I never expected to win one box, but then TA-DA - I won two the same day!  This box has some lovely patterns.

AND lots of fabric!  This all came in a medium priority box and I plan to up-grade to a large.

This is what I chose from the box.  That cute dresdan pattern, several FQs, those cute bits of bears from a panel and the light house panel (w/some of those FQs).  The 'When Pigs Fly' just HAD to stay with me!!  Approximately 6.5 yrds of fabric.
This is what I am putting back in the box.  A variety of 24 FQs (6yrds) and 1 yrd of the CT  'Monticello' bold floral.  And when I pack up this large box, if there is room, I will add more to fill.
Due to the cost of shipping, only shipping within the USA.  You can find all the rules and quidelines (and other boxes) over at Cherise's - Sewingly Along .  Just leave me a comment  and the winner will be pulled Friday, March 1 at midnight (est) with winner announced and contacted the next morning (be sure I have a way of contacting you).

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, February 24, 2013

DWM - 2/25/13 & Winner

I spent the weekend catching up on a few blocks for the Moda Friendship Block QAL

I am using up left-overs from the Little Black Dress and my little stash of greys.

I am still working on the little basket block - appliquing the handles.
And I am not sure I like the circle block to go with these, so looking for a replacement.
The Quilt Along continues thru this week.
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The winner of the Traveling Stash Box is Katie Q - I will send her an e-mail for information.
BUT please come back tomorrow - the second box is ready to be posted for give away!
Sewingly Yours,

Friday, February 22, 2013

Feline Friday (on Sat)

Since I didn't get to playing in my scrap bin over the weekend due to catching up on all those BOMs and QALs - I pulled it out and just tipped onto the table, so I could reach in for a piece and sew on the side table - making scrappy half-log cabin blocks.  Every once in a while I would get a 'prick' - I though maybe some pins had gotten mixed in - BUT then something bit me!!  If I have a mouse in this bin with two cats in the house - NO ONE is getting fed!!

I was kind of just grabbing and going with no looking - well I looked and dug a little to discover what critter was in my bin - MR MOE!!  I never even noticed he had crawled in there - he just didn't want me taking his bedding.  Sorry Moe, but MaMa wants to play in this pile.

And he has been lost without the Little Black Dress quilt - so he claimed this one.  I kept putting him down and he would return, so I just rolled and shuffled him around as I quilted.............

and even when I flipped it to start the binding - he was right back at it - see him holding on the binding so it doesn't tangle up - HA -  somehow I did manage to finish up the StoneHenge quilt.  Washed and dried and into the shop - poor Moe, what will he claim next?

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The weekend will be filled with attaching bindings and labels.............

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Project Quilting-Challenge #4

Challenge #4 is 'Wish Upon a Star' - rules were: 
  1. Your project must include at least one star. It can be a traditional star block, an appliquéd star, a star in the embellishments or quilting…..Use your imagination. More stars are fine, but there must be at least one.
  2. Your project does not need to be a traditional quilt, but must meet at least one of these requirements:  Include patchwork - Include appliqué - Have 3 layers stitched together by hand or machine.
I wanted to interpret my 'Star' around the little bit of fabric I had that contained the StarFlower.

Another challenge was working with ORANGE - not my favorite color, but I wanted to pull the colors from that little bit of fabric as well as challenge myself to use just scraps.  It also has a metalic to it so I wanted to add a little more metalic fabric into the piece - I don't have a lot of that.  This is the StarFlower quilt block.  I love scraps, so had lots of w/w, beige, lites 2" squares in my scrap barrel to  make the center.  The leaves are a teal metalic fabric - just enough to squeek two and have enough for binding.  Rick-Rack and buttons and floss - have lots of that to play with.

I had just enough of the orange to piece up the borders as well as fit the inspirational StarFlower fabric into a border. Framed up with the rest of the metalic teal fabric for  binding.  My 'Wish Upon a Star' is a starflower 15.5" x 17"  wallhanging that will help me wish for Spring to please come!

And just enough of this Lori Holt 'Happy Cottage' pretty daisy flower print for the back - daisies always remind me of lots of little stars floating in the night sky.  And two 3.5" scrap squares folded and inset into the corners for a dowel hanger.  Yes, the batting - 80-20 cotton/poly batt - was two pieces fused together to make just enough!  This is my monthly Christmas project for CTTY. 

I'm enjoying these Project Quilting Challenges with PersimonDreams - purhaps you'd like to challenge yourself.

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Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Traveling Stash Box

I won the 2-Sisters Traveling Stash Box from Ninna and I want to get this passed right on quickly.
Some books, notions, findings, patterns, etc........  It was refreshing to see a box that hadn't gotten book/pattern heavy!!

And quite a selection of fabrics to please almost anyone - mostly FQs.

This is what I chose - had to have that piggy pattern!  The Crane panel is gorgeous and I have the peony print that goes with this - future project.  And bits and fun and play items.

Since Spring is around the corner, I thought I would brighten the box with lots of flowers.  Several FQs in different colors, 2 charm packs of Tapestry. fun music and flower power prints, with a couple of baby prints.  Some spring color DMC floss and the poultry skewers? - for making quilter stillettos - there are some tutorials on the web, but I used the directions from a person who posted on Bonnie Hunter's site.  Once I pack these in the box, if there is room, I will top off with yardage of a floral.

Due to postage costs, only shipping in the USA.  Full rules and guidelines of the Traveling Boxes can be found here at Sewingly Along.  I will keep the comments open until Sunday, Feb 24th midnight(EST) and announce the winner immediately as well as a personal e-mail to them for mailing info.  The reason for the quick turn-around - I have another box on it's way!

Just leave me a comment on what is your favorite flower to be entered,

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, February 18, 2013

DWM - 2/18/13

I had originally planned to play in my scrap bin over the weekend, but I needed to do a LOT of housecleaning - and trying to vacumm a floor covered in scraps just would not work.  Then I realized I had a lot of blocks that needed catching up on.  I can do a block break inbetween cleaning!!  These blocks are for the My Favorite Block QAL.  I chose to do a paperpieced owl instead of the offered applique (but that is saved) and four little hearts instead of the 12" single block.  I am using my huge pile of brown scraps with a little color thown in.

And the next round for Darlene's Mystery had come out - the hourglass border.  Rather than another scrappy set, I went with a single fabric with a lite background and repeated the skinny border strip fabric to tie it all in.

I had fused the next block for the Album Kit quilt, but had done nothing with it - so I got some stitching done - the berries still need to be worked on.

The 4th row of The Diary of a Quilt Shop had come out, so I made these up.  Oh, they go really fast and I would love to do a quilt using this block in homespuns.  Maybe I'll set up a kit and have this as a leader/ender project for March's NewFO.

And the reason I need a new March NewFO is I started the one I already had kitted up.  This is Connie's 'CrossRoads' pattern (see it on her sidebar) and it really goes fast!  I had some white with white dragonflies from Timeless Treasures and it plays so nicely with a Jelly Roll of Holly Taylor's 'Enchanted Pond' for Moda.  Pretty butterflies, dragonflies, soft little flowers and pond plants with a mix of sketchy solids.

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Voting continues over at SewCalGal for the Quilter Awards - click on the sidebar button
New Blog Hop - It's All About Me' starts tomorrow - click on the sidebar button
The first bird block is out for the 'Strickly for the Birds' - click on the sidebar button
Moda Friendship QAL started - click here or use the sidebar button for schedule

OK - I need to go mop my kitchen floor now before I can play in fabric for the day.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, February 15, 2013

Feline Friday

My lovely Monthly Doll Swap partner, Vickie, really took note of my blog posting of Moe and my trouble keeping him off my Little Black Dress fabrics while working on the Starburst Quilt Along.  

Look at this cute little pincushion kittie and the homemade quilter's stillettos - love it!

And the cutest little quilt made from Little Black Dress bits.  And Moe sitting on my pieces - how funny is that? 

The culprit in question - looking for his favorite pile of fabric.  Sorry Moe - the quilt top is done and off to the long armer.

And since Bella hasn't been seen in action, well they usually fight for this sleeping spot - the top of my old quilting rack.  I wrapped it in an old sleeping bag and then topped with serape' woven blanket.  Moe was there first and then the Queen took over.  After this photo, she literally stretched and stretched until she shoved poor Moe off.

Linking up with Sarah's Feline Friday

I plan on pulling that scrap bin out again and playing all weekend - enjoy yours.

Sewingly Yours

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Welcome to the Neighborhood

 I want to thank Marlene of Stitchin By The Lake for putting this lovely idea together - visiting bloggers in the Neighborhood - please be sure to pop by and give her some love as well as see who else is in the NeighborHood for the week.  YES, I do live on Quilt Lane and welcome to the Brick House On The Hill.  You can read more about that  HERE - yes, my header is a painting done by a local artisist of our family farm on the hill.

It all started with cross stitching for many years, the cost of wood framing made me think outside the box and start to fabric frame my pieces instead.  Of course that has evolved into quilting those pieces as well now.

I started quilting in 2009 as part of a physical therapy  - recovering from a serious car accident.  An old machine set up to the dining table with a mini table at the side for my iron - another on the other side for rotary and mat - I could roll my wheelchair right up and play.  Beginning with scraps of fabric given me - scrap quilting is still my favorite.

I discovered  blogs and web sites and on-line fabric stores and U-Tube and tutorials and challenges and Quilt Alongs and block alongs - well, you all know what I am talking about.  I found paperpiecing in these ventures and this is my first project - yeah, I go full steam ahead with things, but I learned so much from this piece.

Due to my heritage, I love the vintage quilts, blocks, and their history - but also like playing with modern and bright, too.  You need to experience it all and not limit yourself.

And thru blogs I have found wonderful quilters who are so willing to give of their talents to so many charities.  People in need, disasters, those with illness, just wrapping someone in a hug of love.  Whether it is a quilt, or donating a block, or pillowcases, or even some yardage of fabric and supplies, it astounds me how quickly everyone not only participates, but helps to spread the word.

And I have found a deep love of miniatures and am enjoying the Monthly Doll Swap group - I have a tutorial for my little dolls HERE - that is something I have to learn with blogger - setting up  a tutorial page as I do have a few thru the yearsYes, even learning the ins and outs of blogger was new, exciting and always a process!

Remember to stretch your wings, new directions can lead you to wonderous adventures.  Thank you for stopping by,

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, February 11, 2013

StarBurst Quilt Along

It all started with a layercake of  A LITTLE BLACK DRESS - permission from Melissa to change the cuttings so I could work the pattern into a small block - and off I went.  Oh , I am saving all the bits to make blocks up for a mini quilt down the line - too nice a fabric to let sit or throw out.

I actually went several steps ahead, but was sure to photo each step for the weeks 'assignment'.

Who can't love a flock of geese in this fabric line?  

Starting to assemble some of the units  - trying to keep them in order, which was hard when a rather large Tuxedo Kat kept laying on it.  Hey, Tuxedo and Little Black Dress!

And more sub-units prepped for the Star assembly......

With the smaller (16") blocks, I went with a 9-block setting - getting those sashings on..........

 It is snowy, cold, muddy, windy - so pictures inside - and this is so large that something was always in the way ( a whole cloth hand quilt in progress in the corner).  I used 2'5" (2" finish) strips for sashing, 2.5" (2" finished) inner border, and 6'5" (6" finished) outer border.  The binding is made - using the same fabric as the inner border.  I will be discussing quilting with my longarmer - I just can't squeeze this under my small machine and do it justice.  I LOVE THIS QUILT!!

There is a linky for quilt tops over at Melissa's at Happy Quilting

Sewingly Yours,