Monday, February 20, 2023

My Day to be Sweet on You


Thank You Joan at MooseStashQuilting for hosting this month's HOP.  Sweet on You could be anything sweet, loving, pink, or what comes to your inspiration of the theme.

I just happened upon some very old little cross stitch pieces that never found a home in a project.  Sweet kitties in the window that were to be a monthly 'themed' project and then the blogger offering these little free patterns disappeared.  Hence I only had the four little hearts.  Now was the time!

Each heart has a bit of pink (color of the monty), set in hearts, and precious kitties.  Sweet little stitcheries.   

I put  them in a little window pane setting using a vintage grey that had little pink flowers in it.  Now my kitties are Sweet on Me and hopefully you.

Please visit todays hosts:

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Sewingly Yours,



Sunday, February 19, 2023

Sweet On You


Joan at MooseStashQuilting is our Hostess for the next HOP.
Let's see who took the challenge!

Monday, Feb 20


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And I am tickled Pink that all four quilts got quilted and bindings done.  All the bindings came out of that scrap binding drawer as well - score!  These are for our local guild's charity drive - collected in April, so I am well ahead of the game.  I hope to get these photo'ed outside at some point, but the weather is not cooperating - windy and muddy!  

There is a 5th quilt, but when I laid it out I decided that it could use some border work.  Yes, you heard me - borders!.  That means the backing and batt won't work for it now, but I am sure I will use those somewhere down the line. 

Sewingly Yours,


Tuesday, February 7, 2023

In Layers


Boy we got cold Phil!!!  We went to a minus 44 one night  Miss Kitty was delighted when I added a couple more blankets to the layers on the bed.  We stayed warm, but my car froze up - for like 5 days.  With some thawing and a jump start - she's purring again.

Actually  our weather has warmed considerably so I can shed a layer or two, but I am using this February lull to create other layers.  I pulled six of my smallest quilt tops from 'that' tote.  I had just enough batting on the roll to be able to complete five though.  It will keep me busy while I order another batt roll.

I hate to say, there were 30 quilt tops layered in 'that' tote.  Well, I'll get a start - no a dent.  AND another tote I found four quilts - two that need their binding attached - they were in the binding drawer - and two that have the binding on but need hand stitching down.  Well, see how far I get during this short month.

Sewingly Yours,


Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Shadow - Yes Or No


I love the hype of Punxy Phil - will he or won't he see his shadow.  A loved tradition that seems to thrill so many.  Hey, winter will stay as long as it likes no matter what Phil says.  But I love all the ceremony around it!

 As our guild's winter meetings approach, I keep a close eye on the weather just incase an early cancel has to go out.  Look Phil - boy it's going to be a COLD few days.  Out next meeting is that WARM Tuesday (and clear).  We'
ll get heat stroke!

In my rumaging in drawers, totes and shelves I found some items to put together.  Not enough for a quilt, but I'm thinking a bag to make up while I hibernate that cold spell away.

Sewingly Yours,