Thursday, September 27, 2018

Quilts for Carolina

Carole at From My Carolina Home shared a post about her hurricane project.   She has, also, prepared a PDF of the split 9 patch block she will be using.   It's the same block she used for the California Fire quilts.  Stop on over to her website and get the details.

Quilts of Compassion is also making and collecting quilts for the Hurricane Florence victims.   Their Facebook posts lists a couple of shops who are helping collect quilts, as well as address for mailing quilts. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

There were several of the guild's 9-patches left from the two banners made for donation to the local library.  I rather see them all used, so going to make a small quilt that the library can use for a raffle fund raiser.  Since I haven't stitched in almost 2 weeks, this will be a good 'get back in the saddle' project.

I'm going to use this 'new' machine that was gifted on to me by another Hall of Fame inductee while at the show.  Love the color!!  A Singer 347 and she has a nice stitch.  Just needed a little cleaning up and some fresh oil.  The hard case cover has a broken handle, but that is ok.  No extra feet, but the one on her has a 'true' 1/4" and that's all I need for this gal to do some patchwork.  Love how the former owner marked the thread path - what ever helps.

I did get a real new machine that arrived during the week of the show.  I upgraded to a higher model of my Juki, which I love.  I'll have my old friend in for some service and complete cleaning and pass her on to my daughter.  This one will take me a while to go over the manual, play with all the stitches as well as make a stitch diary, make notes - then it is going to tackle that pile of quilts waiting.

I have just one more 'travel' for the year and then I am home!  I usually make November and December my ME time, but I am adding October to the list this year as well. 

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, September 24, 2018


One show down and another to set up.  BUT, I survived the first one that was five days of work and that is a good thing.  I never took my (new) camera as it wouldn't hold a charge -  I have someone passing on photos, so I hope to share the first show with you tomorrow.

I am definitely getting to sew on Scrappy Wednesday!

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Quilt Show Prep


I haven't disappeared and everyone is well.  Mom is improving daily and I heard from everyone in the flood zone - all safe and above water.

I am just in prep mode for the Catskill Mountain Quilters Hall of Fame Quilt Show in Roxbury NY.  Quilts came in registration yesterday and today we are setting up.  Tomorrow is a Student Appriciation Day with area school groups.  Then the weekend is open to the public - 10am to 4pm each day.

 Sept 4th

I hope to have time tonight to catch up on all my blog reads.  Remember that the Quilters Meet & Greet is going on all month - click on button on side bar.  This is another item I need to catch up on, too.

Do some stitching for me,
Sewingly  Yours,

Monday, September 17, 2018

Bloggers Quilt Festival - 2018

I would like to thank Amy of Amy's Creative Side for once again hosting the Bloggers Quilt Festival.   

I have entered one of my miniatures that represents ME as a quilter.  I love working with scraps - use it all up is my attitude.  Minis can be a fun place to be creative.  You can play with a block with just enough satisfaction that it becomes a finish and not a UFO in the back of the closet.  You can play with your quilting, too - hand or machine.


These few scraps were too precious to toss.  

They came from this Kimono Jacket that I made during one of our local quilt guild's challange/classes.

Small scraps turned into smaller blocks.  One inch pieces making two inch unfinished 9-patch cutie pie blocks.

Setting those on point adds to their charm.  Larger scrap pieces were used for the border and binding.  All used up into a very sweet piece.

Please be sure to visit AMY's to see the other entries.  Why not enter something yourself.

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, September 15, 2018

National Jelly Roll Day

Today is a day to grab a Jelly Roll or make your own strips to tame those scraps.  There are a lot of sites offering free patterns and projects.  So go play!!!

Today is also the 'Airing of the Quilts' in Schoharie County as one of the promotions for the Quilt Barn Trail.

I had to wait for the morning fog to lift before getting these out.

The house is covered at usual for this event.  The grass is really wet!

And a few of my front - the hilly side here hasn't been mown, so had to zoom in from afar.

Prayers for those in the Carolinas and up the coast as 'Flo' makes her damaging way.  I have family in the worse area - some evacuated and some rode it out.  Waiting anxiously to hear from them. 

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

To all of the well wishers, my Mom is improving each day - Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  I did finish up some scrappy before all this went down and didn't get to share.  This is the shirt,flannel, and wovens  scrap quilt finally assembled and ready for quilting.

The tile block quilt from that old shelved kit was also finished up.  I don't normally work a quilt from start to finish, but since this had already sat for so long in the bag I did not want to set it aside in the process of stitching for fear it would get lost in the list of things to do.  Yes, big blocks and a big quilt - so not Sharon!  Well, each of those blocks has 57 pieces in them.

I've actually added 3 more pieces to this pile on the quilt rack - all waiting to be quilted.  This doesn't even make a dent to what is in the big tote!  My Juki is down and needs a scheduled maintainance, so the little back up machine is out.  It's not something I can quilt with.  Yeah, get that long arm up and running.  Every time we schedule the 'final' assembly, testing - something more important pops up.

Today I am playing with the Kim Deihl piece.  The applique' is done and now on to the piecing of borders.  BORDERS!!  But I want to wrap this up today as I have a special project to complete by the 29th.  My camera is re-charging, so no pics.  Yet, the special project you won't get to see until the presentation because some people follow my blog.

Remember to visit the hosts today - a bit of a change to the list

Sewingly Yours

Monday, September 10, 2018

Welcome To My House Blog Hop

When CAROL first announced the 'House' hop, I knew I had to join in as I just love house blocks, quilts, and fun little house items.   I've made a lot of houses over my quilty, bloggy years and here are just a few:

Name Tag badge for my local quilt guild - 2010

The Christmas Village - Sulky International Pattern

Block for  Beth's annual 'Neighborhood'  project.  

Cross Stitched Homestead - 2013

Or your house being covered in quilts during the the first "Airing of the Quilts" to promote the new Quilt Barn Trail in Schoharie County - 2014

Scrappy Houses with RSC15

Harvest House - 2016 'Let's Book It' project

Wonky House after a terrible 2017 wind storm

So what does 2018 bring?

Block One from the Moda 'Be My Neighbor' QAL
Sometimes just one block can make a statement
Completely all scraps from the bins, left over binding,
back and hanger is an old FQ, scrap piece of batting, and 
quilted with old bobbins to finish up that last bit of thread.

Thank You for stopping by and be sure to visit:

Friday, September 7, 2018


I will be on a break for a bit.  My mother had suffered a stroke on Tuesday, Sept 4th, which also resulted in a very bad fall.  I am caring for her at home.  I am just working a little bit on some hand stitching, but quilting is not on the agenda right now.  Luckily my project and post is ready for the up-coming House Hop, so see you then.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Quilters Meet & Greet

If you have not been here before, welcome to VroomansQuilts.  I live in a small rural town, Schoharie, NY which was nearly wiped out by Storm Irene  and Lee.  We have a family in-home shop with quilted items by my Mom, SIL Jeri, and myself.  My Mom has been quilting for over 50 yrs, myself starting in 2009, and Jeri a few years ago when she retired. 

I'd like to thank Benita of Victoriana Quilt Design for inviting me to this Meet & Greet Hop that will be on-line all September right HERE.

I guess what defines me as a quilter - and what I love to work most - is scraps!  I am lucky that many people know me as the 'scrap' lady and bring me their goodies to play with.   The smaller the scrap, the happier I am.  I like the challenge of selecting a block and design that uses them to their utmost potential.

Quilts made from gifted scraps fill another passion I have, donating to various charities, programs or raffles to raise funds.

I do like to play with other mediums.  Like mixing embroidery and beading with projects.

I enjoy the relaxing feel of thread being pulled thru fabric.  Hexies being done by hand  and even hand quilting.  Slowing down and enjoying the process - it's also a great connection to my heritage.

I like to play with modern as well.  On the light side to ..........

the dark and colorful side.  It never hurts to try something outside your comfort zone as it might surprise you - you might just like it.

Like so many quilters, I have helpers.  These two are fabulous 'holder-downers', inspectors, testers, and have favorite colors as well.  BUT, they do know to stay off the finished pieces.  In fact so well, I can't get them to pose with - so the napping takes place else where.  

I enjoy participating in QALs, BOMs, and Challenges.  I am very proud of this particular quilt as I used it to 'bite the bullet' and stop practicing that FMQ and go for it.  And on my old New Home that had a 4" harp no less.

I do have a passion for Civil War prints and mainly for miniatures, but I loved using them in this Lynn Wilder design "Country Charmer".

I don't do a lot of quilt shows, but enjoy sending things for 'exhibits' in area displays, museums, and local venues.  This little couch throw which I love the Fig Tree fabric line, worked so pretty in this setting at our local Library hosted by my Quilt Guild and the County Floral Clubs.

I do enter a lot of design competitions.  Sometimes it is just a block, maybe a small piece, and then the occassional large quilt.  Some pieces have won me - well, more fabric - and then some have been chosen to travel in special exhibits.  I have done some work with designers and fabric companies to make pieces for Spring and Fall Quilt Market as well.  This gave me exposure to so many people in the industry as well as stretch my learning of so many techniques.  It, also, opened doors to pattern testing for some designers. 

The highlight of my quilting was being inducted into the Catskill Mountain Quilters Hall of Fame in 2017.  For the short time I have been a quilter, this was a huge honor for me and I thank my guild for nominating me.  My mother was inducted 30 yrs prior and we are the first mother/daughter  in the group.  There is a grandmother/granddaughter as well - proving our area is steep in quilting history and heritage.

So I thank you for visiting VroomansQuilts on Quilt Lane and please be sure to visit all the other wonderful quilters taking part in the Meet & Greet.

Don't forget to 
enter for Grand 
Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Slow Stitching Sunday

It has been a long time since joining in with the Slow Stitch with Kathy.  Actually, a long time since I slow stitched.  She has a challenge to show where you do your slow stitching.  I use a lot of my small projects as travel work, but when home I like to use my ironing board.  Yup, I raise it up to stand at it or lower it a bit to use my stool or lower it a little more for my chair.  There is a bendable, adjustable super light that I can change to suit what ever position I am working here.

This is Kim Diehl's "Snowball Blossoms" mini you can find for free on the 
Henry Glass site (under construction right now).  Once I get the few stems finished stitching down, I will get the leaves done.  I am thinking I would rather use buttons for the tiny berries rather than those tiny fabric circles.

This should be ready for all the patchwork borders for Making Monday.  Just me and the kitties home for the Labor Day weekend.  Several folks up and down the Valley set fireworks off, So I just have to pull out a chair on the side lawn to watch the festivities (no traveling in that mad house traffic on this weekend for me).

Be Safe and Enjoy your Holiday,
Sewingly Yours,