Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

Happy dance that the braided rail fence quilt is now a flimsy!  All those partial seams really were not the bother, just the jigsaw puzzle layout that had to be kept as things went together.  AND those stripes zig and zagging did make the eyes weary.  This was to use up a lot of left over Kona black strips and the collection of solids over time.

You can see we jumped right from that long winter into Summer like weather.  Those are light springy greens - not yellow (not yet).  I started my temperature quilt on Summer Solstice and that is quickly coming back around.  I need to get a row of rosettes stitched down so when I hit that last one, this one is a flimsy.  SARAH is starting another temperature sew along, but I think once is enough for me.

76 - 71 - 76 - 78 - 68 - 76 - 77

The next project to get into the flimsy stage is the black/white brick quilt.  I've decided to go with just a white sash and border rather than a color.  This reminds me of the Harlequin dolls for some reason.

I probably have about 300 1.5" HSTs from the last baggy of blue bits, but I found these to be added.  I'm sure there are more and as I am not sure how I will use them, I will continue to make them up.  I'll chain a bunch as well as use them as leader/enders.  They will surprisingly get done fast using both methods.  I even pull a few to trim down in between other things as breaks.  Ha, who takes a break to trim a mess of HSTs?

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, May 28, 2018


What has blogger done?  I am just too old for this stuff and I will carry on as always, but to have to post about security, spam settings, missing post comments and how to reply - this is all just too much.  

We've sorted out changes to blogger amongst ourselves in the past, but sometimes I think these folks are nuts.  I have had comment setting problems since the whole Google+ addition and g-mail settings.  I post and comment where I can and reply as I can.

I rather be sewing and sharing.  I forgot about these blocks until a bit of clean up revealed them.  A lot of partial seams are going to happen  as this is a real puzzle-setter.

I hope you had a pleasant and safe Holiday.  I sat in the rain selling raffle tickets - maybe under a tent, but I still got damp and cold and very tired.  Why not jump right into a quilt that has a challenge.

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, May 26, 2018

I will be spending the day in Fleischmanns NY for their street fair.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Winning Stars

Thanks to a squirell (or chipper)  this lone varigated tulip came up in the bed.  It looks a bit like a star.

And my precious apple tree planted for my Dad.  It was marked as a miniature, but it sure fooled us!  BUT, I love this tree and it was loaded with blossoms and bees this year.  Fingers crossed those happy buzzies did their business and we have an abundance of apples this year.

The winning stars of my give away during the Star Blog Hop are:

Anna Brown and Siouxzq

I will be sending out personal e-mails for mailing info and hope to get them out right after the holiday.

Sewingly Yours,

Back in the Saddle

It feels good to get back into the sewing gear!  It took a while to gather what project was where and at what stage.  First I want to catch up on the Temecula Quilt Co project.  There were a few blocks I wasn't happy to place in this piece, so I am making a few log cabin blocks that I can replace those with.  Hey, when it's your quilt you do what makes you happy.

Then a few more of these 4-patch on point blocks will get made.  I need to make more of the little 4-patch blocks for variety in the mix.  Extras will always get used some where down the line.

I've been using these little cut-offs as leader/enders.  I have a pile that needs a finger press and squaring up before I start getting too far ahead of myself here.

Before I got that machine humming again, I made sure to catch up on my temperature rosettes.

64 - 60 - 54 - 47 - 58 - 64 - 70
70 - 72 - 63 - 52 - 72 - 66 - 62

Please visit the remainder of the Hop

May 24

May 25 

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Wish Upon A Star

Some Star Gazing

I want to thank Carol @ Just Let Me Quilt for hosting this wonderful idea for a Blog Hop.  Who doesn't like stars or want to be a star?

I've made a lot of star blocks and star quilts during my quilting years - a favorite and classic you can't go wrong with.  So for the hop I thought I would work something small.

I started out playing with some scraps (my candy) for strattas and made them into sashing set with star corner stones.  This became a table runner, but I sold this right after finishing with no photos of the completed piece.

Then I had to present  a program at my quilt guild's meeting on making journal/book covers.  I decided I would use one of my demo pieces for the Star Hop.  I have a granddaughter who is quite the shining star.  Actually all my props were to make final pieces for my grands.

There are a lot of tutorials and U-Tubes for making these and very easy to do.  You just need the size journal/book and selection of fabrics (great for scraps) and you are off.  I chose to use the basic Composition Book as my grands like to write and draw in these.  These are for my grandsons - one who is in to computer coding/design right now and the other hiking mixed with bird watching.  His favorite bird is the cardinal and how great I had just the right scraps for these.

They really look like a table runner with the initial unit finished.  I used up my scraps from a collection of Coton & Steel  from my 30 Blocks in 30 Days quilt.  Hannah loves all things princess, but I didn't have anything like that in my stash/scraps.  So I hope she likes the ponies and pastels.

I'll tuck some extra items to go with each notebook and I hope my shining stars enjoy their journals during summer vacation.

Please be sure to visit all of today's Stars

May 23

 I have a give away for all you shining stars.  Two scissor fobs:  one with a kitty and scissor/thread charm and the other with heart and spools block charm.  I will pull two winners on May 26.  Be sure I can contact you and I will ship out of state.

Sewingly Yours,


May 21 

May 22

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Hands2Help Link Up

A big thank you for SARAH @ Confessions of a Scrap Addict for all she does to pull this wonderful event together.  Each year fellow quilters are so giving and the numbers climb with each sponsored year.  They spread those quilty hugs so generously.

Each year Sarah reviews charity group requests with three chosen to represent the year, but you can donate locally.  I chose to donate locally with my quilt guild's yearly project with Chatholic Charites to help our own communities.  Each year I donate three quilts in name of my children and they were delivered with the guild's contribution in April.

A scrappy blue Twin Sisters quilt from my tutorial found HERE,

A variation on the Jelly Roll Race quilt pattern with some soft pastels.

Using up some scraps of pinks and greens for the Loving Hearts - own design.

Please visit SARAH and see all the wonderful quilts being donated around the world.

Sewingly Yours,

Shining Stars

Starts Tomorrow!

May 21

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May 23

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