Sunday, January 30, 2022

Monday Making


Boy it's been a while since I joined BETH.  I'm hoping a little bit of MOJO is coming back and I'm trying to make a better effort with my blog and visiting my blog community.

 I did get my 'move it along' project done.  I was going to add a white border around it, but I think I like it just as is.  And with my 'new' project done for the Polar Bear Plunge Hop, I now just have the 'finish' to get to.

Remember I am working my theme of THREE for each month.  One finish, one move it along, and one new.  This quilt is under the needle for the day.  We do have one day left in January and this is doable.  The binding hand stitching will certainly roll over into February.  Maybe by Ground Hogs Day which we are predicted to have sunshine and into the 40's - HEAT WAVE!

I know so many really got clobbered by Storm Kenan, so I won't whoop too loudly.  We got maybe an inch if that.  Yea, I peaked out the doorway for the photo as it was -2 degrees.   BUT with high winds all night and thru the next day, Sunday was a shovel/plow day of over a foot of snow.  How does that happen when there is just this little bit??????

Sewingly Yours, 


Monday, January 24, 2022

Polar Bear Plunge Hop


I'd like to think the hop trio of hosts didn't plan this first Hop for 2022 knowing that most of the US (and parts of the world) would be in such a deep freeze and snow .  But I thank JOAN for starting us off with some hopping fun.

I looked for some 'image' inspiration and a number of Polar Plunge logos came up for Polar Clubs - yup, jumping in that icy water is a thing.

I found this cute little free bear pattern HERE and looked for days for my Sherpa with no success  BUT THEN ......


the news of the 'Saskatchewan Screamer' that then became Storm Izzy kept flashing all the colorful and cold  weather photos.

Someone had just given me the new copy of Simply Moderne - the cover caught my eye (love the whole quilt too) and the light bulb went off.

 Using the pattern and colors of the weather maps I came up with my own 'Izzy'.  And one of those quarter circles is the Pantone Color of the Year - PERI, so I have that covered, too.

I even did some hand quilting - haven't done that in a while.  Using the magenta, peri, and white colored threads for some very rough circles.  It was a fun project that helped thru some pretty cold days and nights - waking up to minus 12 degrees is a shocker!

Please be sure to visit today's other participants:

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Baby It's Cold Outside!


The great Storm Izzy sort of went south and north of us, but we still got 8 inches of some very heavy, wet snow.  I shoveled a 'path' as I wasn't stroking out doing the entire width of that walk way.  I did it in intervals, warmed up and rested, and then back at it.  I was just about to go out and plow when my son came with his truck/plow and did the whole thing - blessing as we plummeted into the minuses.

 Seems like every where is in the freeze and snow and this is how I feel about it.  One more week left!

I don't think JOAN knew about this cold ahead of time???????  But we can enjoy the last week of January with a new Hop for 2020.

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Keep Safe and Warm,

Sewingly Yours,


Sunday, January 16, 2022



Most of you have already been affected by Sotrm Izzy and we are waiting for it's arrival.  I'm hoping we don't get as much as predicted (I have to do all the shoveling and plowing) and that we don't lose power.  We only have landlines, so if things get bad I may have to walk out for assistance for my Mom.

I hope to get my "move on to the next step" project of the Birches completed while riding out the storm.  If power goes, I do have a small project that I am hand quilting to keep me busy.

The few pieces of Gelato layer cakes will be passed on - thus an empty tote!

Stay Safe and Warm,
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Scrappy Wednesday


I'm doing some secret sewing for the up-coming "Polar" Hop which is my NEW project for the month.  Pulled the tote of Gelato scraps and hope to use them up .  

In that tote was all the 'Birches' blocks for RSC2021 and they will be my move it along project for the month.    An empty tote for the month will make me happy.


Sewingly Yours,


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Keeping Warm


I always like to make a project for the year using the Pantone color of the year.  I know I don't have anything close to this, so once we thaw out, I think a road trip to a LQS is in order.

Many of our LQS, shops, eateries, activities have closed once again as our area is in the high numbers of the new Omicron - Covid strain.  We even canceled our January guild meeting to keep everyone safe.  We are, also, very cold and it's best to stay indoors.

   I don't set my heat very high, so you know it's cold when Mr. Moe moves from the box to the newly set up rocker with plushy blanket for warmth.  I crack up as the rocker will 'rock' with any of his movements - rocks him back to sleep.

Me - I am keeping warm with some quiler athletics:

I pulled the 'threes' projects and some prepping has begun.

Stay Safe and Warm,


Saturday, January 1, 2022

A New Year


I'm hoping this is a better year than the past few.  A lot of quilters think about a 'word' or focus for the year to help inspire their work.  I really need 'focus' but I have noticed several bloggers who work THREE.  Three projects for the month.  One finish, one moved to the next stage, and one new.

This might help me with 'focus' and so it shall be the THREES for the year.  I have plenty of things to be quilted, plenty to of projects that need to move on to the next step, and I will limit my NEW to the HOP projects.  Those will be kept to small items so they are easy finishes

And having a Moe in a Box (actually on the box) makes me smile and take it as a good sign for the year.

Sewingly Yours,