Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Farm to Fiber Tour


I am still deep in sorting fabrics, but this may interest some of you in distance of.  A nice event to take in while also enjoying some leaf peeping.

Over 30 farms, fiber studios, makers, and a mill are participating across an eight-county region including southwestern Vermont and New York’s Hudson Valley. The event is coordinated by the Southern Adirondack Fiber Producers Cooperative. Find what other farms are participating here:  https://soadkfiberproducers.org/

Monday, September 28, 2020

Hello Fall Winner


I totally for got - I need to pull the winner of the Owl Panel and FQs from the Fall Hop.

My first winner drawn was a no-reply and they left no contact info, so the second pull was:

Brenda @ Songbird DesignsSeptember 21, 2020 at 2:39 PM

Sharon I love your moose, and your quilt definitely says autumn to me! And I love the owl panel! They are faves of my granddaughter and myself! Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity to win!

I will contact Brenda for mailing instructions.  Thank you everyone who left such wonderful comments.  I hope you all enjoyed the hop as much as I did.

Sewingly Yours,


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Monday Making


I did get the patch rail top together and I may (or may not) add a border.

I searched back thru photo files to show one I did with the light setting - just a different look.

I finished off this wall hanging and .......

I changed up the Covid piece.  I wasn't happy with where it was going and the little houses made me happy.  So I literally chopped off two borders (yes I did two borders and then took them off) and bound this - done.  Four wall hangings finished off, two large quilts finished off, and one quilt top put together.  It filled up a long month.  Now my machine is put away for a while as I have another project that is going to take some time.

I am slowly going thru items being brought from an estate - one of our guild's founding members- she wanted her sewing and quilting items to be donated to the guild and I am being the steward.  This is about an 1/8th of the many books and magazines.  I shared one car load at a guild meeting and the left overs I'm storing.  Another car load is here and has been gone thru to take to another meeting.

This is half of what has come in here - some has been taken to the guild, but this all has to be processed - sorted, pressed, folded, and regrouped.  As we have a speaker for our next meeting it will be held until the following meeting for the guild to enjoy.  AND I do hope they take ALL of it!  Even the bins and storage carts.  Hopefully I can get thru most of this before the next load comes in.

And this all happened when I was preparing to relocate all of my things - so yes, I have a huge quilty mess in my house.

My SIL shared this with me.  She and my brother took a ride up into the Adirondack Mts. and found this bar and grill near Caroga Lake.  OMG!!

My Monday Making, I will be up to my arm pits in fabrics to be pressed........

Sewingly Yours,



Friday, September 25, 2020

OMG - Sept 2020 Link Up


This month I chose to finish up one of my smaller and older UFOs.  Fall is always a little busier with enjoying the outdoor cooler temps, colors, and farmers markets.  Also, more time is being spent putting up produce to enjoy during the winter months.  A smaller project was was more feasable.

I decided not to add any more to it - applique' leaves, button, beads - it hung for so many years as is, it must have been what I prefered.

So it is quilted, bound, hanging sleave and back hanging on the wall.

Be sure to visit the LINKY HERE.

ALSO, I was one of the lucky draws from last month and received two cutting mats from Ecopeco - 24"x 36" and 18" x 24".  Two sided and 5-ply so very sturdy.  Yes, I replaced my rather battered oldies with them and went right to work testing them out - LOVE.  Thank you Patty and Ecopeco.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, September 21, 2020

National JR Day Finish

I used National Jelly Roll Day (Saturday) to pull a JR flimsy and get it quilted.  I found four in the one tote and chose this one.  This is a 'made' JR of scrap browns and a variation of the JR Race pattern.  Quick and simple!

Just straight line quilting across the rows - pieced the back to use up more yardage.  I had the binding pinned to the flimsy, so that was ready to add.  Finished size for a couch throw - 50" x 64".

Be Sure To Visit Today

Tuesday, September 22nd

Sewingly Yours,


Sunday, September 20, 2020



I want to thank CARLA for putting together another fun Hop and so fitting to celebrate the next season.  Fall is my favorite season with cooler temperatures, fruits and vegies of the growing season, and the crisp colors.

I was going to make a small project, But.............

Fall, also, means plaids and snuggling under a warm quilt by the fire.  This is LORNA'S 'Buffalo Plaid Moose' pattern.  I changed the buffalo plaid setting to a scrappy use of plaids, homespuns, and shirts.  

My Dad had a run in with a moose many years ago and his favorite expression after that - when ever faced with conflict - was 'don't goose the moose'.  He had a 'moose crossing' sign here at the top of our long drive to slow drivers before getting into the main farm area - we don't have any moose here.  But he liked the gag.

I used up the large pieces of homespun for the back.  Just an added touch to the 'Earthy Fall' feel to this quilt.

And the rumple.....................

HEE HEE - Moe loved this quilt from the time I pulled that tote of homespuns and helped with every step in it's making.  So I quess he has a right to photo bomb and run back/forth behind the quilt.


This lovely panel of owls and four fall leaf print fat quarters could be yours.  Just be sure I have a way to contact you.  I will pull the winner on Monday, Sept 28.


 Monday, September 21st


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Rolling Along


Saturday, September 19, 2020

I don't have any Jelly Rolls, but I am sure there is a flimsy waiting to be quilted that was born from a Jelly Roll.  So I will QUILT a Jelly Roll.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Scrappy Wednesday

The goal today is to finish up piecing all the rows.  Maybe I will get them into twosies or even two halves of a quilt top?  Even though my priotity this month is to quilt up  that pile of small items, it's OK to add another quilt top into mix - right?

  My Favorite Season


Monday, September 21st

Tuesday, September 22nd
Wednesday, September 23rd
Thursday, September 24th

AND starting on Sept 21st, Lori @ Humble Quilts will be hosting a small quilt QAL '50 Shades of Brown' and you can find the information HERE,  That's a picture of her browns, but I think I have just about everyone of those! (and more)

Cooler temps are here (frost next week) and the pumpkin spice everthing is every where!  Apples and pumpkins and winter squash are at the farm stands.  Leaves are changing color.  I wish we could send our cooler air and rains to the west coast - prayers for all.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, September 14, 2020

2020 Fires Help

Oregon Wildfire 2020 

Oregon Wildfire 2020 Quilts

We are receiving inquires about how to help.  We would be happy to accept finished washed pillowcases and finished washed quits for local distribution of wildfire victims.  (We are not setup to accept any other donations.)
You can ship them to:
Bear Creek Quilting Company
Attn: Oregon Wildfire 2020
110 Industrial Way
Lebanon, OR 97355

Bear Creek Quilting Company

**if you know of any other collects, please let me know and I will gladly post**

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Scrappy Wednesday

I hope everyone had a safe Holiday weekend.   The weather has created such an 'on-toes' chaos in so many areas and I truly pray for you all.  My refresher away from media helps with stress.  Also, working with my tinies helps with stress.  I know that doesn't work for a lot of people, but for me it does.  I have to slow down and relax when working tiny.

And I was enjoying these so much and didn't want to throw out those extra stratta pieces - so another tiny was born.  All left overs, even the buttons are off an old shirt.

I have my small scrappy OMG wall hanging quilted, just have to add some buttons and the binding which is doable today.  

Find what helps you to de-stress.  Don't wait until you are tied in knots.  Relax - Breath

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Labor Day Weekend

I've been laboring away on all those small pieces.  Some of of this was stitching individual bits and some was done as stratas.  It all depended on what fell from that scrap bag.

I had more than enough of stratas, so I will work these into something else.  Then I think I am done playing with tiny and need to concentrate on actually quilting/binding a piece - or two.

Even grandie is stitching small.  I see she added some of those buttons she purged from my boxes.  I think I need to sew in a pink hoody and tutu

And her other passion - baking!  OMG she looks so grown up here.  That apron was one I received in a swap long ago and passed on to my daughter.

I hope that every one enjoys a safe Labor Day.  I will be taking time away from the blog and social media until Wednesday.

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, September 3, 2020

OMG - September 2020

I have a number of small projects that need cleaning up.  I've a lot of cut offs from backings and batting along with left over bindings.  September will be a good month to enjoy some simple finishes.

This is a free Kim Diehl pattern on the Henry Glass Fabrics website and the pattern is called Snowball Blossoms.  It's been hanging on the wall as is (for how many years?) so time to get it finished.

Be sure to visit the LINK UP

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Scrappy Wednesday

I pulled a couple of small baggies with the tiniest pieces and dumped them on the table.  Most of these 'normal' people would just toss out, but I have a project to use them up instead.

I've decided that September is going to be a month of small.  Cleaning up my smallest projects.  They will use up the cut off batting, cut off backing, and left over bindings.  And stitching the smallest of pieces - I love working with small.

Just 1.5" squares braced with 1" x 1.5" , to then be sashed with the skinny setting sashings and tiny corner stones.  I'm throwing the 'opposites' for a reversal of the light/color into another small tub.

Besides, Moe has declaired a moratorium on large work.  Bella has gone missing - no - just prefers napping on the guest bed now that we have cooled down considerably.  I hate to tell Moe, but that whole table and mess is going to cleared out of that corner this week.

The storms have passed and Fall has moved in.  We are in the comfortable 70's with much cooler nights - great sleeping.

Sewingly Yours,