Friday, July 31, 2015

Finishing up July - 2015

Like in so many places, the heat has taken it's toll on productivity and creativity.  The occassional storms that rolled thru were not always friendly.  And July saw the 3's - they say things come in 3's.  The car that died (fixed), the iron that died (replaced), and now my sweet Juki (in for repair).  But for every dark cloud there comes a ray of light - so let's see how I did on my July goals.

The Le'ts Book It project almost to flimsy stage - one more border to go.  This one is big and will be sent off to a long armer.  I did pick up backing and binding fabric on my outing yesterday.

The color for RSC15 for the month of July was Red and I completed all my various blocks for 'in-progress' projects.  Now that we are more than half way thru the year, do you get the itch to finish these up?  It is hard for me to wait each month for the next month's color announcement and then just work a few blocks.  I'm eager to wrap up some of these projects.  I was hoping for ORANGE and even picked up some orange FQs on my outing - but it is Indigo or option for deep purple or black.

I needed a little slow down at times and used the Slow Sunday Stitching to finish up the binding on this monster.  I don't normally do BIG, but I love this quilt and it so represents me as a quilter.  As I handled each of these 2.5" squares from the barrel or the bricks from the totes - I remembered the other projects those fabrics appeared in.  And said some sad (and happy) farewells to some as it was their last performance - gone and used up.

And this little piece was a 'slow down' project which took forever to do - I procastinated, not that it was hard or large.

July was a month of clearing out, too.  I passed on some fabrics and UFOs, organized, and put the piles of blocks together.  This one - 'Grandpa's Stars' - was inspired by Jo's Country Junction to finish up one of our Bonnie Hunter projects before her retreat.  Some of you were in shock when I said I was planning borders for this.  It is small and I could make more blocks, but the reason for making this quilt was to use up all those 'stored' HSTs - not make more.

And when you play with so many scraps, you get the itch to play with NEW.  Although most of this is OLD that was sitting on the shelf for far too long.  The Charms gifted and waiting for the right quilt.  A Kona black jelly roll found behind a UFO.  A surprise find of an old fabric that just wanted to be in a quilt.  I rarely make a quilt from cut to finish, but that is what happened with this one.  And I got to have fun with my aboundance of thread - I have a thrill of thead as much as the thrill of fabric.

With the heat, summer activities in the next month, waiting on a sewing machine repair - I plan a little more slow down in August.

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability."
-  Sam Keen  

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Let's Book It - July 2015

This experience has me discovering so many wonderful books and patterns that I so wrongfully have ignored.  The bright, shiney new things dangling before us are so distracting.

There are so many great patterns in this book.  I can even envision using them with other hues or go all scrappy with them.

This was the pattern I wanted to play with to use up all the skinny and scrap neutral browns I had taking over.

And even though I had a helper - of sorts .............

I managed to get two borders on.  The last border will have to wait as I ran out of muslin.  AND my Juki has frozen up (think a sensor has gone) and has to be serviced.

My SIL and I are passing on the group trip to AGS Syracuse - I know, whaaa - but I am having trouble with my hips and a long ride, walk and then ride home - I would be a real party pooper and laid up for weeks after.  So we are going to visit a new local fabric shop, she needs a few things and I will look for some muslin and binding for this. And I need some backing for another project to send off to the long armer - so shopping we go.


Since I will be doing a lot of hand quilting demo's the next month, I chose the Rose Thimble Charm to go with the Vintage Sewing Machine Pin.
Now it's your turn to share:

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Monday Making 7/27/15

I picked up the green quilt that is slowly getting it's binding done only to have this character take over the next project.  What a struggle to try and get sashings and borders on this with this monster claiming it.  This is my Let's Book It project and I would really like to have it (flimsy) ready for the linky party. 

Since I've played with so many scraps and scrap projects, I had to touch some NEW fabric.  I bought 3 FQ packages of Marcus on sale (half price and then 20% off total order- yippie!) from Hancock's of Paducah some time ago.  Go check it out - they have another sale.  I pulled a layer cake I have been saving too - Barbara Brackman's 'Ladys Album' to play with the Heritage Stars pattern.  AND I am using Barbara's Stars in a Time Warp QAL to make this.  Although I am using NEW fabric, I am having to dig in all my totes and bins and shelves to find some of the period fabrics she discusses.  That's a good thing, because I will finally get my Civil War fabrics into ONE location.

I need 52 six inch stars (16 within a large star), so this QAL will be perfect to accomplish all these.  Since I have to start from the beginning and browse thru Barbara's previous posts, I am enjoying reading the history of the period and fabrics all over again.  These little Sawtooth Stars don't really take that long to make, but with seeing photos of the different prints - I am scouring my stash to find that 'oh, I have that one' fabric.  Now I need a new tote to keep my project and fabrics in.

**and maybe I can sneak some stitches in that binding and add those borders while the furkid is napping**

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, July 24, 2015

Whoop Whoop Friday

If you remember, I was trying to tame that over flowing tote of strips and strings because I couldn't get the cover on (and really had to shove it onto the shelf).  I haven't counted how many blocks are there, but that pile is almost as high as the tote - I tilted/propped it so you can see - a left over piece of stratta, some packaged strips, and a few strings.

Then I noticed my black tote was in the same condition.  I found that red/black check (and old Marcus) that looked like a trim from a quilt edge.  It was 3.5" wide and long enough for me to get 20 blocks to use for my chimneys.  A lot of sorting, piling, putting away things that didn't belong in that tote and I am in the progress of making some fun log cabin blocks.

And I should be getting this finished!! Binding still waiting, but a certain furkid has decided this is a good napping place.  (Yeah, my hair dye - something else that needs tending to).  Want to take bets now on whether I can get him to pose with the quilt when it's finished for the Pet's On Quilts?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend - I have some serious finishing to do.

Sewingly Yours,
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Show & Tell Challenge - Part Two

I got the 10  Grandpa's Stars blocks finished and started making rows - a lot of pins to try and get all those seams to match up.

And a lot seams pressed open to reduce bulk.  I used a lot of Best Press getting this baby to lay nicely - I like my backs as neat as my fronts.

It is now ready for borders - a 2.5" inner border and a 6.5" outer border should round this one out nicely.  This will be the biggest part of Jo's Challenge - I hate to add borders.  Plus, this has so much going on that I want to keep the borders calm to properly frame this - I just hope I have something on the shelf.

Please visit and see what others have linked up for the challenge.

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Archive Tuesday - All Things Scraps

Val's Quilting Studio

I hope you are aware of Valerie's Tuesday Archives, but do hop over today.  She has a theme (alphabetically) each week and this week it is Scrap Quilts and Scrap Projects.

Since I am a scrap quilter, oh so many posts with scrap quilts.  I linked my little scrap doll tutorial, but you can pick it up on the tab, too.  For a quilt I thought I wouldn't go thru the archives, but show the newest finish (photoed just as a huge storm rolled in - just made it in the door).

This was my my April 'Let's Book It' project from Pat Speth's "Big Book of Nickel Quilts".  It didn't even put a dent in my scraps.

This is a big quilt and I handed it off to my long armer, Barbara Rua, to just do a large open meander.  Anything more would take away from the 'heritage' of this quilt pattern.

A little closer shot before the lightening and thunder scared the beegeebees out of me.  72" square, Quilter's Dream 100% cotton batt, unbleached muslin for backing, 5 different left over bindings complete this.  I LOVE this quilt - so me!!

If you are a scrap quilter or just starting to work your scraps, please go over and check out all the link ups - inpiration abounds.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Making

I finished up the quilting on this little postage stamp quilt and I now have to find something from stash to make binding to complete this.  I would pull from my left over binding drawer, but the last BIG quilt got all the good pieces.

This quilt (which will debut for Pets on Quilts) is slowly getting it's binding hand sewn down.  The plan is to keep it in sight so I will be encouraged to pick up that needle and add a few more stitches before I move on to the next project.  We are just getting hot and humid weather and having a quilt in your lap - augh!

Two rows of braids for the Let's Book It project have been finished.  If I want to stay on track with this one, today I need to finish up the other two rows.  Then the weekend will be dedicated to getting this into flimsy stage.

And I am writing notes, prepping, and packing up items for demontrating at one of the local museums - Palantine House - on Saturday, August 1st (12-4pm).  I will be hand quilting, applique, and some needle turn sample projects.  Along with information on period fabrics, blocks/patterns, and  notions. There will be a number of different period demonstrations going on - a fun family event.

** linking up with Patchwork Times and Monday Making **

Time to turn the AC on,
Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Of Mice & Men

Or is it of cats and red?  Moe helped with finishing up with my RSC15 RED blocks.  And both furkids have been bringing mice - along with chipmonks, moles, frogs from the pond, a garter snake (Moe), and a rabbit (Bella - and it was alive and caught/released).  I think it is a competition on how many items and variety each can bring me.

The fun 9-patch houses - and I promise a tutorial on these as soon as I wrap up some time priority projects.

The Sawtooth Stars that go with the houses.  And someone noticed the house and star blocks are not the same size, yet I was using them in the same project.  Quilt math my sweets - they will work together.

And the Woven Heart block.  I also got 40 red bricks done up for the other project, but they are a boring pile alone.  My reds are done for the month.

I finished hand sewing that 72 miles of binding and hope later today I can get it hung outside for some photos (we are expecting storms).  But I have another quilt that has taken it's place - waiting 3 months for me to hand sew that binding down.  I want to use it for the Pets on Quilts.  Yes, that's coming up soon.

OK, I need to get back to work,
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Show & Tell Challenge - Part One

Jo of Jo's Country Junction is hosting a 3 part challenge called 'Show & Tell Challenge' to encourage us Bonnie Hunter fans to make some progress or get a finish on one of our BH projects.  

July 15 - link up chosen project
July 22 - link up progress
July 29 - link up for final show & tell (a finish is not required)

This was perfect timing as I am trying to wrap up some leader/ender projects and the Grandpa's Stars from Quiltmaker March/April '12 - Bonnie's Addicted to scraps column was begging for a finish.  I don't make big quilts (well, I can) so this one will be just set 5 x 6 blocks with two borders.  I have 20 blocks finished and all the parts ready for the last 10 blocks.  Putting these together will be a breeze - it will be the borders that I drag on - so this will give the push.

Do you have a BH project in progress and need that push?  Join in!

(also linking up with Scraptastic Tuesday) Sewingly Yours,

Monday, July 13, 2015

Piggy Bank Challenge

Click the picture to read more!

Valerie has started the new Piggy Bank Challenge. I did really well last year, but I had to dip in those funds for a house repair and car repair.  I used my brick and mortar bank for saving - not tracking a certain amount each month. I will do that again this year.

But I am going to add a coin collection, too.  I saved my change for the grands, but they are getting older and like the paper stuff instead of the coins.  I emptied one of  my snack barrels of those overflowing 2.5" charms (now I only have one of those) so I took some fun fabric and made a wrap for it - if you can't see those coins building up, you won't be tempted to dip into them.

And I  can keep it on the scrap barrel bench - blending in and looking cute.  My goal is to still raise that money for the mid-arm frame machine.  Although, I am seeing some really good sales on the long-arms and I will be going to the AQS show in Syracuse, NY later this month - I plan to try some machines out.

Pop over to the linky page here and see what others have planned.  Maybe join in!

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Design Wall Monday 7/13/15

I will be working on these strattas for my Let's Book It project.

I have them all finished and trimmed to the required 2.5" width.  I need to sort them into nice equal piles for the braids with a balance in scrappy browns and neutrals - then I build.

And I would like to get these string blocks finished.  My tote of skinny strings is down to the shorter bits, so I had to cut some more longer ones from my FQ totes. I know - I wanted to use those strings up and I had to cut more - geesh!  Now I can work on these.

See what other's are playing with at Patchwork Times.

Sewingly Your,

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ready for Slow Sunday Stitching

Slow Sunday Stitching

It has been a bit of a whirl week, so I can use a nice day of slow.  I will be joining Kathy with some slow stitching.

This is my April 'Let's Book It' project - found here.  This is 72" square and I had it done in a large, open meander by my long armer.  I pulled a number of scrap pieces of binding from the drawer - this is a very scrappy quilt, so this works well with it.  I hope to get at least half of it done today and then finished up thru the week.

Join in or at least visit to see how others are slowing down today.

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Whooping Up Friday

I made the one hour fabric basket using up some old Tula Pink fabric from the shelf and an old  fat quarter (probably from JoAnn's) for the lining.  This did take me longer than an hour as I had trouble getting my fuseable batt and fuseable interfacing (I used Pellon heavy weight as I thought the basket was too 'floppy' with just batt) to fuse.  I ended up using some spray baste - I think it was the heavy humidity that day that gave me such grief.

Although this quilt was done in June,  I am considering this quilt a finish for July because I didn't get the label on until the 4th of July weekend.  And that is the heat, humidity, and rain in the background. 

Framing or boxing up charms makes a quick quilt.  And I had fun quilting this.

A lot of straight line quilting with color.  Playing with my color thread is as much fun as playing with all the color fabric.

I'll be linking up with Whoop Whoop Friday with Sarah - go check out what everyone else is dancing about.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mid Year Update

RSC 15

Angela has encouraged us to do a lay out of our RSC15 projects for a review of our progress for the first half of the year.  Please go visit to see all the great Rainbow projects on display.

All my bricks for this project. 40-50 bricks of each color will be more than I need, but it will give me a nice selection when laying this out and the left overs can pieced into the back.

I just love saw-tooth stars - they make me happy as well as a connection to a heritage in thread.  They get combined with.......

the fun 9-patch houses for a another project.

The woven hearts for my 'Angel' charity quilt for the Christmas season.

And these are Connie's flower blocks.  The need some pre-stitching/quilting before I can add the color piecing that goes on each.  I am thinking of making an alternating block with a different type flower center to go with these for a larger quilt lay out.

Have you ever done a rainbow quilt?  If not, you can certainly start now.

Sewingly Yours,