Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Perfect Ending

A completed quilted from Tonya's Stitch and Quilt Along for our May For Me.
Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hands 2 Help

This pattern is from Moose on the Porch - called 'Baby Stars' - made with the fabrics sent from my partner. I so ended up loving this quilt I almost couldn't part with it. It now resides with Judi waiting for it's journey to a new home.

I made a boxed-boxes quilt using the mini charm squares received from Moda for the 'Just one Star' project. Paired with a gifted jelly roll, it worked up quickly. It, also, resides with Judi waiting for it's new home.

I can't wait to see everyone's quilts. Looking forward to seeing them in their travels and then gifted out to their new homes. I have enjoyed this and hope it becomes an annual project.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, May 27, 2011


You all had such yummy birthday cake suggestions and favorites. To be honest - I like pie instead. Favorites are Key Lime and Lemon Meringue - so had a small sliver of each. And the fire pit is out, so hopefully this weekend I can enjoy some smores.

OK - what you all are waiting for. The mailers are ready, set up colorful numbered charms, and the names are in the draw.

The first slip is drawn. The peek of stitchery is block 11 of Raggedy Ann and Andy - so cute.

The second slip is drawn. Oh, this is getting exciting. AND, I am working on the last few stitches for block #12.

The third slip is drawn. I have all my pieces cut for the last block - now I can put all those fabrics into the bins so I have more to play with.

The fourth slip is drawn. Are you ready? Need a drum roll? OK no more teasing.

First name is Sallie - Sallies' Sampler - you get first choice from here. Second is Linda - Stray Stitches - list your 1st and 2nd choice. Third is Cheryll - Gone Stitchin' - list your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice. AND Fourth is Colleen - Lucky Duck Dreams - list your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choice. I will need your lists and mailing addresses and as soon as possible they will be on their way.

** Sallie chose the Holly Taylor Classic Jelly Roll - Linda chose the Kathy Schmidt Full Circle in Tan - Cheryll chose the Pocket Posies - Colleen chose the Kathy Schmidt Full Circle in Red** You gals made it so easy - the first three got their first choice and Colleen got her 2nd choice - how great is that?
**mailed 6/1/11** ***Sallie, Cheryll, Linda, and Colleen have confirmed receipt - ***

Again, thank you all for making my MAY FOR ME month long birthday bash so much fun. And look, almost 100 posts - there will be a chance for more fun.

Sewingly Yours

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memories of May

May has been a month long celebration shared with so many friends. You have made this a wonderful experience and I thank you all. With Blogger getting wobbly, I was not able to respond to many new postings - but I was there, as well as I know you were there too. I have laughed, wished, loved, hugged, and even cried with so many of you. Thank you.


The top 2 spool blocks are from my swap partner - I just love the colors and the wow fabric is just so soft and vibrant. The bottom 2 spools I made. With 2 swaps and the 2 I make a faster pile of blocks will evolve for my spool quilt.

I have all my rows and borders added for Tonya's May For Me quilt along - I had tested the pattern for her, so a lot of my work was done ahead of schedule. I want to hand quilt this with something added into the muslin border. This is just such a cute lap quilt and with my Dutch heritage it will definitaly stay with ME.

Finally - this is the outcome of playing with a panel, some scraps, and the color chart from 'Colors of May' post. I have snippets of panel and scraps, so this is as far as she goes. Another project to hand quilt and maybe some added specialty threads and beading.


I've enjoyed sharing this venture with Tonya and Marcia - and many of you. It really made it an added bonus to my planned monthly birthday bash. Maybe you didn't get to some of your ME plans, but hopefully you have learned that you CAN take some time for yourself.

We are heading into that wonderful time of outdoor cooking and family vactions. And what more is a fun end to an outdoor cookout than smores. But try them with a different flavor - instead of graham crackers, try some cookies - my favorite is Oreos! Fun to un-twist, lick out the frosting and then load them up with chocolate and a squishie marshmallow cooked just right.


May is just about over and my May for Me was my goal - and well accomplished. June goals include some UFO finishes, the next Modern Challenge piece needs finalization, and the new bag that I decided to move from May to June. My June looks light, but you know me, I love to add all those fun things that pop up.

I know Memorial Day is a few days away, but I will be taking the holiday weekend to spend with friends and family. Also, to reflect on some of the current events taking place. I will post the names for the give away and contacting winners on Saturday - but my next regular post will not be until June.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh May - Oh My

I have enjoyed celebrating May For Me with all of my followers. This has been a terrific month long birthday party and I recommend it to anyone. Celebrate YOU!! AND today IS my Birthday and a whole week left to celebrate!!

I so want to share this wonderful gift that I so unforgivenly forgot in showing with Pauline's package (swap). This beautiful card was handpainted by Pauline - I had taken it upstairs to see if I had a nice frame for it - YES I want to frame this - and forgot in the original photo. Pauline has a site for her paintings here so please go visit.


I am still playing with my 'brights'. I have 4 segments now and still playing around with them on how to set them into this puzzle. I do have a border and backing fabric ready, so once I get the center finalized this will be quickly finished up.


I finished the 'Flirting With Flowers' wallhanging. This was a BOM on Vicki's The Pickledish Patch site (originally called Toz's Corner). I changed some elements, being a beginner in applique. I added buttons (eliminated circles), beading, and different embroidery.

This little wallhanging 'Daisy-Do' was a free project on Jennifer Reynold's Elefantz blog. I, also, changed this one up from the original in leaving out a section and putting the ones I did in a different order. Again - oh my, my buttons.

This is my entry into the ModaBakeShop Monthy Contest - May - home decor. An easy charm table runner using 'Arnold's Attic' and muslin. I used one of the tutorials from the site to make the flowers in my cute little crock. And had to add one of my little piggies.

And the cross stitch is finally done! Oh, I hate kits, the floss in them is so bad - I fought knots and breakage the whole way. Now to find a nice frame for it.


I have all my monthly goals done and still have a week to play. I want to have fun with Sew Mama Sew's May 23rd bloggers' list give aways. I have stayed away from a lot of give aways of late, but I think I will just love to browse the blogs. Besides - it's my birthday and I can treat myself to some fun.

This week we deserve some desert. This is so simple and kid friendly. A pineapple round, sliced strawberries arranged in pretty petals, a dab of vanilla yougurt, and top with a berry. You can change her up anyway that fancies you. Different berries, whipped cream, ice cream or sorbert, some granola sprinkled on top or a drizzle of chocolate.


This being my birthday week, I will be drawing 4 (four) names in this weeks giveaway because I discovered I have 4 followers/bloggers who share my birthday. Yes, that's right - 4 (four)!! All you have to do is tell me what is your favorite birthday cake. Easy Peasy!!


I hope all your dreams come true,
for friends like you,
in this world are few.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, May 20, 2011


Look at all the May songs you came up with:
You May be Right
Merry Month of May
Maggie May
Waters of May
You Just May Be the One
May it Be
La Rouse du Moy de May
We go Gathering Nuts in May
May Day Song
May You Always Walk in Sunshine
May the Bird of Paradise Fly...
May I
Will You Love Me in December as You do in May
Now is the Month of Maying
First of May
The Lusty Month of May
Here we go 'round the Maypole
May be, Baby
April showers bring May flowers

You did such a wonderful job of finding so many song names, I had to make it a double win again this week. The mailers are ready and the names are all in the draw

The first slip is drawn. The tension is mounting. Did you notice the wallhanging? Just the binding to sew down!

And the nail biting starts with the draw of slip number two!! Oh, we actually got some sun today, so Miss Sally and I took a long walk. Then it poured again. I know - I am teasing with dragging it out.....

Sarah - Confessions of a Fabric Addict is first draw, so first pick. Go here to find your selection. Roma - QuiltinRoma is the second draw, so Roma send me your 1st and 2nd choice - if your 1st choice is the same as Sarah's you will receive your second choice. AND I will need your mailing addresses.

**Sarah chose the ButterCup (yellow) FQ bundle and Roma chose the Migrations desert roll - Mailed 5/23/11**
***Both have confirmed receipt of packages - 5/26/11***

Not to worry - we have next week with a BIGGER celebration - because it is my birthday week!! See you all on Monday.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May Apples

The May Apple was once called the witches umbrella and thought to be used as a poison. The English version of this plant has much lore told of it, being called Manroot (mandrake) believed to be alive and its screams when pulled from the ground would render a man insane. The Mayapple is also known as: Devil's Apple, Hog-apple, Indian Apple, American Mandrake, American May Apple, Racoonberry, Wild Lemon


My quilted bag swap arrived today - feeling so international - my first squishie from Austria. Lovely Sabine sent me this gorgeous bag with all the extras. It is nice to get other country's magazines, but alas to read it! The little pattern for making pillows with charms - now that is a weekend project must.

And this treasure trove, also arrived today. Thank you Pauline (PhoenixHeirlooms). My swap mate for the Once Upon A Season - Australian Swap. I love the apple core block, but so bad at curves so this is a treasure. And it is a reminder of the farms past orchards. And again magazines from her country UK - my SIL just had to borrow the one for the recipes! Thank you again Pauline.


Since it peeks from under the squishie photos - this a UFO in progress of completion - hopefully by this weekend. Hand quilting, buttons to be added, beading to be done, dimensional flowers, and maybe some charms.

My playful project from the 'color list' is in lots of blocks and rows. It is going to be a puzzle to put together - looks a bit like a puzzle! Another weekend finish - I hope. Yes my Thursday thru Monday is a lot about finishes, if you notice on my posts. And a week end of constant rain - I might just get done.


Have you been getting some ME time? Did you enjoy the updates from bloggers about the Spring Market? Hmmm - like me, did you take advantage of all the fabric sales to clear out for the new lines to come in? I was bad!!!! But when fabric is $1.50-$3.00 a yard - ya gotta!!

Maple-glazed Pork with Apples

1/3 cup maple syrup
1 tablespoon spicy brown mustard
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/4 cup bread crumbs
4 pork loin cutlets (about 1 pound)
2 teaspoons olive oil
1/2 cup apple cider
2 medium Golden Delicious or Granny Smith apples, each cored and cut into 16 wedges

In a small bowl, stir together the maple syrup, mustard, salt, and pepper until well combined. Place the bread crumbs in a large ziplock bag, add the pork, then seal the bag and shake it to coat the cutlets.
Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the pork and cook it for 2 minutes on each side or until golden brown. Add the cider and apple wedges. Bring the cider to a boil, then reduce the heat and let it simmer uncovered for 5 to 7 minutes or until the pork is done. Stir in the maple syrup mixture and cook the pork for 5 minutes more or until the pan sauces are thick and syrupy.
Serve with mashed potato and choice of vegetable.

These were the next pieced blocks for Tonya's May for Me Mystery quilt along. Aren't they pretty? I can't wait to put all the pieces together. The Punctuations fabric line I am using with this project is working up so sweetly.

There are lot's of 'all most done' projects all over right now. My hopes are to get many finishes with this rainy weather that is going to be with us for the next 4-5 days. Once that sun comes out, lots of mowing and cleaning flower beds for planting. So hopefully - if you can stand it - lots of photos of finishes on Monday.

Mayapple, daffodil, hyacinth, lily,
and by the front porch steps
every billowing shade of purple
and lavender lilac,
my mother's favorite flower,
sweet breath drifting through
the open windows:
perfume of memory - of spring.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Songs of May

There are so many songs of May - if you listen. We are lucky to have many Blue Birds nest thru out the farm, and I love their morning songs with my first cup of coffee. The fruit trees are in bloom - I swear I could hear the buds pop open, so glad to finally have some sun. And short lived pretty petals as the sounds of rain created a cascade of falling snow with soft thuds upon the lawn.


Blue birds, petals, bright and washed colours. Lovely inspiration for a new quilt. I had an 'Oasis' jelly roll and it sang to me. Thus, the planning, cutting, and lay-out prep began. As a member of Cyberquilters Group - the monthly challenge/technique is 'braids'. I remembered being taught long ago a 'faux' braid when making a jacket for a 4-H project.

The blocks just flew together so quickly and suddenly there was a quilt top. A faux braid quilt, with bits of brights and washed out colors blending lightly into the braids. I will add a 2' white border to help frame it, and then a 5" floral border (fabric ordered). My 'Songs of May' quilt. I hope to do up a tutorial for this.

I received my next Australian 6.5" swap partner Sunday morning. The block and my partner's request for bright (yellow,orange,or red) on white just added to the songs. So they were done up first thing in the morning - it was a drabby, rainy day and needed brightening. They are ready for posting Monday morning.


Oh, I know - I am way ahead of the game, but I just fell in love with my swap fabric (so would like to keep that quilt) and the Moda "Just One Star" gifted mini charms deserve a happy home. Both quilts were washed, dried, and quickly photo'ed - then boxed up for mailing off. They will head out Monday morning,too.

May For Me

I haven't gotten to my new purse yet. But so many other fun things have evolved in my May For Me - it doesn't have to be planned or MUST DO. I'm slowly browsing sites on the Blogger's Quilt Festival and taking in postings of updates from Spring Market - see some new fabric lines that I really want.

On Friday, I received this lovely zippy purse from my swap mate. I love plaids, and favorite color is blue - so perfect. I can use it alone or it will work beautifully with my larger bag (yet to make). It was filled with Wurther candies which will be shared with our sewing class ladies. And the bright FQ will be worked into my current 'bright' project (my color picks from last week).

And I stitched up Tonya's newest block in the quilt along. Love experimenting with the color pencils and adding personal touches. Just had to use that button!

1 pkg Chicken Breast Strips (about 2-1/2 cups)
1 can (15 oz.) black beans, drained, rinsed
1 can (15 oz.) corn, drained
1/2 cup Thick 'N Chunky Salsa
2 cups hot cooked rice
1 cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1 green onion, chopped

Chop chicken strips into bite size pieces and brown in lightly oiled skillet. (While chicken is browning, prepare instant rice per package directions). Add beans, corn and salsa to chicken in skillet. Cook on medium heat 5 min. or until heated through, stirring occasionally. Serve over rice. Top with cheese and onions.

May Celebration Give Away

Sorry, just love these pigs! OK - 122 followers, it's give away comment time. I tried to search for some MAY song titles and boy, I had a hard time. So I would like you to name a song with the 'word' MAY in the title.

It has rained here so much, that my brother and I commented that your could hear the grass grow. It reminded me of this funny rhyme I used to tell my kids and cub scouts at camp:

There was a young lady of Leeds
Who swallowed six packets of seeds
In a month, silly lass
She was covered in grass
And she couldn't sit down for the weeds

Sewingly Yours,