Monday, February 19, 2024

It Moose Be Love


I hope you are enjoying a very different Hop this month.  The challenge was hearts, or moose , or combo of both.  Thank you JOAN for such a fun and inspirational new Hop.

No hearts on my post, except for the love of my Dad and eldest brother who we've sadly lost too soon.  I made this quilt in their memory for the GUY HOP.  They had an experience with a moose on a hunting trip - goosed the moose with the car and the car paid for it.

I had the honor (gosh back in 2016) of being a guest on the Henry Glass fabric site for their 'Desire to Inspire' project.  They sent me the greatest fabrica.  It really represented our love of the Adirondack Mountains and we camped/fished there often.

And it had the best Salvedge that I used to make some zip pouches.  I thought I would revisit my salvedge jar for a new project for this hop with a quick tutorial.

I pulled the jar and my tote of strings.  You need two 1.5" by size - I'm planning a 12.5' piece - so a bit longer for wiggle room.

 I used a 14" square of backing and 13.5" square of batting.  To help keep your strips running straight, mark a line every 2".

I found a moose on a free clip art site, some fuseable, and piece of black.  Follow the directions of the fuseable you are using - I use Steam A Seam 2.


I put my machine's portable table on to help keep the piece flat while sewing.  You start with the scrap strip, just lay your choice of salvedge on edge (1/8 or 1/4" overlap). and with walking foot stitch close to edge.  Just keep sewing your salvedge strips across the batt/backing sandwich until you get to the end and stitch the second scrap strip to end your piece.

**I always cut my salvedge off with at least 1/2" to 1" fabric print on for using with these types of projects**

Then square up your piece - all quilted for you.  That simple.

Cut out your silouhette and fuse in place.  You can stitch around the edges, but this piece is small and will not get the wear or washing a quilt would.  Use hanging sleeve or corner hangers, binding, and done.  And easy afternoon project.

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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Moose Crossing


The February Hop should be 'moose'tastic!!  Can't wait to see what these creative folks come up with

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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Lost in Traffic


I find it hard some times to get into Blogger - and then there are days I just shut off the computer completely.  So days get away and I get lost in traffic. 

If you live in our area, this chart is just too real!  We went from a week of cold and lots of snow right into a week of rains and grey, then blessed with a few days of FINALLY seeing some sunshine and getting up into the 50's.  Now we are going into our second Winter phase as temps are dropping, it's gray and snow is in the future.

The paperwork went in for an upcoming show in April.  A few quilts have been quilted, and now making binding for them.  This is how I keep bindings while they wait.  Hang tags that indicate the quilt and help hold them onto the hanger.  The larger pieces with no tags are waiting to get under the machine - there is one in progress right now.  Then it's bindings, bindings, bindings!!

And do you find that you totally lose your technique' when you just haven't used it in a while?  I have my piece ready for the Moose Hop and thought I would do a little piecing (before all the bindings).  OMG  I think I need a week or two of just piceing my brains out to get back on the bike, so to speak.

Sewingly Yours,