Thursday, November 24, 2022

 Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours - Vroomans Quilts

Tuesday, November 22, 2022



The snow did come, but thankfully this is what we got from the 'lake effect' storm.  Oh, poor Buffalo and upper NY - six feet of snow!  I can't imagine removing all that snow.  The emergency numbers went up on my fridge - in case I ever need them this winter as this was a sign. 

This is the pattern that I am using up those scrap lites in that large bag.  I saw it on someone's Pinterest board , but didn't catch the source.  It was something that caught my eye when looking for my guild's color challenge project.  I'll keep the stars with the 'warm' colors' and the cross roads for the 'cool' colors.

Have you seen the SPARROWS quilt by Pen and Paper Patterns?  It's been all over the medias for some time and I just think it's stinkin' cute.  Yeah, I bought the pattern.  It will certainly be on the list of winter projects.  They remind me of the little Black Cap Chicadees that are our winter clowns.

I got Momma out for probably the last time for the season.  She hates the cold and the least bit of snow/ice, she is terrified of falling.  There will be just the two of us for Thanksgiving and I am doing crock pot stuffing/chicken, sweet potato, cranberry sauce with blueberry pie topped with vanilla icecream.   

Sewingly Yours,


Sunday, November 13, 2022

We All Go Ooops


I was so excited that I got a good start (and catch up) on the Dogs in Sweaters (I'm going to call it Doxies with Moxie).  Bam!  One of these things is not like the others!  The poor purple sweater Doxie didn't get the same fanny shaping - lol!!!!!  Easy fix and I have to wait for the December color to be selected.

And Ooops there goes a squirrel - I brought down the large bag of left over bits of muslins, lights, white on white, etc... that was too much potential to toss.  Well, for me I can't toss - you would probably.  I have to come up with a plan to use these up finally.

   There has been quite the assortment of blankets on the couch (I'm a napper) and Oooops - the furkids just have to try them all out.  We dropped 20 degrees in a week and then another 10 degrees.  Seeing you west coast bloggers posting snow  means it's headed our way.  With the 'lake effect'. definitely we will see snow.  Oooops, Fall I think is on it's way out.

Sewingly Yours,



Monday, November 7, 2022

Dog Days


I'm a dirty dog again for not getting back to a posting schedule.  BUT, my nose was to the grindstone to make sure all commissions got done and out the door - and they are!

I wish our wonderful colors had lasted longer, but there is a calm in watching the trees and other plant life go into their next phase of the cycle of life.  I just love this apple tree - a gift to my Dad after the loss of our big orchard (tornado).  It was suppose to be a miniature - HA!

We are in a very mild weather pattern (70's) right now, so enjoying the outdoors for as long as it lasts.  One last mowing of the season got done and now the lawn can slumber.

 We don't get any trick/treaters up our long dark lane, but one of our sewing gals made us pumpkins - I got a MOE-kin.  How cute is this?!!

I've been cleaning up all work spaces so I can get to some ME sewing for the next couple of months.  No more commissions until the new year, and I think I am already booked for the year.

 The last quilt out the door and just a peep as it has some personalized stuff on it that I don't want across the internet.  

I got organized for my FUN project after all that serious stitching.  Fabrics pulled, cut, and tabbed.

This is 'Dogs in Sweaters' by Elizabeth Hartman, a pattern I've had for some time.  Maybe this will keep my 'dog days' a little more fun.  I plan to use this for our Guild's Color Challenge, using the color pulled each month for a color sweater.

I'm packing up for our next guild meeting program - working with grey scale to select color hue and monochromatic quilts.  I look forward to our Show & Tell's as our quilters are so diverse - and lots to show - like going to a quilt show each month.  AND shocking that we have on the agenda to plan for the Christmas Party meeting - wow!!

Keep in Stitches,

Sewinginly Yours,