Tuesday, April 18, 2023

I Say What?


I would like to thank Joan for hosting this month's HOP with a very interesting Challenge.  We just had to use our own interpretation of "Say What" and go with inspiration into the wind - so to speak.

At this same time I was working with a guild program  that was a challenge to me.  Thus, they got combined which made things flow.

 A few of our guild members volunteered (me included) to present the month's program "Starting at the Border".  This is to say (what) start your quilt by selecting the outside border fabric first.  I have to say that none of our members work this way, so it made for a great learning and sharing program.  Each presenter explained their process and difficulties and how they overcame them.  This was my selection for the border.

Then I chose the background fabric for the blocks.  A bright white leaning against a light background needed some help or it would be a wash out.

This brown print carries out the different browns in the border fabric and will be a skinny break border.  I'll, also, use it for the binding and the backing.  It's a left over piece of a wide backing from a finished quilt and will be glad to get it out of stash.

Next was to pull the colors for the blocks.  Yes, I had a pattern selected at this time.  This worked into my part of sharing with the guild - buy what you need if using a fabric line.  Boy was that a struggle to find things in my stash to match this older line.  The green leaf in the border fabric read blue, but blue didn't work (nor any greens).  Well I hit the grey tote and found something that works.

This is the mock up I was going to use.  The block goes by several names - Star Wreath, Friendship Wreath, Friendship Circle, etc..  It's very easy to 'math' - I've done it using 1.5" squares, but this time I am going with 2.5" squares.

Since this was for the 'What Hop'and interpretation of a play on words - for the block name, I am calling this A Circle of Friends.  My guild is certainly a circle of friends, so it was a pleasure to show this process to them.

Our guild is doing a fund raiser event in June and I will donate this piece for the event.  But, my circle of friends might just hang out right here for a few days.

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Sewingly Yours,


Friday, April 14, 2023



I just realized I haven't posted in a very long time - how does time slip away?  I have done very little sewing other than get some of my patchwork stars done.  The plan is for 30 blocks - ha,ha,aha!  I will keep plugging along even if only to grab 15 minutes here and there.

There has been some secret sewing for the up coming HOP.  Maybe that's why I haven't posted - always afraid of giving away something.

My Daffs came out really early and actually right now are looking rather 'gone' since this photo.  We jumped from frigid and deep snow right into sunshine and super warm weather.

And of course when these start appearing all thru the lawn, it's time to start the mowing season.  Dandies remind me of my great grand mother - for salads, for medicines, for remedies, for wine, for jelly.  Oh, you couldn't mow her lawn until she got the 'crop' she needed.

Sewingly Yours,