Tuesday, November 26, 2019


I am thankful that all of my commissions other than this one are completed and out the door.  This sports uniform shirts quilt is layered and ready for a quilting marathon.  I might just make that Dec. 1st deadline.

Cookies & Quilts

Since I will be working that deadline, I remind you of the next Blog Hop coming up.  My day is the 2nd and luckily with those last minute commissions, was ready ahead of time - so good to go.

There are no plans for our holiday, just Mom and I, and it will be very low key.  She likes to watch the Macy Parade and after a meal will probably nap.  I will be buried in that quilt.  Maybe I might cave and watch a Hallmark Christmas Movie.  

The Happiest of Thanksgiving to you and your families,
Sewingly Yours,

Friday, November 22, 2019

Riding The Rails

I'm still neck deep in commission work and plan on sticking to is like a train on tracks.  My goal is to have it all cleared out by December 1st so I have the last month of the year for ME.

I did treat myself to an early Christmas Present!  Although I did pass it on to Mom to read while I am busy - other wise I might get swayed.  I have watched Barb @ Three Cat Ranch working on hers and just loved this quilt.  Heritage and story quilts just excite me and this book is not only about the main quilt, but lots of history, stories, and other small projects.  I look forward to playing with this next year.

I have been updating my side bar with some new Hops, QALs, and just some fun Silly Stuff.  I like to keep you all informed as much as possible, but I won't be tackling too many of 2020's events as I have 3 quilt shows keeping me busy.   And my Mom's health keeps me on the ready for a sudden change in plans.  I failed tackling as many P.I.G.S. as I wanted to, so they may be my main concentration for a while.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, November 18, 2019

Monday Making

It has taken the day to recover from vending - oh, I feel my age!  The Monday quilting gals put together these blocks that were made by various Hall of Fame guild members.  It is our 2020 Raffle Quilt.  It still needs it's three borders added - my Tuesday Making as I plan to be house bound with our ice storm.

I hope to catch up on all my blog reads some time tomorrow as well.  Miss all of ya's!

 Sewingly Yours,

Friday, November 15, 2019

On The Road

I wasn't going to vend at all any more, but forced out of 'retirement'.  I am one of the team sponsors so feel obligated to support their fund raiser.  I'll pack the car this afternoon so I can concentrate just on getting up Sunday morning for a very LONG drive.

And when did 40 degrees feel like a heat wave?  After a long spell of near single digits days.  In for a few warmer days, well compared to what it has been.

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Baby It's Cold Outside

We lucked out with just getting a dusting of snow where as some got 10"-20", but boy it has been bitter cold the for a number of days.  Hibernating season for us and Moe is taking his job quite seriously!  The new large box was perfect for napping the chills away, although it dampened my work on the commission quilt.  Not to worry, he decided the snuggly blanket on the couch was better and I finished off the rest of the shirt cut-down and prep work.

I took a day away from the shirt quilt and decided to pull one of my P.I.G.S. and get it into a quilt top.  Remember the 'button' blocks?  Another Temecula Quilt Co. quilt along projects.  I had the rows together and even into sets of two.  Just needed to get them all together and the border is cut and ready to go - a lovely grey/blue repro from The Ladies Album Moda line by Barbara Brackman.  The push this morning is to get that border on and then back to finishing off the shirt quilt.  

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Stitch It and Gift It

Thank You Carla for hosting yet another great Blog Hop.  We all need ideas for gifts and I'm sure the list of fellow bloggers are going to share some wonderful ideas.

Being a scrap quilter, I look at all my 'bonus' items sitting right in front of me.  We all have those leftover clipped corners, left over bindings, left over pieces of batting and an odd piece of fabric left from a past project.  These are treasures for a quick gift.

This little wallhanging was made from all those kinds of special treasures.

I had a guild member gift me her colorful corner cut offs and challenged me to make something with them.  I had just finished up my Kaffe quilt and had left overs and bits of the white to use up  - so they went into this project.

I made various 'basket' blocks using the block dot triangles for the basket and the colors for various flowers.

And small projects are perfect for practicing your quilting.  Whether it be with your walking foot or free motion - you can do it yourself.

Another 'gift' that came from all those 'bonus' items that you have stashed.  Pull them out and play - you will be amazed what you can create.

Even those 'that do I do with this' fabrics can be used on a back of a wall hanging.  Hey, it was wild, colorful, and flowers - worked for me.  Even the binding was a left over and I used every bit of it!!.

Please visit the other hosts today:

And remember today is Veterans Day

Monday, November 4, 2019

Monday Making

I'm almost done, but the rest of the culling and rearranging will wait as things are workable for now.  I had some commission work come in as well as I need to finish up another big project.  A walk around tour - this is my center large hall that I use for my sewing storage - hence the need to keep it in check.

The small book case holds my cross stitch books and supplies - and my extra machines.  There are two more machines on my Mom's side being used for classes.  And then the old potter's shelf with my 'barrels' and buttons.  As you can see, most of them are empty now as they were bagged up for the guild swap.  They fill back up fast, so no worries.

The tall shelving holds some yardage, FQ totes, nicely kitted projects in totes and my books.

Across the front door which actually leads to a large porch that is not useable.  I always winterize this very drafty door for the season - it takes the brunt of the wind so heavily covered and the stacking of totes helps as well.  Two totes full of quilts 'to be quilted', two totes of backing fabrics, one tote of batting cut offs and the rest is scraps - that I hope to finish off thru the winter.  

And my SIL's things.  Once these are gone, I plan on moving my small table with machine to this area - with some lighting.

Nothing fancy - but it works.  Yes, I could move it all into one of the upstairs bedrooms for a 'pretty' sewing room.  BUT, I try to limit those stairs (having fallen down them a few times).  And being downstairs working better suits being available for my Mom or the shop.

I have 5 large totes, some medium totes, and other things stacked by the other door for loading up on guild swap meeting night.  And since that isn't until the 12th, more might get added.

I haven't touched my machine in days - well I moved it to another spot.  I need to get her purring again!

Sewingly Yours,