Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Up and Down


Yes, our weather has been up and down - and even back and forth!  March is such a fickled month for sure.

Our region was lucky to get this last storm on the 'small' size.  It would snow for a couple of hours, then rain and sleet to ice it over, then a repeat a few times over.  The icing was pretty on the trees, but so it too damaged them and took a lot down over several areas - along with the power.

I find that I rather do bindings completely by machine, but with power loss they were tackled by hand rather than sit.  And you make yourself sweat over 'is that binding long enough' just for giggles.  Geesh, I could have had something with color!  3 black and one dark brown for these grey days BUT they are all done.

Sewingly Yours,


Monday, March 18, 2024

Give It A Whirl


First I'd like to thank CAROL fir organizing this HOP.  The challenge was anything that whirls or spins - use your creativity and imagination.  With March winds, so perfect - and we have had winds here!

Also, at this time our guild's program was about quilting rulers.  Members to bring in a ruler or template and share it's use (good or bad experience) and a project you made from it.

The perfect ruler to cover both venues.  This was one of my first bought rulers many years ago and like all things, it seems to be back in style again.

Some members said they had tryied it, but there was so much fabric waste.  Well, I don't waste and I showed a solution.  *I was luck to have another member bring many of her small projects - so we tag teamed* 

 I happen to have all three size rulers.  The largest for the 10" squares, the medium size for the 5" square fabrics, and the tiniest for the 2.5" squares.  If you cut your largest carefully, you get nice 5" squares to use again, and so with cutting the 5"  carefully (my trusty mini rotary) you get 2.5" squares left for a mini project.  Very little waste and three projects out of one.

This quilt was made using a layer cake (10" squares), some Kona black, and the largest ruler.  I have saved the left overs to play with another time.

They have so many fun pattern layouts for seasonal projects, flags, hearts, and even the popular gnome.

Thank you for visiting  and be sure to 'blow' in on all the hosts:

                                                  MARCH 18  

Friday, March 15, 2024

Wind Blown


As I was preparing my project for the next HOP, this popped up in FaceBook.  So true to our weather the last few weeks.  OH THE WIND - yes it goes with the HOP, but I could do without that blast!  Pinwheels would certainly fly, but I didn't like my shingles all over the place.

 And I have been prepping things for this big show.  347 quilts and 22 vendors - I can't wait as this show has been on hiatis since Covid.  I actually have 6 quilts entered - five for judging and one for display only.  The EQF has been doing a super job in highlighting on  FaceBook - each vendor, past winners in various catagories, and soon each of the host guilds.  Our little quild is one of the hosts and our job was to  make the vendor award ribbons.  Our representatives pulled together the vendor venue and they did a great job.

It's going to be windy and rainy today - a good sewing day and I do have something fun to play with.  Some relaxing, no heavy thinking play time.  I hope you all get some stitch time in on World Wide Quilting Day.

Sewingly Yours,