Sunday, December 31, 2023

Happy New Year


Miss Bella and I had a snack for ringing in the New Year.  She headed to the couch for sleep and I did some clean up.  I have a backing I want to piece up for the night so I can quilt the day away.

I got my goal of working thru that 'quilted' pile with time to spare, so I caught up on some sitting things to finish out the year.  A friend and quild member gifted me this pattern with ALL of the fabrics.  Out guild has a challenge of 'Two Color ' quilts this year.  This may not be a full two color, but close and I want to use this since it was gifted.

I'm changing up the pattern a bit.  Using the Cake Stand blocks down the center and then the guild blocks in the side columns.  The setting will change a bit too - using the challenge and the fabrics to create hopefully the vision I have.

The end of 2023 took a toll on the family.  We had 11 deaths in a month - friends, family member of a friend, and community folks.  One was a beginner student of mine.  I was shocked as we had been sending notes and her returning/dealing with things.  I knew I had to pull her last project and finish to be sure the family receives her last piece of art - she was quite the artist.  She fell in love with this cover quilt when looking for her project.

 She saw these rows representing many aspects of herself and community.  The quilt was 90% done and all of the notes/fabrics in 'her' tote.  So a quick finish for this.

As you can see, she changed some of designs that suited her taste more.  She did love color!!  She so enjoyed going thru my stash to find fabrics and had a really good eye.  I said she was an artist - designed and painted many of the quilt blocks for the local Quilt Block Trail.  I just had to do the sash and borders.

I took this to another local quilter in her town (my other go to long armer) as she had talked about a quilt motif she saw he had used (Butterflies) and was planning on taking it to him as well.  Waiting for it to come back to get the binding on and then take to her husband.  A great project to end the year with.  And it will be special to be the finish and homed for the new year.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, December 25, 2023


 May your day be filled with hope, happiness, and peace.

Sharon & Bella

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

First Snow Storm


There was so much hype about the mega storm to start the seaon off.  This is what we got here in  the valley.  Some areas in the mountains got 10-12", which is norm.  The winds took out the power in in some of the hill towns, but we were good.  I did get a couple of trees down, but in areas not so they are bothering anything.  They will be spring projects. 

My pile of quilts to be quilted is now down to two.  This was a Moda 'Snowflake" QAL (last year or the year before?) and is finally getting quilted.  It's only 50" square so should not take too long to do.

The last quilt from the pile is a large one which I had though about sending out , but I am going to tackle it.  And the pile will be done!!!  BUT, there are more in the tote and they are going to be completed in 2024 - no 'snooze you lose' on those babies.

The table got cleared except for a few magazines that I am going thru each night.  Saved them for ONE pattern in it.  Clipping them out and putting in a folder for some day and the rest of the magazine is being tossed. 

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, November 27, 2023

Long Time No See


Well, time off to get all those commissions done and they did get done!!  But, I fell off the blog band wagon in doing so.  I don't show commission work as it is the private property of the client unless they give permission - these were very private to the persons.

Then with back to back quiilt shows in the mix - FINALLY, I can get to maybe ME sewing and filling my year's motto of FINISH.  My batt rolls finally came (after troubles with a company forced doing business else where) and I have matched quilt tops with backs and batt cut.

Yes, I still take bad pictures.  The table of 'in waiting' will be eye balling me for the next days till the New Year.  Hopefully they all get done.  A few of the largest ones just may get a 'quilting by check' to help speed this up.  No harm in that when you get so far behind.  

This table became the dumping ground as work and days went on.  This too must be dealt with - cleared for Christmas please.

Momma is still with us and I am trying to make her days a bit easier.  We have been warmer than our usual for this time of year.  A bit of snow here and there - we are to have a milder winter for our region so they say.  More rain and ice than snow.  I've fallen outside three winters in a row - NOT this year!

AND I might just do Bonnie Hunter's new mystery this year - haven't done one in several and I have a passion for Indigos.

Sewingly Yours,

Sharon Vrooman

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

It's A Dog's Life


Thank you CAROL for hosting this month's Hop "It's a Dog's Life".  This has been a fun and inspirational tribute to one of our 'best friends' in our lives.  If you haven't visited all the hosts, please do and give a little cheerful comment. 

I have no photos of my beloved dog SKIPPER.  What few photos were divided up into my childrens' photo albums that they now have as adults.  He was an Ausie/English Shepard mix - super herding dog!   He traveled to many horse shows as my 'shotgun' rider and stable guard dog.  Herded cattle on the farm (and my kids too) and hunting compainion for my Dad.  He lived a full and bright 19 years with us.

I enjoyed playing with some plaids to make the cute PUPS using the pattern 
'Dog Gone Cute' by Lorna McMahon at Sew Fresh Quilts.

A commissioned memory quilt for a family who raised champion show German Shepards.

POODLES - BLACK & WHITE HOP pattern by  Sally Trude at The Objects of Design

Another Lorna McMahon pattern - DOGGO  I've done a few of these for baby quilts in different color dog faces and accent colors.  Quick and easy!!

My Doxies with Moxie is an Elizabeth Hartman pattern "Dogs in Sweaters".  I used this for our guild's President Challenge for color block of the month.

I've done a few dog blocks (site freebies) over the years to donate for quilts put together for fund raisers for various Animal Shelters. 

Be sure to visit today's other hosts:

Sewingly Yours,


Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Just Roll With It


I am still rolling along with t-shirt quilts and other commissions.  I really need some ME time sewing and this just fits the bill.  A number of sites are offering free patterns, but  MODA is offering several.   

So find a pattern and a jelly roll.  No JR, scraps work just as well.  It's more about enjoying the journey. 

Sewingly Yours,


Monday, August 21, 2023

Call Me Crazy


Oh Joan - she was the perfect choice for hosting this HOP.  A fellow 'crazy' who thinks outside the box.  AND she is certainly right in there is some 'crazy' in each quilter.  A project you smack your head and say 'I was crazy' to do this, a pattern or fabric that made you 'crazy' in love with, or a 'crazy' happening in your quilty life.

My guild knows I am just crazy for scraps and hand me off some baggies of the smallest bits.  They are like having a crazy candy addiction!  I've made many styles of OMG quilts with those bits that would be normally tossed.  Guess I'm not normal.  (those are one inch squares by the way)

I'm a bit crazy for learning and teachng about heritage blocks and period fabrics.  I feel even Modern quilters should know the history and Great Grandma's test of time before they change and dissect.  Hey, take those paper templates, cut with scissors, piece by hand, and hand quilt a small project.  You will SO appreciate what we have today.  They weren't crazy - they were Masters!

I do like to play with it all - heritage to modern to off the wall.  There are times I think quilters need to think and work outside the box to keep from getting 'stale'.

I've had a few lines of fabric that have been a love and keepsake, but I was crazy for the Ghastlies!!!  A mix between morbid and cute and made you  think about how to really do that fabric justic in a project.

I made a lot of quilts, wallhangings, pillows, and bags with this line - this was the last quilt I did with it and the backing had all the left over bits and 'yardage' to clear out.  I haven't had a fabric line hit me so 'crazy' as this one - even yet. 

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 Sewingly Yours,


Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Quilt Detectives


I kew this quilting community has some great Quilt Detectives!!  I have a friend who finished this UFO and would like to know the pattern name, source, designer for the label for a show.  Come on all you Sherlock Holmes!!

Thank You


Friday, July 28, 2023

Shirts Galore


I have several commissions for T-Shirt quilts and the shirts have been coming in these LARGE plastic bags.  Yes, I am making very large quilts which is so not me.  I can't share finishes as they are very personal to the clients.  This bag happens to be sweatshirts - you handle just like T's.  I don't put any batting in them and they are backed with a good quality flannel.

Fuseable is cut and now I have to tackle the shirts.  This client has everthing mapped out when delivered which has made them so easy to put together.

We have been hot, but not those triple digits.  We have been fortunate to get rains mixed in, but sometimes those rains come with terrible storms.  I caught this eerie color and glow as we had a super cell roll thru with tornado warnings again.

I've been enjoying everyone's photos of their beautiful flower gardens, but I haven't got those.  My enjoyment has been watching the various butterflies that have come to 'dine' off the outdoor kitty's dish.  They love the canned cat food - who knew!  I had never seen this one before and looked it up.

It's a sub-species of the purple swallowtail (defined by no tail) and common in the Great Lakes region.  I've had a lot of the yellow swallowtails, so maybe this guy is enjoying their company here on the East side of NY.

Back to my pile of shirts before it storms again,

Sewingly yours,


Monday, July 17, 2023

Picnic Party


First I would like to thank CAROL for graciously being our host for this Summer Time Hop.  July is really Picnic Time and I have seen a huge useage of our community parks by families for such a venue.

A fun large block quilt using colorful 'food' print fabrics seems to fit the bill for a picnic quilt.  Some I Spy prints would be fun for little ones to do some searching while enjoying lunch.

Yes my quilt is upside down, but I see hearts and not baskets.  The pattern is from this book.  Some great scrap eaters or use up that FQ Bundle - these patterns work up really quickly.

Since it has been SOOOOOOO hot for so many, I thought I would share my NECK COOLER.    I've used this tutorial NECK COOLER
 , but there are a lot of U-Tubes for these so I would search for those.  The water obsorbing poly beads I used are Sodium Polyacrylate Crystals - found at any garden center, but there are other forms.  

I throw a few of these in a cooler and take to events or when I am vending to use for myself and to even share.  Great for gardening or mowing the lawn as well.  AND they are pet safe, so share one with your loveable pooch while walking in this heat. 

Someone asked me how long these will last with re-use and the one on the right I have had for 4 years - starting to not 'puff' as much, but still holds the cold for several hours.  Think it's time to start using the other one and recycle the crystals in the old one into the flower bed.

And what picnic is not complete without ants.    You may have to look closer at these little critters - the size of the head of a pin.  But every morning there is a cluster of thousands (looks like an inflated basket ball) and they travel from one end of the side walk to the other, gobbling up the snails and snail slime (or what ever else is there). 

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Sewingly Yours,

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Thursday, July 13, 2023

A Rocky July


I should say "a very wet July" as it has rained almost every day.  I'm sure some of you saw the damage in NYC (why do they never mentioned other parts of NY?) and then parts of Vermont that were hit hard.  It was scary and we had one storm line drop 3 inches of rain in an hour - just a wall of water!

We had a Quilter's Hall of Fame picnic meeting planned for that Monday and of course scrambled to cancel and reach everyone with info.  Now we've scrambled for a reschedule.

Bracing for tonight as we are in a severe storm watch with potential tornado warning.  Yeah!

 Prior to the major storm, I took Momma out with me for some fabric hunting (for commission work) and found a couple of 'had to have' pieces.  I'm not a fan of 'holiday' print fabric, but this steampunk panel just had to come home.  AND yes, I am going to have to do a little fancy steam pressing to get this straightened out.

And this sewing is for the birds panel.  Love the colors and you have to really look this over to spot all the sewing items.  Clever!

Hoping not to be blown down the road,
Sewingly Yours,