Friday, October 21, 2022

The 4 Letter Word is Coming


Once these trees start loosing their leaves, you just know snow is on the horizon.  I never got a photo of them in full color as they change really quickly and then gone!  

We were in peak color last weekend and things are going into that 'dormant' stage.  We've had several night of near freezing with heavy frost so crops and flowers have died off.

 After such a long drought period, it's nice to see green.  I had several events and meetings in the Catskill Mountains during the full color stage and it was beautiful.

This was my traveling project while selling tickets for the raffle quilt, meetings, and other appointments.  This is an old tile pattern and I am using a jelly roll which I can get 5 'tiles' per strip.  If I find I need more than the strips give me, this has a lot of Grunge in it so I can fill in.  Since I won't be traveling again until Spring, I will have to really be sure to add this one on the winter months schedule to keep it going.

One last commission to complete and then I can play with my own projects.  I have a lot of gifted scrap bags not touched that I am itching to get into.

Sewingly Yours,


Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Slowing Down


We are slowing down and settling into a more normal routine as Fall just 'fell' upon us.  Shows are wrapped up, travel teaching and travel meetings have come to a close.  I still have one more commission to wrap up and then I can get to my own projects.

I have a few photos from the Catskill Mountain Quilters Hall of Fame quilt show to share:

This was our raffle quilt and one of our guild member won it.

 We had a demo table and thru the show differnt quilting technique were shown.  Many had fun playing with laying out the hexie rossettes in seeing what pattern design they could come up with.

I am having trouble with blogger so this is all I can get to load.

Sewingly Yours.