Saturday, July 31, 2021

OMG July 2021 Finish


Patty's OMG for July was used to manage some reorganizing of 'found' blocks.   I do tend to get into block making mode and then they get tucked into totes - sometimes 2-4 projects in one tote.

Scrappy nine-patches set with alternating low volumn squares - helped clean some of that out as well.  It's now in the pile of 'needs  borders' or I can just quilt as is - will depend on what size donation quilt is needed.

Visit the OMG LINKY for some inspiration

Sewingly Yours,


Monday, July 26, 2021

Monday Making

 I hope you enjoyed the GUY Hop and I will leave the button up on the side bar for a few more days if you want to catch up.  I have been re-organizing and re-arranging again.  This is out in the large center hall again.  This is my yardage - yes, yardage.  Covid really had me working from 'stash'.  I can still get a few more quilts out of what is here.

This mess is in one corner of the livingroom.  The shelf unit are all projects that need to be finished - or least work them to the flimsy stage.  The tall white tower I am slowly sorting thru.  It is just like the 'kitchen junk drawer' but each drawer is full of junk.  The little cart under the table is what is left of my thread - going thru that with Covid as well.

 I have pulled one of the totes from the 'need to finish' shelves.  These blocks were either a Bonnie Hunter challenge or RSC (or combo).  I have all the parts in the tote, just need to get this one together.

Sewingly Yours,


Sunday, July 18, 2021

The Guy Hop


I'd like to thank Carol for hosting this Hop.  I have a lot of 'guys' in the family as well as make sure there are masculine quilts in the shop.

I had plans for my post, but changed with the suden passing of my eldest brother.  Thus I dedicate to John Ralph Vrooman who was an avid outdoorsman, loved fishing, hunting, took painstaking care of the place (was always on that mower), and had a strong fondness of the mountain regions around our Valley - the Catskills and the Adirondacks.

I had hoped to get the Lincoln quilt done for this hop.  This is a replica of the Lincoln Quilt in the Nebraska Museum.  Shirting from bro-bro (and my boys) are in this quilt.

The train quilt didn't get done either.  My bro and SIL went on one of the Adirondack Train treks one fall and there was a freak storm that covered the tracks with trees/snow that they couldn't go forward or backward.  It took several hours for rescue and then busing back to where their cars were.  A train ride to remember.

I made two of Lorna's Bear Walking quilt pattern.  This reminds me of when my bro discovered the old bear off the mountain came down to eat out of the bird feeders in his back yard.  We let him bend the feeder's bars down right into a semi-circle and sat right in the middle dipping in each one as desired.  Once he was done, he ambled off up the mountain - never did it again.  Of course bro had to get new bars for poles for the feeders.

And the moose quilt has a story.  My Dad and bro were on hunting trip and a moose came into the road and got MAD at the car.  My Dad always said 'don't goose the moose' long after that - don't piss someone off!
Hung on one of the stacks of wood for the several wood stoves on the farm - bro-bro's job for many year.

There are many more men's quilts, but I will end with this photo of a tavern in the Adirondacks that my bro and SIL came upon on there many travels into the region.

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Thursday, July 15, 2021

15 Minutes


Kate is fabulous as getting a lot accomplished by just using 15 minutes a day.  Being organized and some prep work; you can really acheive a goal.

I've only been able to grab those 15 minutes - not every day, but as I can these last few days.  By having things prepped and/or kitted, I can grab something quick and get it done.

I'm a month behind on The Road To Carolina blocks for RSC21, so some prep work and then grab and sew when I could get a few minutes.  This month's color is blue again and I already have two sets of blue (lights and aquas).  I think I need to lay these out one day and see how many more I need and maybe just fill with colors that will play nice.

I did the last of the Handy Andy blocks using the 15 method, but got an afternoon in with some sewing gals and put the flimsy together.  There are two borders, but they will wait. 

I have a lot of quilts to be quilted, but just not in that mind-set right now.  I may need to pull my largest quilts and 'quilt by check' (pay someone to quilt them).  It will help get some of the pile down and maybe kick start me to get to the smaller ones.

We have had huge amounts of rain, flooding, declared disaster areas.  I rather be wet than facing heat and fires on the other coast.  Everyone stay safe this Summer - looks to be a rough ride.

Sewingly Yours,


Sunday, July 11, 2021

Monday Making


Remember the baggy of found triangles?  Plans for Bonnie Hunter's fish units (birds for me).  I tested the dark green and the yellow (large floral) and as suspected - melted even with a medium set iron.  They went in the trash.

Handy Andy (or Dove) blocks are being made.  Some in this color setting.

I found a piece of an older Moda line 'Gobble Gobble' by Sandy Gervais to replace the tossed dark and I had a bit of that green leaf (corner stones).  That light brown was that harvest print - you wouldn't know with it chopped up.  That's the only piece of any size 'yardage' (about 8" by wof) left - any of the others were small bits cut down into my barrel system.

These will be the other set of Handy Andy blocks.    Today is finish all blocks and start to set them into  a flimsy.  We are to have another 10 days of rain - so stitching away.  Wish we could send some to the other coast.

Sewingly Yours,


Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Scrappy Wednesday


I know I just showed this as my July OMG and it's together.  I had a day of 'nothing' and just pedaled to the metal.  Now the push  to put on a border and get it quilted for the end of the month.

That allowed me to pull a zipbag from the drawer.  Bonnie Hunter announced the new scrap challenge.  What she calls 'fish' units, I call 'bird' units.  There are a lot of triangles already to be put to good use. - and I clear out a bag! 

We are getting the header of the storm Elsa and looking at several days of rain.  I'll keep stitching and hope we don't need the boat.

Sewingly Yours,


Monday, July 5, 2021

OMG July 2021


I need a little focus right now and will use the OMG this month to clean up a small on-going project that has been a 'pick me up'.

 I've plugged away on the little 9-patches (to tame that barrel and I probably have more than I need.  I was cutting neutral squares as they dwindled to small size from other projects and have more than enough to start putting this together.  

 I did finish my June OMG - all the stars with the 'found' fabrics from another long ago project.  I even got them into a flimsy (waiting final borders), but life threw a curve ball and I missed posting.  

My eldest brother suddenly and unexpectantly fell very ill and within days passed.  I was making a lot of end of life decissions and now finalizing his funeral.  I will be dedicating his life with this up coming Hop.

Sewingly Yours,