Thursday, July 15, 2021

15 Minutes


Kate is fabulous as getting a lot accomplished by just using 15 minutes a day.  Being organized and some prep work; you can really acheive a goal.

I've only been able to grab those 15 minutes - not every day, but as I can these last few days.  By having things prepped and/or kitted, I can grab something quick and get it done.

I'm a month behind on The Road To Carolina blocks for RSC21, so some prep work and then grab and sew when I could get a few minutes.  This month's color is blue again and I already have two sets of blue (lights and aquas).  I think I need to lay these out one day and see how many more I need and maybe just fill with colors that will play nice.

I did the last of the Handy Andy blocks using the 15 method, but got an afternoon in with some sewing gals and put the flimsy together.  There are two borders, but they will wait. 

I have a lot of quilts to be quilted, but just not in that mind-set right now.  I may need to pull my largest quilts and 'quilt by check' (pay someone to quilt them).  It will help get some of the pile down and maybe kick start me to get to the smaller ones.

We have had huge amounts of rain, flooding, declared disaster areas.  I rather be wet than facing heat and fires on the other coast.  Everyone stay safe this Summer - looks to be a rough ride.

Sewingly Yours,



sewyouquilt2 said...

Love your handy andy blocks. Fun quilt that worked up fast

MissPat said...

You do what you can when you can. I'm glad you got to sew with your friends for a day. The weather has certainly run amuck everywhere.

Barbara said...

It’s all looking good. I have a pile of quilts to be quilted too. First, they have to be sandwiched. Hoping to get them all done before the end of summer.

Ellen T. said...

I found that if I pace myself, do things one step at a time rather than a marathon I get more done and and am happier.

QuiltGranma said...

Such lovely quilts, I especially like the one in shades of brown - tan! very subtle.