Monday, November 27, 2023

Long Time No See


Well, time off to get all those commissions done and they did get done!!  But, I fell off the blog band wagon in doing so.  I don't show commission work as it is the private property of the client unless they give permission - these were very private to the persons.

Then with back to back quiilt shows in the mix - FINALLY, I can get to maybe ME sewing and filling my year's motto of FINISH.  My batt rolls finally came (after troubles with a company forced doing business else where) and I have matched quilt tops with backs and batt cut.

Yes, I still take bad pictures.  The table of 'in waiting' will be eye balling me for the next days till the New Year.  Hopefully they all get done.  A few of the largest ones just may get a 'quilting by check' to help speed this up.  No harm in that when you get so far behind.  

This table became the dumping ground as work and days went on.  This too must be dealt with - cleared for Christmas please.

Momma is still with us and I am trying to make her days a bit easier.  We have been warmer than our usual for this time of year.  A bit of snow here and there - we are to have a milder winter for our region so they say.  More rain and ice than snow.  I've fallen outside three winters in a row - NOT this year!

AND I might just do Bonnie Hunter's new mystery this year - haven't done one in several and I have a passion for Indigos.

Sewingly Yours,

Sharon Vrooman