Monday, June 28, 2021

Winner of Thumbalina


I hope you all enhoyed the Hop.  I need to catch up on the week.


I'm trying to figure out how I grew up without knowing anything at all about this story. Thank you for the highlights of this fairy tale accented with the photos of your Thumbelina. I love your doll and its very own quilt and would be thrilled to be included in your give away.

I will be away from the blog for an undetermined time as I am dealing with a sudden family emergency.

Sewingly Yours,


Sunday, June 20, 2021

Fairy Tales Blog HOp


I'd like to thank JOAN for hosting this Hop.  She is perfect for fairy tales as she has a different outlook on life and creativity.  Who else do you know who has toilets for planters and an old car in the pond as a highlight?

I had to look up Faity Tales and found a lot of my own thoughts of stories were old nursery rhymes.  Grimm's tales are a little dark, but I wanted something not the normal without to strange.


Born of a flower and growing to only a couple of inches tall, poor Thumbelina  is worried she'll never meet someone her own size, until she happens to catch the eye of Prince Cornelius of the Fairies . 

Just as soon as she finds love, however, it's torn away from her when she is kidnapped by Ms. Toad to marry her son. Now Thumbelina has to escape Ms. Toad's grasp and search for Prince Cornelius.

 Luckily, there's a whole city of animals willing to help her.  Once the birds were ready to travel  in migration in the direction of Thumbelina's home, she rode one's back.

This Tale has a 'happy' ending (Happy Summer Sostice)  - you should look up the story.  My give away for the hop is one of my own design mini dolls and matching quilt.  Please be sure I can contact you - will pull the winner the following Monday - June 28th. (not able to ship over seas)
**this is a collector doll and not meant for little ones**

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Saturday, June 19, 2021



Did that title get you scratching your heads?  I've been scratching mine all week as well.  I hate the mess that Blogger created.  Missing long time friends and reads.  And having trouble even posting.  As muddled as this pile of blocks and sashings.

This is my June OMG and the plan was to get all those stars done - DONE.  I'm trying for a bonus of getting sashings and even first border completed for a flimsy.  Thiere is still time.

 I did find the original project blocks - the reason I bought the bundle.  This was a QAL with Barbara Brackman a few years ago.  I don't like this look and will be taking this apart for a different setting.

I was very excited when I won a pair of cutting mats from OMG -  Ecopec Co.  Things were fine until recently I thought I had a bad rotary blade as I had 'notches' of fabric not cutting clean.  New blade (Olfa cutter & blade) and still happening.  I noticed that when I cleaned my mat the little blue specks and then looked closer at the mat.  Yes, the top layer is slowly sluffing off making 'gullies' so cuts are bad.

And can you see that?  It has a huge warp happening causing wavy cuts.  I have used this table since the beginning of quilting - flat!  My original Olfa mat sat here for years with no problem - it's returned by the way.  Had I paid for these mats, I would be very upset.  I won them so a lesson learned - product tested and it only lasted a few months.

On the brighter side - the new Hop starts Monday!

Sewingly Yours,


Monday, June 14, 2021

Monday Making


I've been grabbing 15 minutes of stitch time as I can.  We've had some bad storms and I power down to lower the risk of losing items - it has happened in the past.  Some secret sewing has gone on for the Fairy Tales Hop.

The RSC Purple "Birches" blocks got finished and the last bit of stratta used up.  My days' making will be more stratta that will hopefully last thru this project.  Some blocks are getting one strip, some two strips, and some three strips.  The strings tote is pretty full and needs taming.

A few more Sawtooth Stars got made.  I have 5 more to make and then get to sashing.

A number of you asked for a photo when the heritage rose bush was in full bloom.  There will be a constant rotation of bud, open, and 'snowing' of petals for the next few weeks.    

Sewingly Yours,


Monday, June 7, 2021

Monday Making


Today's plan is to get the last dozen Sawtooth Star blocks done.  I did find the other blocks that I initially bought this fabric for - a QAL with Barbara Brackman.  Maybe I can get both projects to flimsy stage this month.

Linking up with BETH - see what others are up to.

I did a 'Rose Garden' photo shoot - the Silver Anniversary is in her glory.

And I always have to look for the little bushes hidden .  They are little roses gifted to my Mom for holidays and then I take them out to add to the flower bed.  Sometimes they make it and sometimes not.  Once the white florals get done and pruned back, I find these tiny treasures. 

The 300+ yrs old bush is just loaded this year.  She is so thorny, that I don't worry about the deer nibbling this one (they ate my climbers by the porch)

One lone open - the rest will follow soon and oh what an aroma will fill the yard!

Have a lovely Monday,

Sewingly Yours,


Saturday, June 5, 2021

Still Here


I am still here, just a little negligent of the blog.  I am having difficulties with the new blogger 'mess' and find a lot of my responses on other's posts are bouncing.

I did get the Hobo Train quilt assembled and finally got out today to photo.  We had a cold, rainy few days and finally some warmth and sunshine.  It was breezy and I had to really tack this down so it wouldn't blow away.

Of course a waiving quilt invites the curious.  Moe had a grand time dashing in and out a blowing length of fabric.  My white floral garden is in bloom right now and I should have taken some close ups of the roses.  Oh, they are just so abundant and fragrant this year.

Some more 'found' blocks went into a flimsy, however one section just bugged me.  I must have pick things up out of order and found those two dark brown 'brick and stone' against each other.  Normally I wouldn't care, but being a very dark color it just stuck out so badly.  Luckily this was the last row and last three blocks so quick 'unsewing' was done and I moved those last three around and will repair tomorrow.

    I taught a class last weekend on Ricky Timm's "Convergence" technique'.  Hopefully we'll see the quilted finishes at the next guild meeting.

And mark your calendar for the next Hop.  Everything I think of is actually a Nursery Rhymn and I am searching for the right Fairy Tale for my project.  

Sewingly Yours,


Tuesday, June 1, 2021

QMG June2021


I'm going to use this month's goal with a little cleaning out.  Gosh, how I find things tucked and stuffed - and I don't even have a huge stash (and I like it that way).

 I found a tote with left overs of this Connecting Threads line "Arcadian Dusk" 2018.  I used it for a QAL with Barbara Brackman (gotta find those blocks) and scraps from that were used in a miniature.  These need clearing out!

A good Sawtooth Star project and I get a bonus with the flip corner cut-offs.  So my goal is to make at least 25 stars which will give me 100 Hourglass blocks as well.

My clearing out is working well this year.  With virus lock down and prices of fabrics sky rocketing - use it up!  Look at those empty spaces.  Some of the bagged items are going to be passed on to fellow quilters or used by my new students for their 'learning' projects.

Please be sure to visit or even join in the Linky Party

Sewingly Yours,