Saturday, June 5, 2021

Still Here


I am still here, just a little negligent of the blog.  I am having difficulties with the new blogger 'mess' and find a lot of my responses on other's posts are bouncing.

I did get the Hobo Train quilt assembled and finally got out today to photo.  We had a cold, rainy few days and finally some warmth and sunshine.  It was breezy and I had to really tack this down so it wouldn't blow away.

Of course a waiving quilt invites the curious.  Moe had a grand time dashing in and out a blowing length of fabric.  My white floral garden is in bloom right now and I should have taken some close ups of the roses.  Oh, they are just so abundant and fragrant this year.

Some more 'found' blocks went into a flimsy, however one section just bugged me.  I must have pick things up out of order and found those two dark brown 'brick and stone' against each other.  Normally I wouldn't care, but being a very dark color it just stuck out so badly.  Luckily this was the last row and last three blocks so quick 'unsewing' was done and I moved those last three around and will repair tomorrow.

    I taught a class last weekend on Ricky Timm's "Convergence" technique'.  Hopefully we'll see the quilted finishes at the next guild meeting.

And mark your calendar for the next Hop.  Everything I think of is actually a Nursery Rhymn and I am searching for the right Fairy Tale for my project.  

Sewingly Yours,



  1. I have found that kitties love all quilts--those that blow in the wind and those that lay flat on the floor

  2. You've been really productive, nice finishes!!

  3. The Hobo quilt turned out great. I like the pieced homespun border. I haven't tried the convergence technique. I look forward to seeing the results from your class.

  4. Glad to hear you're plugging away. Back to the heat, so sitting around is the game of the day. And I bet you got more rain. We got a tenth of an inch, didn't even wash the pollen off the cars.

  5. Yes, your comments and one other's comments never come to me as emails. I just check my blog regularly to see if either of you have left a comment, then cut and paste the comments into an email. I don't know why your comments don't come thru like normal. Hopefully you can figure it out.

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  7. I thought I recognised the quilt from the Hobo book. I’ve had the book forages, but still haven’t made a quilt for my hubby. Your quilt looks great in the plaids and piers border.