Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Scrappy Wednesday


Everyone is sharing blooming things and though we are much colder than other areas, my daffs are trying.  Some of the yellows.

The whites are a little smarter - it's too cold to open up just yet.

I'm going to work on the Carolina CrossRoads for RSC21 today.

April's color is blue.  Hmm, will seperate the aquas first and then pull the lighter sky blues.  There may be some on the shelf as well.

Mother nature plans to pull an April Fools prank - colder, wet, maybe snow.  Will do some early errands and then sew the rest of the day.  AND with Easter so close........

Sewingly YOurs,


Sunday, March 28, 2021

Monday Making


I got caught up on all the miniature blocks over the weekend.  Yes, sometimes smaller blocks take longer to make.  And you can fool yourself thinking "ah, that's an easy block and won't take long" - then the seam ripper has to come out again and again and again.

 The next house block was completed for the guild President's Challenge.  This month's catagory was 'Outdoors' and this is 'round of oaks' - and old Kansas City pattern.  We had a round of oak trees on the farm, but disease took them long ago.

Today the girls come to sew.  Usually I have been working on a hand project, but I have this board ready to go.  A lot of tiny gray bow ties prepped.  I probably have a couple hundred in that salad container, but I think I have to wait until it is crammed full to not able to shut the lid to be sure I have enough.


I wanted to remind everyone about this year's Hands2Help.  I've participated every year and I think this year it will be a Guild entry (not asking to be added to the prizes).  

A new concept added this year for gifting a quilt and I know of someone I would like to honor.

You can read all about it HERE.

Sewingly Yours,


Thursday, March 25, 2021

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

My Day in the Sand


I would like to thank CAROL for being the creator of yet another fabulous Hop.  Although I am not a 'sand and sea' kind of gal - I have a huge fear of deep water (and swim like a stone).  BUT, I like a chance to create even when  something is outside my comfort zone.

I dug thru a couple of scrap totes as I remembered a handful of seafoam blue and sandy scraps I received at some time from someone.  AND I think there was some flip flops in the bits of eye spy pieces in another tote.  Items found and a quick project evolved.

 I don't have anything to set up a beachy photo op.  A simple patch work, semi barbello look to sand and sea and salt.  The colorful flip flops walking up the waters edge.  I quilted it with a double wave for a ripple affect and raw edged the flip flops.

 Some polka dot left overs from backing used up for the envelop back and I squeeked the aqua binding from a scrap.

Be sure to visit today's other hosts:

March 24

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Saturday, March 20, 2021

It's Quilting Day


I hope you find time to get some stitches in today.  I plan on getting some borders done.

My Mom and I had our J&J vaccinations done in-home on Thursday.  ONe and Done!  All was good until night - chills with severe headache.  Tylenol, six blankets and two kitties - slept for almost 12 hours.  Today I am much better.

As we are warming up, I might even get in a stroll and look to see if the pussy willows are starting to sprout.

Sewingly Yours,


Sunday, March 14, 2021

Monday Making


I'm working on this scrappy quilt layout, but have analyzed the pattern and made a change.  It will reduce some bulk and aid with pressing and seam match up for a flatter finish.

This is the whole block, which isn't that difficult.

 It's when those geese meet that wasn't to my liking.  That's a lot of seam bulk.  Then you worry about matching points as well as not losing points.

So I made all the 16 patches as them selves.

And them changed to hourglass blocks thereby reducing that bulky seam.

And I realize the center is turned wrong, but I will get the same look as the original layout.  I will just have to piece the outside as a border of patchwork and geese.

So today I will get the center sewn together and start working on that patchwork border - maybe even get it on.  I do plan to add two (yes two) more borders as well.

Do you look deeply at a block or pattern and change up to aid with easier assembly?

Sewingly Yours,