Sunday, March 14, 2021

Monday Making


I'm working on this scrappy quilt layout, but have analyzed the pattern and made a change.  It will reduce some bulk and aid with pressing and seam match up for a flatter finish.

This is the whole block, which isn't that difficult.

 It's when those geese meet that wasn't to my liking.  That's a lot of seam bulk.  Then you worry about matching points as well as not losing points.

So I made all the 16 patches as them selves.

And them changed to hourglass blocks thereby reducing that bulky seam.

And I realize the center is turned wrong, but I will get the same look as the original layout.  I will just have to piece the outside as a border of patchwork and geese.

So today I will get the center sewn together and start working on that patchwork border - maybe even get it on.  I do plan to add two (yes two) more borders as well.

Do you look deeply at a block or pattern and change up to aid with easier assembly?

Sewingly Yours,



  1. I should have done that with a recent finish, analyzed my seams better, because my long arm did not like stitching over the bulk. I also need to get the Glide Foot they have, which helps eliminate that issue. Lovely pattern!

  2. Isn’t this Bonnie Hunters Patchesand Pinwheels? I always loved this quilt- looks great!

  3. You know, I haven't but I will in the future--I hate a lot of seam match intersections. hugs, Julierose

  4. Wow -- I really haven't thought that much about blocks although thinking about it I remember I've changed how i did some blocks... I hope you get a lot of sewing done this week!

  5. Good redrafting. It's always good to simplify if you can. My only problem is I had a hard time getting hourglass blocks right. I guess I just need more practice.

  6. Excellent solution! One hourglass is definitely easier that two flying geese!
    I was just thinking the other day about how much overlap there is between 'efficient' and 'lazy' - both are just about finding the easiest way to do something!

  7. I change things up all the time. Mostly since I prefer to make blocks or units a different way than the pattern calls for. Your way looks like a great solution. Looking forward to those borders.

  8. Great minds think alike! When I looked at this the other day, 16 patches and hourglass blocks was what I saw. Never even thought of flying geese. Perhaps because I'm not a fan of flying geese, eh?

  9. Good idea. That is much easier than the original.

  10. Smart move changing the geese to hourglass blocks!