Sunday, March 28, 2021

Monday Making


I got caught up on all the miniature blocks over the weekend.  Yes, sometimes smaller blocks take longer to make.  And you can fool yourself thinking "ah, that's an easy block and won't take long" - then the seam ripper has to come out again and again and again.

 The next house block was completed for the guild President's Challenge.  This month's catagory was 'Outdoors' and this is 'round of oaks' - and old Kansas City pattern.  We had a round of oak trees on the farm, but disease took them long ago.

Today the girls come to sew.  Usually I have been working on a hand project, but I have this board ready to go.  A lot of tiny gray bow ties prepped.  I probably have a couple hundred in that salad container, but I think I have to wait until it is crammed full to not able to shut the lid to be sure I have enough.


I wanted to remind everyone about this year's Hands2Help.  I've participated every year and I think this year it will be a Guild entry (not asking to be added to the prizes).  

A new concept added this year for gifting a quilt and I know of someone I would like to honor.

You can read all about it HERE.

Sewingly Yours,



  1. Your blocks are so pretty.Such lovely fabrics. Have fun with the girls and happy quilting

  2. Cute blocks. Have fun with the girls

  3. Ah yes; we are all well acquainted with our seam rippers! I try to look at it as a gift of "Do-Overs." I don't have to sew the seam right the first time. I only have to sew it right the LAST time. Have fun with your minis and your bow tie blocks! Both will be fabulous quilts!

  4. Wonderful blocks, have fun sewing with the girls.