Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Scrappy Wednesday


Everyone is sharing blooming things and though we are much colder than other areas, my daffs are trying.  Some of the yellows.

The whites are a little smarter - it's too cold to open up just yet.

I'm going to work on the Carolina CrossRoads for RSC21 today.

April's color is blue.  Hmm, will seperate the aquas first and then pull the lighter sky blues.  There may be some on the shelf as well.

Mother nature plans to pull an April Fools prank - colder, wet, maybe snow.  Will do some early errands and then sew the rest of the day.  AND with Easter so close........

Sewingly YOurs,



  1. Sigh, my daffs are just an inch or two out of the ground here, but the buds on the maple are really bulging. Your crossroads will be pretty! Thanks for the bunny laugh.

  2. Many of my daffs are in full bloom. With a forecast of 3 to 5" of snow for tomorrow (yesterday's forecast) I went out after it stopped raining and cut a big bouquet. Then tonight the forecast was "oh never mind, the storm is going south, maybe a light coating on just the grassy areas". Oh well, I've got a nice bouquet inside and lots still left outside. Cold tomorrow and I have to put a binding on a baby quilt.

  3. The Carolina Crossroads blocks look interesting, maybe I'll use that pattern next year for my RSC blocks. When I got up this morning at 5, we had snow on the ground in northern Indiana. Snow in April is nothing new for us. Enjoy the daffodils!

  4. Happy Light/Bright BLUE stitching, Sharon!!