Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bring It On

August was a hectic beast and so will be September!  Every weekend full, but I think I am ready so bring it on.

We have Labor Day weekend coming up and I know we are keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Hermine that is already in Florida and may be coming up the coast - we are prepped.  I have to make a run to The Quilt Zoo - LQS, to pick up some Hall of Fame entries as I have offered the 'busing' of items to and from later this month.  I will shop while I am there - wink!!

The second weekend is our town's village wide garage sale and we are participating.  We will be setting up in one of our barns so rain or shine, we are open - the 'stuff' has to go.

The third weekend I will be here with some wonderful ladies again with the fiber arts display.  It is, also, the weekend of The Airing Of The Quilts and I will have my quilts hung out before I head off to demo hand quilting.  

The fourth weekend is A Festival of Quilts - the Catskill Mountain Quilters Hall of Fame quilt show in Roxbury NY.

Hopefully during the week days I can keep up with my blocks.

Starts Sept 3rd

And I really want to make this!! LOVE LOVE LOVE  And I have a lot of browns to use up - my scrap problem challenge to be used with this.

My 'Let's Book It' project this month is a free pattern in one of those subscription mailers.  Yeah, photo bombed by Moe.  I have a lot of scrap solids that I want to use up so this pattern will work perfect for that.

Along with this mess - I have a number of smaller items in the shop that need restocking.  I hope to empty that drawer and possibly dip into the next drawer in that rolling cart.  These little things take a while to prep, but the sewing time is quick and will be great to have by the machine to grab those few sewing minutes - somewhere.

What will September Bring for You?
Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wrapping up August 2016

It was a busy month, starting off with getting my Mom's exhibit set up and the 'meet the artist' reception.

I had some commission work that was on a tight time frame.  I made four of these wallhangings that were used as presentations to some top contributors to the SALT - Schoharie Area Long Term (recovery from Storm Irene 5 years ago).


As well as these little key chain purses were designed on a request.  I will be putting a tutorial together for September.

Slow Sunday Stitching has helped me stay on track with '365' and my hexie projects.

Kept up with the little blocks for Temecula's 'Circa 2016'.

I am waiting on the next 'Westering Women' block.

The blocks for 'Adinkra' and Emily brought me this lovely fabric back from Africa for my setting blocks in this project.

Squeeked in my 'Let's Book It' project which has been switched to hand basting because it will travel and those pins will end up everywhere.

And the 'Scrap Problem' is slow going as those three large bags (and I got more in) are headed for several projects.  The smallest of bits are little block play as I can catch it - I find it relaxing.  Actually all my monthly projects are from scraps, even the wallhangings I did for commission was fabric off the shelf.

There was Pet's on Quilts, I attended a  quilt show, and even squeezed in a couple of days of babysitting for the grands.

September is not going to be a slow down either,
Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Let's Book It - August 2016

I hope you are enjoying your dusty old pals from the shelf as much as I am.  Actually I am noticing that I have a lot of 'saved' files of such lovely projects and just keep adding more to those files - nothing being played with.

This was one of those saved files - a cute free pattern with Connecting Threads.  The Welcome and the hearts didn't thrill me, but houses and geese and trees certainly do.


August was a busy month with trips, special projects, commission work - so glad I picked a smaller project as I got a late start on this.  I love homespuns for such a piece as this, so that tote had to come out.


Yes, one day I just put the pedal to the floor and got this far.  It hung for a couple of days to think on - you know, borders.

Yeah, I decided that bottom row made with the bonus HSTs just wasn't working for me and it went.  More homespuns for a log cabin border finish.  this is ready for quilting.  I have some travel/demo events in September and this one will go with me for some hand quilting time.

This month's charm is the Sail Boat:


It's your turn to share:

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching - 8/28/16

Slow Sunday Stitching

I'll be joining KATHY today with some slow stitching - and maybe I'll think about a little housework.

I have just a little bit left of this binding to finish.  The temporary hanging sleeve has been made and will need attaching as well as the label is waiting for it's turn.  Then this needs a good cleaning and then laid out on the closed off guest room bed to wait for it's show appearance.

 Then I may play with these a little.  Still no plan, but making great use of a pretty layer cake that sat too long.

I hope you take the time to slow down today,
Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's Time to Vote

No, not all those crazy polititions who have us scratching our heads (and butts), BUT it's time to vote for your favorites cat on quilt, dog on quilt, other pet on quilt, and pet them quilt over at Lily Pad Quilting.  

And don't just vote for a cat or dog because of a buddy's entry - vote for each catagory as so many took the time to post up an entry they deserve some credit.

And even if you didn't have an entry - Snoodles has a way for you to be a winner too.  Not telling - you have to hop on over and visit - and vote.

Since my furkids (kitties) refused to pose nicely for me this year, I showed them!  I entered my puppy quilt in the theme catagory - #32.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Beautiful Day

I had a lot of personal and business things to attend to and each outing I made sure I parked a distance and got some walking time in.  Fall is starting to appear in little bits, so enjoyed the cooler temp and sights and smells.  I was blessed by some chipmunk who planted a few sunflower seeds.  They remind me of my Dad who planted them of many variety all over the property for the animals and birds to enjoy. He was known for his Giants and people would come to buy seeds from him.

And if you look real close - some one is hiding behind that porch post - told you she hated the camera.

I didn't expect much in that 50 cent box of seeds someone gave me, but I sprinkeld them in the flower bed where I removed the creeping flox.  Look at these lovelies!  My ceramic Bella and Moe are slowly getting hidden.  I think this is the last year for my garden gnome as there is no color left on him - a ghost gnome!!

I have hollyhocks that usually grow 2-stories high, but I think our very late cold did them in.  This one lone soldier grew and flowered, but not very tall to say the least.  I will save her seed pods and try to start some new plants.

I had another bag of scraps dropped at the door and most I sorted for re-gifting to others.  The smallest pieces I kept for Bonnie Hunter's new challenge - the Hourglass Block.  I don't want to just play with hourglasses, so I picked a block that uses them.  I prepped enought to play with today.  

Then Bella interupted my prep - chattering in the window......why?

This is as large I could expand and thru a window screen - do you see the deer?  The herd (about 25) makes this path down into the soybean field and then across the road into the corn field every morning.  Then early evening they return the path back up into the mountain behind us.

 The last two fawns scurrying after the herd.  Most of the does have twins and one has triplets.  Our miniature orchard is just round that tree line, but no apples this year.  We will have to get drops from someone to set out for them - I know they are looking for them.  They were a nice end to my day.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, August 22, 2016

The House(s) That Sharon Built

I managed to get this far yesterday with my 'Let's Book It' project.  A few changes made - I put a skinny strip to seperate the geese from the houses and one to seperate the houses and trees.  The tree foundations printed out too small, but I made them work.  The last border is just pinned on as I am not sure I am going to use it.

Just a skinny inner border and then an outer border to be done and I am thinking of hand quilting this one.

Today, over at Val's Quilting Studio, is the Tuesday Archinve's Theme - HOUSES.  I have done a lot of house quilts and will be sure to link up a couple of my house tutorials.

Hand sewing that binding is on my list for today.
Sewingly Yours

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Monday Making 8/22/16

I haven't even begun my 'Let's Book It project' - this cute wallhanging that can be found HERE on Connecting Threads.

I have a few things pulled and the plan could change as I look thru fabrics, but I would like to make this my play date for Monday Making.

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching 8/21/16

Slow Sunday Stitching

I am going to slow down today and join Kathy with some relaxing stitching.  I am down to just my granddaughter's new quilt - commissions complete!

I haven't touched my '365' circles at all this month.  They are prepped and waiting their turn.  I will work on these as well as.......

the binding on this monster.  This is my entry for the Hall of Fame Quilt Show that is the last weekend in September.  I have plenty of time, but want to get this finished this week.

And some of you have asked about Moe.  He is under the weather, first with sniffles, then heavy sneazing which went into a cough.  Now on medication that makes him more of a splat puddle than before.  He 'rode' this quilt thru it's machine binding finish and I left him there.  Rest and medicine is what he needs right now.  Bella has even refrained from picking on him and occassionally will come and lay with him.

We are all going to relax today,
Sewingly Yours,

Friday, August 19, 2016

Pets on Quilts - Pet Theme Catagory

This is my 'Dog Gone Cute' quilt made during the blog hop with Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.  I used some of my deconstructed flannel shirts for my pups.  Kona White for accents and Kona Ash for the back ground.  I used the large block set 2 by 3 for a baby quilt.

I used a CT cotton thread in silver grey for the top and a beige for the back.  Just a free motion wave with my walking foot to quilt it.

I used a paw print ultra fleece for the back and Quilter's Dream ultra-select batt - a nice cuddly finish and it keeps the quilt from sliding off baby and the crib.  The binding is a scrap from stash - black with multi-color paw prints.  It gave a nice little pop of color to frame it all off.

Finished size after a wash and dry:  44.5" x 46.5"

Linking up with  Lily Pad Quilting for the Pets on Quilts Show - Pet Theme Catagory

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cats and Scraps

I took a day to play while someone else took the day to nap.  Actually Moe has a bit of the sniffles, so I just let him be while I worked around him.  Some bags are already cleared out.  I decided there was so much here that I would share - juvenile prints , batiks, holiday, oriental, and things I just don't use were bundled up and will be passed on to others.

And although these bags came from several people, I noticed a color trend going as I sorted - a play date was planned.

Moe still napping, sort of in the bag.  That new tote is getting filled with a number of Marcus and other repros I am finding.  I have plans for those as well.

I was finding some of these as well to go with my other play items.

And another bag out of the way gave room for another furkid to join in the nap-fest.  And Moe is slowly falling out of the bag.

Some of the blocks that got played with while the sorting and bundling and napping went on.

Bella decided the couch was more comfortable for napping and Moe gave up on the bag as it fell apart.  But then I could start sorting that out into my different gifting on piles, my fabric system, or add to my production line.

I filled the repro tote to the point I had trouble closing the lid.  And refilled one bag with all the strings - a quilt to play with further into Fall.

What's left of that table full of bags of scraps.  I just have no more room to sort it down into.  I have a small tote for it and Moe's napping bag will have to be tossed.

My weekend is planned so the scraps have to be picked up - a binding to be done by machine and a binding to be done by hand.  My son is coming to install a new toilet and move some of the heavier furniture so I can start moving into the upstairs sewing center.

**linking up with Oh, Scrap **

Sewingly Yours,