Saturday, August 27, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching - 8/28/16

Slow Sunday Stitching

I'll be joining KATHY today with some slow stitching - and maybe I'll think about a little housework.

I have just a little bit left of this binding to finish.  The temporary hanging sleeve has been made and will need attaching as well as the label is waiting for it's turn.  Then this needs a good cleaning and then laid out on the closed off guest room bed to wait for it's show appearance.

 Then I may play with these a little.  Still no plan, but making great use of a pretty layer cake that sat too long.

I hope you take the time to slow down today,
Sewingly Yours,


Barbara said...

I like that you're just "thinking about" housework. It wouldn't be prudent to do something rash by actually doing housework. Tomatoes for me.

Suze said...

Are those hand stitched or machine stitched hexies? Either way they are beautiful!

Kris said...

Love those flowers!!

Mary said...

It looks like a good slow stitching/housecleaning day.

CathieJ said...

Stitching is better than housework. Good luck at the quilt show.

Kate said...

Hope you made lots of progress last weekend.